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Relationship Synastry # 4

You know that something is hit among audience when they are inquiring about or waiting for the next post on it. Thanks for the patience and here is Relationship Synastry Post # 4

Next in the Ascendant Analysis is 4/10 relationship. It means X person’s ascendant is 4th to Y person’s ascendant, hence Y person’s ascendant is 10th to X person’s ascendant. It is like a relationship between Aries-Cancer people or Scorpio-Aquarius people.

Now, what will be the results?

1. 1st of all, first person is activating 4th house of other person and other person is activating 10th house of first person after they get into a relation. Now, what are these houses?

2. 4th house is house of home, home land, mother and peace of mind. 10th house is house of career, work, public image and reputation.

3. Common theme around these two houses is that they both provide a sense of security. Home obviously provides us security, protection and peace of mind. At the same time, having a strong career also makes a person feels secure, safe and at peace. Another theme around these two houses is that they both are related with duty and responsibility. 4th house is duty towards home and 10th house is duty towards work.

4. So, we can say that 4/10 relation can work and prosper only when both the partners realize their respective responsibilities in relation and honestly work towards it. If either or both the sides are not honest and genuine in performing their respective responsibilities then this relation can easily fall down.

5. We can see this relation as the age old system of family life where woman used to take care of homely responsibility and man used to look after worldly responsibility. So, to maintain and prosper in 4/10 relationship it is key that both partners decide their respective roles in the marriage and perform it honestly. Basically, they have to approach relationship as a matter of duty or responsibility rather than fun or enjoyment. Immaturity may not work here.

6. Then it is necessary that both partners provide each other a sense of security. One partner must provide a sense of security of home to the other partner and assure that they need not to worry of outside world. Likewise, other partner must make sure that former won’t have to worry about anything related with home responsibility, so that they can focus on work related responsibility.

7. At a materialistic level, one partner can bring home or real estate to the other partner and other partner can bring fame, public image or reputation to former.

8. Overall, this is a relation which is all about taking up duty and responsibility. It can prosper only between two sincere, honest, hard working and mature individuals.

9. Again, we can see the same results for Moon Sign and Venus Sign. Also, this includes any relation between two human beings, not just husband and wife.

Let’s check it ascendant-wise as ascendant lords can change the equation little bit here –

a. Aries – Cancer – It can be a good choice as Aries lord Mars and Cancer lord Moon are friendly to each other. Aries person can get peace of mind in home life due to Cancer falling in 4th house and Cancer person can get better public image or recognition due to Aries in 10th house after their relationship.

b. Taurus – Leo – Taurus lord Venus and Leo lord Sun are enemies to each other. So, this one may not be as pleasant as expected. Problems in this relation can be around wealth (Venus) or ego clashes (Sun).

c. Gemini – Virgo – This can be a real good one as both signs are ruled by Mercury. The thing which can bind their relation together is effective communication. Also, if they have any business together, then it can also help in sustaining their relationship.

d. Cancer – Libra – This can again bring some troubles as Cancer lord Moon and Libra lord Venus are mutual enemies. The reasons behind conflicts can be Mother of either/both partners, Wealth or other relations.

e. Leo – Scorpio – This can be a good one as Leo lord Sun and Scorpio lord Mars are mutual friends but the thing is that Sun and Mars both are fiery planets. So, they have to redirect their aggressive energy in some positive ventures. Also, as Scorpio is sign of transformation, Leo person will feel a sense of chaos or instability in his/her home life after their relationship.

f. Virgo – Sagittarius – Here, Virgo lord Mercury and Sagittarius lord Jupiter are mutual enemies. Due to the mythological story, the biggest problem they face in Mercury-Jupiter relation is that they both feel that their partner doesn’t give attention to them. Also, Sagittarius person can feel that Virgo person is too critical about their work or public image which can become cause of conflict in long term. Effective communication and knowledge sharing can help them in sustaining the relation.

g. Libra – Capricorn – Ascendant lords Venus and Saturn are mutual friends but the Saturn factor will play its role and such relation can improve in 30s. Libra person can feel a stress in home life as Saturn ruled Capricorn falls in 4th house. It will require sincere, honest and long term efforts to make this relationship work.

h. Scorpio – Aquarius – This can also require lots of sustained efforts from both sides as not only both lords Saturn & Mars are strong malefic by nature but Saturn is also enemy to Mars although Mars is neutral to Saturn. So, after getting into relation, they can bring lots of Saturn-Mars stress to each other and will require lots of patience and perseverance to make it work. As Mars is neutral towards Saturn, it is expected that Scorpio person would have more capacity to accommodate with Aquarius than vice-versa. Aquarius person will feel that his/her public image or career has become unstable or chaotic after relation as Scorpio is in 10th house. Scorpio person will feel stress in home life or loss of peace of mind as Aquarius is falling in 4th house. As both these signs are co-ruled by nodes, it is one of karmic relations which are meant to be and hardest to leave until karma towards each other is over.

i. Sagittarius – Pisces - This can be a pleasant one again as both signs are ruled by Jupiter. The foundation of this relation should be in Jupiterian things like knowledge, religion and spirituality. If both parties are inclined towards knowledge oriented stuff and share with each other then this relation can prosper well.

j. Capricorn – Aries – Another Saturn-Mars relation. So, majority of things will be like Scorpio-Aquarius relation only like stress at home or work respectively for Capricorn and Aries people but the intensity of stress can be lesser as nodes are not involved here. This relation can prosper in both partners can achieve big in their field and bring good name for each other. Usual stress or hard work involved between Saturn and Mars would be there.

k. Aquarius – Taurus – It is like Capricorn-Libra relation as lords are Saturn-Venus again but intensity of problems between them can be high as Rahu is co-lord of Aquarius. Taurus person can feel a stress in work as Saturn-Rahu ruled Aquariu falls in 10th house. It will again require sincere, honest and long term efforts to make this relationship work due to Saturn’s involvement.

l. Pisces – Gemini – It is again Jupiter-Mercury relation. Again, the biggest problem they face in Mercury-Jupiter relation is that they both feel that their partner doesn’t give attention to them. Effective communication and knowledge sharing can help them in sustaining the relation

Obviously, we need to look at whole chart of both persons involved and check their dashas to get the complete idea. From this analysis, we can only understand that if one sign or one planet can cause issues in relationship then how many issues can be seen through 12 signs and 9 planets. This is my intention behind writing this series to make people aware that there is no ideal relation, no ideal marriage and no perfect partner.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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