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Planetary Wars Series - Introduction

After Maraka Dasha Series, we will now begin with a new series regarding Planetary Wars. This is introductory article for the same. Let’s understand it on following points –

Concept of Friendship/Enmity.

Concept of Planetary Wars.

Planetary Wars in different signs.

Analysis of Enemy Planets.



Let’s cover all points one after the other –


Concept of Friendship/Enmity – One of the confusions in astrology is that if planets are divine bodies then how can they keep enmity towards each other? This is where I feel that we should always understand planets as individuals. It is not that they are keeping any enmity towards each other but with our basic human understanding, we can only understand the language of enmity or friendship. If Sun & Saturn are blocking each other’s path then it is very difficult for us to understand that it is their mutual function. We try to find out reason behind everything. That’s where it is important to give us concept of friendship & enmity because we understand this language only. Once we create stories of planets which are the foundation behind their friendship/enmity then it is easier for us to relate their actions with these stories of friendship/enmity. So, as per my understanding, there is no friendship/enmity between any planets. They are only performing their respective functions but we, human beings, can understand their functions only on the basis of concepts of friendship/enmity. To understand this series, it is necessary to understand how to know which planet is friend/enemy to which planet? These links may help in understanding this – https://www.astrosaxena.com/feplanets

Concept of Planetary Wars – Now, when we know that 2 planets are enemy to each other then we would know that the only function 2 enemies have towards each other is fighting/quarrelling/warring. 2 enemies can’t sustain the enmity without fighting. If they are not fighting then what kind of enemies they are? Hence, here comes the concept of planetary wars. If 2 or more enemy planets are together in 1 house/sign, then it is understood that they will create some unpleasant situations for each other & they will not only adversely impact each other’s results but they will also adversely impact the results of the house/sign involved. Here, we have to keep in mind the concept of Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva karaka - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkak. It means that these planetary wars are going to adversely impact the living significance more. Person can still gain the results of non-living significance.

Analysis of Enemy Planets – We can understand that in this series we’re only going to talk about planets which are enemies to each other. For example, we won’t look t the conjunction of Sun-Moon or Sun-Jupiter because they are friends to each other but we will discuss Sun-Venus or Sun-Saturn conjunction because they are enemies to each other.

Winner/Loser – Now, I understand that we have already covered the conjunction of planets series & people may feel that I am going to repeat everything again which I wrote in conjunction series. Well, it is not so because in this series we’re going to learn how enmity takes different shapes in different signs. We will learn who is the winner or loser in a planetary war of 2 planets in different signs. For example, we will come to know how Sun-Venus conjunction is different in Taurus/Libra signs from Leo/Virgo signs. So, we will cover this series sign–wise. It means that we will have more elaborate explanation of results.

Consultation – So, let’s begin with this series from next week and get much deeper understanding of planetary enmity & planetary wars.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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