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Relationship Synastry # 2

Relationship Synastry Post # 2

Next in the Ascendant Analysis is 2/12 relationship. It means X person’s ascendant is 2nd to Y person’s ascendant, hence Y person’s ascendant is 12th to X person’s ascendant. It is like a relationship between Aries-Taurus people or Gemini-Cancer people. So, any relationship between successive ascendant people will fall in 2/12 relation.

Now, what will be the results?

1. 1st of all, first person is activating 2nd house of other person and other person is activating 12th house of first person after they get into a relation. Now, what are these houses?

2. 2nd house is house of wealth and family. 12th house is house of losses and expenses. So quite clearly, one person will gain in this relation at the expense of other person. This relation will be beneficial for one person and other person would feel that he is at loss here.

3. Among other results, as 12th house is also house of foreign lands, one person in relationship can bring possibility of foreign travel or foreign settlement to other.

4. As 12th house is house of spirituality, after their relationship, one person gets inclined more towards spirituality.

5. In worst case scenario where lots of malefic planets are involved and person is also under dasha of those malefic planets, one person in relation can land into jail or hospitals as 12th house also represents these things. Needless to say that there is always a possibility of conflict and litigation here as 12th house is 6th from 7th house. Thus it represents conflicts with spouse too.

6. So, it is very clear that in this 2/12 relationship, one person will suffer much and once anyone is suffering in relation then we can’t call it a good or even average relation. Now, who will suffer depends on who is going through tough dashas and transits.

7. We can see similar results if people in relationship have their Moon and Venus signs in 2/12 relationship. In that case, at least one person will feel the loss of mental connection (in case of Moon sign) or loss of Wealth/Relation (in case of Venus sign).

Now, let’s see it through examples of some of the ascendants and ascendant lords –

a. Aries-Taurus/Taurus-Aries and Libra-Scorpio/Scorpio-Libra relation – This can still be an average situation as ascendant lords Mars and Venus are neutral to each other. Here, we can get the more beneficial result like foreign opportunity or wealth from foreign lands for couple.

b. Taurus-Gemini/Gemini-Taurus and Virgo-Libra/Libra-Virgo – This is also a positive combination and can bring positive results among discussed as Mercury-Venus are best friends. It can be financially beneficial combination.

c. Gemini-Cancer/Cancer-Gemini – This can be a case of emotional loss or emotional disconnect as lords Moon-Mercury are mutual enemies.

d. Cancer-Leo/Leo-Cancer – As Sun-Moon are best friends, this combination can be good for career and authority matters but still emotional disconnect can be there.

e. Leo-Virgo/Virgo-Leo – This can be an average relation, neither too good nor too bad, as Sun-Mercury are neutral to each other.

f. Scorpio-Sagittarius/Sagittarius-Scorpio – Both lords Jupiter-Mars are best friends but as Scorpio’s basic nature is to bring some transformation, it shows that Scorpio person will bring some major change in life of Sagittarius person. As Jupiter and Scorpio are related with knowledge, occult and spirituality, this relation can still work well if both partners are spiritually inclined and like to spend time in knowledge gain. This can also be the worst case scenario of landing in jail, courts or hospitals as 12th house and Scorpio both are malefic by nature.

g. Sagittarius-Capricorn/Capricorn-Sagittarius and Aquarius-Pisces/Pisces-Aquarius – As always, the real trouble starts with Saturn. Although Saturn-Jupiter are neutral to each other but again, Saturn remains as is for everyone. It is bound to give some challenges in relationship and when its sign is falling in 12th house of losses, it can cause some long term losses. So, this one looks like a real tough one to go through and it should be avoidable. This one can also bring some litigation or health issues.

h. Aquarius-Capricorn/Capricorn-Aquarius - Similar Saturn impact as both signs are ruled by Saturn. Here, intensity can be double actually.

Overall, 2/12 relationship normally bring losses to at least one person in relationship and it has to be noted that this analysis is only through ascendant sign and ascendant lord’s nature. Obviously, we need to look at whole chart of both persons involved and check their dashas to get the complete idea. From this analysis, we can only understand that if one sign or one planet can cause issues in relationship then how many issues can be seen through 12 signs and 9 planets. This is my intention behind writing this series to make people aware that there is no ideal relation, no ideal marriage and no perfect spouse.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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