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This section will tell us about 12 Planets (including outer planets), their significations, signs attached and other important information. 

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  • L - please read my views on astrology and marriage.

  • Date of birth 1.9.1991 mrg 9.05.sunday.plz tell me my marriage date

  • My dharakaraka Jupiter in 9th house in mrigshira nakshtra of Libra ascendant

  • Guruji namaste, Guruji urenus and Neptune is 11 th house in aqurious ascendent and Venus in 4th house and 9th house lord and Saturn 10 th house lord so which type of result get me kindly tell me some thing Guruji please. 26:02:1987 07:00am Odisha

  • @ Rageesh - please apply for specific consultation.

  • Dear Sir, If Mars venus conjunction in 4th house for Bharani nakshatra pada1,2 (Mars in pada1, Venus in pada2)in capricorn ascendant ... what will be the results? Kindly let me know venus in samakshetra and mars is its in ownhouse of horoscope. Kindly let me about this conjunction at earliest and if any good dasha and bad dasha occurs what will be the results. Thanks... RAGEESH

  • @ KA - D9 has nothing to do with marriage or relationship.

  • Is it a good sign that darakaraka of mine (venus) and darakaraka of hers (sun) are conjunct in both our navamsa charts with mars aspecting with 4th on hers and with 8th on my conjunction in both? In Rasi chart I am sagittarius ascendant with venus, mars, saturn in leo and saturn aspects the conjunction in her navamsa chart (she does not know her time of birth).

  • @ Renjith - limitation, restriction and sense of loss in relation. Thanks,

  • Sir how it is good, darakaraka conjunction with saturn and rahu in 12th house ......how it effect me...

  • @ Renjith - Good.

  • Sir my darakaraka sun in aries in 12th house in bharani nakshathra,Conjuncted with rahu and saturn

  • Thanks Kinju

  • thank you so much sir :) I really love reading your articles n I found your site to be the most informative, genuine and not copied.

  • @ kinju - spouse can have a foreign connection. he can be dominating person. probably a business person.

  • hello sir, my dara karaka is mars (swati) in conjunction with rahu (chitra) in 10th house in libra. what does it signify? please answer


  • @ Rajesh - Please check ascendant videos in "Learn about you" section. Thanks.

  • Sagittarius – It is sign of higher education, teaching, preaching, guiding and sharing knowledge with others. It also shows people of different culture. Sir please kindly give us about each zodiac sign roles and main qualities like above one teaching, guiding..etc like more needed sir ji, like above mentioned keep some more and more required about each zodiac sign sir..of all zodiacs and present in the tab of learn astrology...or else mention any portal link that I kindly most required about each zodiac sign that u mentioned above and that one I saw in one of the mine consultantion please sir.. Thankyou Swamy Guru

  • @ TG - Thats the next in queue. Thanks,

  • Sir plz start a series on "planets in nakshatras" ..wt is the impact of venus in jyesta nakshatra

  • @ Sneha - whichever u like most. :)

  • Which subject I get in 11 class.

  • @ ST - pls apply for specific consultation. Thanks,

  • Tomorrow is my result would i pass in that result

  • @ HSR - As these planets have special aspects, it is difficult to cover them through ascendant. Sorry and thanks for appreciation.

  • Sir I am using your app under planets section I have seen aspects through ascendants series of four planets sun moon mercury and Venus . Please make other planets aspects through ascendants . Your application is very informative thanks

  • @ HSR - Already made. Please explore the site.

  • Please also make mars Saturn rahu ketu jupiter through ascendants

  • @VK - Please apply for consultation. Thanks,

  • My future finance and marriage

  • @ Sowmya - Astrology has nothing to do with Marriage. Please read my articles on Astrology & Marriage. Thanks,

  • Namaste sir...in my navamsa lagna or D9 venus(exalted) mercury ketu conjunction in pisces &in 7th house rahu alone & in 8th house exalted saturn alone wt is abt my married life..

  • Namaste sir...in my navamsa lagna or D9 venus(exalted) mercury ketu conjunction in pisces &in 7th house rahu alone & in 8th house exalted saturn alone wt is abt my married life..

  • @ Nithyanand - marriage is a social institution, it has no relevance with astrology. any one can marry any number of times. Please read my marriage related articles under the option of marriage consultation under consultation tab.

  • Hi sir...most of the astrolgers have tld me ill marry twice....i previously had 3-4 relationships which ended in failure...im already 31 not yet married..... here ia my planetary combinations Im a aquarius ascendant with both sun and mercury in the first house( sun 4 degree 11min in dhanista(4) Aquarius Mercury 20 deg 36 min purvabhadrapada(1) Second house.( jupiter 3 deg 8min purvabhadrapada(4) Pieces Rahu 20 deg 19 min revati(1) Third house (mars 3 deg 52 min ashwini(2) Aries Eighth house( moon 11 deg 21 min hasta(1) Virgo. Ketu 20 deg 19 min hasta(4) Tenth house (saturn 26deg min jyesta(3) Scorpio Eleventh house( venus 19 deg 49 min purvashadha(2) Sagittarius Can u plz explain abt my marriage and marriage life..wil i even get married..?

  • @ Renjith - it will add extra creativity to person, dignity matters.

  • Sir.......what if venus and rahu is bhavat bhavam.......ie Venus in 9th house rahu in 5th house......will that establishes any relationship.........if what is the result

  • @ jaspreet - pls apply for marriage consultation.

  • When i will get married 21/10/1987 1:30 P:m

  • @ renjith - pls check articles on conjunctions.

  • Sun venus ketu conjunction in 10th house........ketu dasha results......

  • @ renjit - problems with mother or home or going away from home.

  • Rahu in 4th house........rahu antardasha is about to start in july..........what does it mean????

  • @ vikas - it shows someone going to foreign lands after marriage or marrying in foreign land or with foreigner. But as Mars represents aggression or anger and it is going 6 houses away from 7th house, it can bring disputes and conflicts in marriage.

  • 7 house lord mars in 12 house in Aries can it considered bad

  • All the best Mohammed. :)

  • I want to be loaded belonair

  • @ Tanu- Please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks

  • I want to know Abt my marriage when will I get marry

  • @ Ruchi - I can only predict a child birth not the gender of child. Please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • I want to a baby boy

  • @ sushanta- please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Birthday - 10/02/1978 time - 19.07.33 location - bagnan Howrah west Bengal

  • @ sushanta- please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • dob 13.07.1981 at 11.15 am at serampure, hooghly(dist). westbengol. I WANTVTO KNOW ABOUT MY LOTARY LUCK. NUMBER TIME AND DETAILS .

  • @ dinesh - please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • How will be my married life

  • @ balaji - please apply for consultations here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation

  • I am in a dilemma of choosing engineering Clg or drop out one year ...can u suggest me please sir

  • @ kiran - please apply for consultation from here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation.

  • Date of birth ,30/04/1974 time 4.45 am

  • thanks Kunal

  • Such a useful app I have ever seen...easy to understand..

  • @ aashish please send request for consultation as per process here - http://astrosaxena.com/Shop

  • Birth detail- 12th November 1989 time- 3:50 pm please help me.

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