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No Marriage Related Consultations

As I am going through a major overhaul in consultation services, I have decided to replace Marriage Consultation/Horoscope Matching Consultation/Relationship Analysis with one consultation service named “Relationship Counselling Session”. Reasons are as follows –
a. Those, who are reading me from last few weeks, would know that I have some unconventional views on matters of Astrology and Marriage. Overall, Astrology & Marriage has no relevance with each other. You can read my views on this topic here -

b. For me, any consultation related with marriage timing or horoscope matching is the most useless consultation ever. Time and again, I have myself suggested that it is a complete waste of your time and money to apply for these consultations to me.
c. Due to this, very few people apply for these 2 consultations to me and now, I am closing down even that small number of consultations under these 2 heads.
d. I repeat that marriage timing consultation only means that person will be in relation or get some alliances during given time. It doesn’t mean that person will anyhow get married in predicted time because decision of marriage depends on lots of social conditions.
e. Most common reasons to say Yes or No for a marriage are caste/religion/language, face/looks, bank balance and positions. Fortunately, none of these reasons are astrological. All these reasons find their foundations in societies. Different Societies - Different Rules. I don’t think that any astrological book will be so racist that it would say that if you get alliance of person of X-Y-Z caste/religion then you should say No to the person for marriage. I don't think that any astrological text can say that if a person has no car/ no home or no foreign visa/citizenship then you should say No to the person for marriage. That’s why, the timing which is given is for relationship/alliances.
f. Likewise, there is nothing like chart matching

Two birth charts can never match and if you have read my articles on Relationship Synastry

then you would have realized that every new relation brings new difficulties/challenges in life. Actually, that is the purpose of looking two charts together, i.e. to know what type of challenges two persons will bring to each other and if they would be able to face those challenges together or they would fall apart. But as per my experience, very rarely someone wants to know that.
g. As I see, these 2 consultations are totally useless and I don’t see people getting any meaningful help from these two consultations. Hence, it is time from them to retire.
h. Relationship Analysis Consultation is still more useful than other two discussed above, as people apply for it to understand the troubles of their relationship life and what they can expect in future? Hence, I will rename the Relationship Analysis Consultation as Relationship Counselling Session and would love to discuss following things under this consultation head –
i. Challenges in relationship in general.
ii. Challenges in relationship specific to charts.
iii. Pro-active measures which can help couple to sustain their relationship.
iv. Future of relationship.
i. As we can see, it would be beneficial to apply for Relationship Counselling Session when you have charts of both the partners in relationship.
j. If people still ask for routine marriage timing and chart matching questions after applying under this consultation then it is your waste of time and money.
Likewise, For all who are asking about remedies - I don't follow or recommend any remedy. You can read my views on remedies here
Hope this helps. Thanks,
Swami Premanand Bharti

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