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Parivartan Yoga and its interpretation.

Someone asked to write about Parivartan Yoga and remedies to deal with them. Let’s see -

Parivartan Yoga is when 2 planets exchange and sit in each other's signs. For example, if Mars is in Taurus ruled by Venus and Venus is in Aries ruled by Mars. It is publicised that they both become best of friends and give great results. But there are always some deeper meanings to astrological planetary combinations.

Parivartan Yoga (PY) is most helpful or strong when it is happening between two natural friends like Moon-Jupiter, Jupiter-Mars or Mercury-Venus. These type of PY makes them further strong and person gets best of results.

PY is still helpful when both the planets involved are benefic regardless of the fact that they are friends or enemies like Jupiter-Venus, Moon-Venus, Jupiter-Mercury etc. As they are natural benefics, they are supposed to provide some good results to individual in any case.

But problems begin when there is a PY between enemy planets and one of them is malefic too like Mars-Mercury etc. As they are enemies to each other, we can't expect much co-operation between them.

Then the last situation is where PY is between malefic planets and they are also mutual enemies like Sun-Saturn and Saturn-Mars. This is most challenging PY.

Also, it is wrong to say that if Parivartan Yoga is there then both planets will bring good results all the time. As I always say that every good has bad attached with it. Life is not Homeopathy Medicine which cannot do any harm. Be sure that if something can’t harm you then it can’t benefit you also.

Basically, 2 planets in Parivartan Yoga will cooperate with each other on the things they both represent but they won’t cooperate with each other on things they both don’t represent.
For example –

Sun and Saturn both represent Law and Governance. So, any Parivartan Yoga between Sun and Saturn can make a person go in legal field of work and can make him very disciplined, organized and law-abiding but when it comes to relationship between Father-Son and benefits from authority figures, Sun-Saturn enmity will play its role and person will face difficulties regardless of the Parivartan Yoga there.

Another example we can take here is Parivartan Yoga between Jupiter-Venus. They both are Teachers in mythology. Jupiter is Bruhaspati and Venus is Shukracharya. So, when it comes to knowledge and higher education, Parivartan Yoga between Jupiter-Venus will support the person. But Venus represents our momentary pleasures of life whereas Jupiter represents our bigger goals in life. Hence, when it comes to pursuing momentary pleasures or bigger goals in life, person will face the conflict and situation of tug-of-war.

Now, it also doesn’t matter sometimes that if 2 natural friends are in Parivartan Yoga then things will be great, for example, with Moon and Mars. Although they are best of friends but they don’t share anything in nature. Moon is all about emotions and Mars is all about dominance. So, Moon-Mars Parivartan Yoga is not much helpful, especially when Mars is in Cancer and Moon is in Scorpio. Both planets are debilitated and losing dignity. So, we need to take into consideration other basic rules of prediction in mind while interpreting anything. We can’t let go of other concepts while interpreting one concept. Needless to say that houses these 2 planets rule in chart are also important in interpreting the final outcome. Everything is in addition.

Remedies - I don't follow or recommend any remedy. You can read my views on remedies here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/remexp.

Swami Premanand Bharti

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