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Nodal Transits Interpretations

As Nodes transit happen at same time in opposite house axis, one confusion can come up is that which house of axis will bring more result.

Like right now, Ketu is in Scorpio and Rahu is in Taurus. Now, these signs will be at certain house axis. Like for Scorpio ascendants like me, they are transiting in 1st house/7th house axis. For different ascendants, it can be a different axis of houses. Now, how to know if Scorpio ascendants will get more results of Ketu in 1st house/Scorpio or Rahu in 7th house/Taurus? Or towards which house person will be spending more of his energy?

As I see, there can be a few ways of ascertaining it –

1. Nature based - As we know that Rahu gravitates us and Ketu isolates us or we can also say that Rahu explodes whereas Ketu implodes. So, we can say that person will be gravitating towards Rahu end, investing more time and energy in the house where Rahu is transiting and will be experiencing more result of Rahu’s transiting house than Ketu’s transiting house.

2. Dasha based – Then there can be another way which is of dasha based results. What if person is under Ketu MD or Ketu AD during a particular nodal transit? Or Ketu is anyhow active as per dasha like I am under Jupiter-Venus dasha now where Ketu is in Jupiter’s Nakshatra and Venus is in Ketu’s nakshatra. So, both dasha planets are activating Ketu and I may be receiving more results of Ketu in 1st house/Scorpio rather than Rahu in 7th house/Taurus. Needless to say that if dasha changes in mid-way of nodal transit then results or experiences of person will also change accordingly.

3. Point of View Based – Another way of seeing at nodal transit result is that as Rahu is exploding and Ketu is imploding, results can be different from the different perspectives. Like, Rahu in 7th house/Taurus can make “other people” feel that I am gaining in my business and my reach is growing but I, as an individual, will feel that I am receiving the results of 1st house/Scorpio as Ketu is there. What I mean to say that results of Rahu’s end are much on display and people will see those results whereas results of Ketu’s end will be much more internal/personal and individual himself can feel/experience it as introspection is always done by individual only.

As always, everything is in addition.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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