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Past-Life Expertise

There was a request to write about how to find our past-life expertise through astrological chart?

1. First of all, this thought of past-life, present life and future life exists only because of the disconnection between two lives. When we die in this life and when we take re-birth in next life, there is a disconnection between the two as we don’t remember the events of our past-lives. Suppose, someone can remember the events of past-lives then there is no separation between past-life and present life. It is the same life soul is going through in different incarnations.

2. Pay attention that first thought in morning as we get up from sleep is always the last thought of night as we were about to go into sleep. Same thing happens with lives also. We pick-up in this life from where we left in past-life. Sleep is short Death and Death is long Sleep.

3. So, in a way, our whole chart is result of our past life karma only. Our karma of past-life is deciding what type of chart we would have in this life and what type of experience I will go through in this life to further evolve myself on this soul journey.

4. Astrologically, we try to look at past-life karma from few things, like 5th house, 5th house lord and planets in 5th house as 5th house is considered as house of Purva Punya Bhava, i.e. house of past life deeds.

5. But as I see, past-life karma can largely be indicated through Nodal axis in chart; i.e. through Rahu-Ketu position.

6. Rahu represents those things which we wanted to achieve in our past-lives but we couldn’t achieve for whatsoever reasons. It is like a person is on death-bed and he is wishing that he had become an author in life. So, he would be given the next life for this very reason to become an author. Universe will give another life, so that he can become an author and fulfil this wish also. This is how we keep on taking births after births because at the end of one life, there would be a few desires which are unaccomplished and we would like to accomplish them in our next life. This is how we come back again and again in this vicious circle of death and re-birth.

7. So, wherever Rahu is placed in our chart, we have taken birth to accomplish things related with that house/sign/nakshatra.

8. Ketu on the other hand represents what we have already achieved in our past-life. So, past-life expertises are seen from Ketu’s position. Ketu is like a Movie which you have already seen 10 times. There is a very rare chance that you would like to see that movie again.

9. That’s why; Universe puts Ketu in that particular house/sign/nakshatra which you have already achieved well in your past life because Ketu represents separation. Unless you are separated from what you have already achieved in your past-life, you will continue to deal with same things again and again as there will be a comfort zone created regarding those activities. Hence, it is necessary for Universe to separate you from those actions through Ketu so that you can gravitate towards Rahu as Universe doesn’t want you to spend time in same activities again and again in different lives. IT wants you to explore new things.

10. At the same time, Ketu is not useless just because we are getting separated from the house/sign/nakshatra where Ketu is placed. Whatever we achieve well in our past-life becomes our past-life expertise. “We may forget it but we can never lose it altogether”.

11. Suppose I gave you a book to read, The Alchemist. You read it and you liked it a lot. Now, some 10 years passed. You forgot me and you forgot the book but one day you were roaming around in a library and you got that book The Alchemist again. You skimmed through few pages and you remember the whole story of the book. This is what I meant by saying - “We may forget it but we can never lose it altogether”. We can forget our past-life expertise but we can never lose them altogether.

12. It means that we may realize or remember our past-life expertise when we get into same circumstances again, like the person got the book again and realized that he had read that book before.

13. So, wherever Ketu is placed that’s where we have our past-life expertise but we have forgotten it due to the separation between two lives. We just need to get into the same circumstances again which can bring back the memory of past-life experiences and expertise. Like, if someone has Ketu in 4th house then he may not be willing to attain any real-estate properties in this life because he has already got them in past-lives. But if he gets into situation where he has no other option but to buy a property then he would realize that he can do it easily and this type of dealing is very natural for him. Another example, if Ketu is in 3rd house then person may not be inclined towards business but if he gets into the situation where he has no other option but to start his own business then he may realize that he can do it well and easily as it is his past-life expertise.

14. And this is where the Ketu’s usefulness is in the chart. When we realize our past-life expertise then we can utilize the same in accomplishing the things related with Rahu’s position in chart. Like, I have Nodes at 4th house/10th house axis. I work from my home as Ketu is in 4th house and through that I try to accomplish things related with career and recognition as Rahu is in 10th house.

15. This is where Rahu and Ketu look like opposite energies but they are opposite poles of same energy. If we understand one pole then it is easier to understand the opposite pole. If we understand our past-life expertise through Ketu’s position then it is easier to accomplish this life’s goal as per Rahu’s position.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • P - yes true. person will subconsciously do the same. Thanks both.

  • Interesting explanation about rahu-ketu axis. So going by the placement, if Rahu is in 1st house so it means Ketu is in 7th house. As per the placement, the person must concentrate on building an individuality and be ambitious. So does that mean he/she must put themselves first than others (as in 7th house takes a back seat and institutions like marriage may have a negative impact or something)

  • What a wonderful explanation ! Thank You so much sir for writing this.

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