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Non-Manifestation of Planetary Results & Karmic Relations.

There were a couple of requests to write about which I think I can take together in one article. These are as follows –

Non-Manifestation of Planetary Results.

Karmic Relations.

Let’s cover them one after the other –

Non-Manifestation of Planetary Results – I think the questioner wanted to know as to what makes planetary positions in chart not to bring the results which they promise during predictions?
There can be many reasons –

a. Concept of Cancellation – First of all, I am not believer of the concept of cancellation of planetary impact. I don’t think that one planet impacting another can cancel the results of the latter. What I believe-in is concept of addition; i.e. everything gets added-up along with the existing result. Now, it is not necessary that added-up thing is beneficial or supportive to the already existing result and that’s why we may feel the cancellation of original results.

b. For example – Suppose I have Jupiter in 9th house/Sagittarius which promises that I can be very good with my higher education and I may be seen as a learned person by others. But what if this Jupiter is getting aspect of Saturn from any house. Now, I can still gain higher education but with Saturn’s impact of delay, hard work and perseverance. Now, the results may not cone so easily to the person.

c. So, what happened in the end is that I got result of Jupiter in 9th house/Sagittarius by gaining higher education but I got it as per Saturnine nature of delay, hard work and perseverance. So, Saturn’s results got added-up with Jupiter’s results. I may feel that I am not getting results of Jupiter in 9th house/Sagittarius but this feeling itself is the result of Saturn’s impact on Jupiter; i.e. delays and frustration.

d. Likewise, whenever other planets are impacting some planet then we may feel that we are not getting predicted results of a planet but it is because of the impact of other planets and their results. So, nothing cancels anything, everything gets added-up.

e. Mahadashas – Another thing which makes us feel that we are not getting predicted results of a planet is our running Mahadasha. Understand that Mahadashas consist of 6 to 20 years of our life. These are huge portions of our lives. So, when person is going through a particular planet’s Mahadasha, he will be completely focused at that planet related things and representation. He will be putting continuous and focused efforts in that area of life which that planet activates. Then results are bound to come. Like, I was always interested in religion, philosophy and literature but the intensity got heightened when I started Jupiter MD in 2011. From then, I was completely merged into activities related with Jupiter in my chart. So, if a person got prediction that he has Venus or Moon or any planet excellently placed but he is not even going through that planet’s Mahadasha then best results of that planet cannot be expected. Antardashas will come and bring some of the results but it won’t be the best and full-fledged results.

f. Last but as I see, this is the most important reason is that most of us are not doing anything related with our chart’s indications. If someone is going through Jupiter MD and he is not doing anything related with Jupiter or Jupiter’s position in his chart then he can’t expect the best of results of Jupiter MD. He is not even involving himself in Jupiter’s energy. Likewise, if someone is going through 3rd house or 7th house dasha, which are business oriented houses, but during that dasha he is trying to do job setup work then he can’t expect the best of results of his chart.

g. As I always say, to get the best results of our chart, we have to get aligned with our chart’s energy and indications. Then we can expect best of results in our life. But unfortunately, society has been successful in enforcing upon us a tailor-made lifestyle or compartmentalized lifestyle which we feel that we are obliged to follow. We love to talk about Free Will but if we just honestly reflect back at our lives then none of our major decisions were taken out of our own free will. They were enforced upon us by society and people around us. In this scenario, we can’t expect the best of results of our chart and rather than looking at our own mistakes, we will blame planets and astrology that their promised prediction didn’t get manifested.

Karmic Relations – So, if I understood rightly, person wanted to know if the partners we attract in our lives are due to some karmic implications from past-lives.

Yes, and not only our relationship partner but everyone you are meeting in your life from your family, relatives and friends etc., they all have their karmic dues towards us and we have some karmic baggage towards them. I even feel that people who contact me for a reading as an astrologer also have some karma towards me and vice-versa, that’s why they chose me to take advice out of 1000s of other astrologers in world. So, every human connection is karmic. I have written detailed articles on Karma in Relationship Astrology - https://www.astrosaxena.in/.../15/astrology--relationships which may be helpful.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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