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Prashna Kundali and its use

There was a request to write about Prashna Kundali or Prashna Chart and how to utilize it? I have kept this request for last as I have very less experience in reading Prashna Kundali and whatever I am writing here is based on that minimum experience and little bit of research on this subject. I would also apply my little bit of astrological common sense in explaining this topic based on following points –

Janma Kundali
Prashna Kundali
Rules of asking a question.
Ways to interpret a Prashna Chart.

Let’s cover all the points one after the other –

Janma Kundali – Janma Kundali or The Birth Chart is the one which we all are aware of. It is the chart of the moment a child takes birth. It is made on the basis of date/time/place of birth of an individual.

Prashna Kundali – Then there is something called Prashna Kundali or Question Chart. In western astrology, same thing is called Horary Chart. It is the chart of the moment when a Prashna or Question comes into person’s mind and he wants to know the answer or resolution of that question? Some texts also say that it should be the chart of the moment when that question is asked to an astrologer but as I see, the time when question initially takes birth in the mind of questioner is more important. We should make chart of that particular date/time/place.

Utilization – Not only this way of making a Prashna Chart and seeing a resolution is helpful in resolving any immediate problem but it is also very useful for a person who doesn’t know his birth details and is looking for resolutions for some problems in his life. So, this way of prediction is useful.

Rules of asking a question – Now, there are some rules which are laid down for asking a question and seeking a direction/resolution through Prashna Chart. Some rules are as follows –

a. One shouldn’t use this technique as a matter of fun and games. It means that Prashna Chart should be drawn only when a person is seriously looking for resolution of an important question of his life.

b. Question should be affirmative rather than negative. For example, question can be “Should I accept this job offer?” rather than “Should I not accept this job offer?”

c. If you have asked a question and got to know an answer through Prashna Chart then don’t ask identical or similarly disguised question again immediately. Again, as I said, it should not be used as fun and games.

Ways to interpret a Prashna Chart – Now, how to interpret a Prashna Chart? As I understand, these should be the steps –

a. First of all, make the chart of date/time/place where the question initially came in your mind.

b. As always, the most important is to look at ascendant and ascendant lord position. Strength of ascendant and ascendant lord shows the overall strength of Prashna Chart and an overall auspicious resolution of the matter.

c. Especially when ascendant lord and the subject matter of question are related with each other then strength of ascendant and ascendant lord gives favourable indications. For example, if I have a question of someone’s health and I make a Prashna Chart which comes as Leo ascendant. Now, its lord Sun itself represents health and if it is in good dignity then we can say that person can recover from his health issues.

d. Another important thing to consider is not only the strength of ascendant lord but all the impacts ascendant lord has with it through conjunction and aspects of different planets in chart. In above example, if Sun is exalted but getting aspects or conjunction from Saturn or Nodes then person may have to wait little longer for his recovery and it can be a difficult time health-wise.

e. Then Moon’s position should also be seen which indicates about mental reception after the resolution of the question. If Moon is in good dignity then it shows that after the resolution, mind can be contented and peaceful. If Moon is in bad dignity then it may show the new troubles to mind after resolution of the current issue. It means that resolution may not be favourable or as per the desires eventually.

f. Then there is an opinion that Navamsha chart and its ascendant also matters. If someone likes to consider that then rule would be just like ascendant or ascendant lord of Prashana Kundali D-1 chart but as I keep my analysis up to D-1 only, I would be happy with interpretations of ascendant, ascendant lord and Moon’s dignity in Prashana Kundali D-1 chart.

g. As I understand, the key is to correctly decode ascendant, ascendant lord position and any conjunction or aspect on ascendant lord.

Interpretations – But then all our interpretations are basically our desires. If we are looking for resolution of health issues then our mind will automatically look at possibilities of recovery of person rather than any difficulties to health. Also, as we know that same houses can represent exactly opposite things. Like, Sun in 9th house/Aries can represent a person recovering from his health issues but it can also show someone’s soul is going on a higher spiritual journey to the next world or next life. This is where, as always, practice and experience becomes very important. So, if you are a beginner like me in Prashna Kundali interpretations then don’t jump to any conclusion immediately. Give good enough time and energy in understanding the chart as discussed above and then come to any conclusion.

Conclusion – This is my little understanding on this complex subject. In no way, this information is exhaustive. Hence, please study and research further in matter. You can also put your knowledge in comments for benefits of all.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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