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Zodiac Signs/Nakshatras Counterparts - Introduction

Couple of years’ ago, I announced that I won’t be writing any series of articles now as at that time I thought that I had written enough series of articles on astrological concepts. Although, I kept the possibility of writing another series of articles open as and when the need arises but largely I kept my word of not writing any series.

But as we are bound to contradict ourselves in order to grow or progress further in life, I have thought of writing couple of series of astrological articles which I haven’t touched so far.

It feels strange that even after writing over 2000 articles in last 8 years there are still some topics which I haven’t even touched so far. This only shows couple of things –

  • First is that how vast is astrology!!!!
  • Also, how difficult or almost impossible to get to a perfect prediction because at the end of the day, all these concepts are applicable for every chart.


Anyways, the topics I like to cover now in upcoming series of articles are popularly known as –

  • Opposition of Zodiac Signs.
  • Opposition of Nakshatras.


Let’s understand these two topics –


Concept of Opposition – The word “Opposition” automatically gets our attention in the sense of any type of enmity or competition. As if you are standing in opposition of someone and you are supposed to struggle against that person.

But spiritually speaking, almost every Spiritual Guru has said at different times that this whole world is a giant mirror and you see your own image in that mirror.

If we understand it in normal way then pay attention that when we are standing in front of mirror then also we are standing in “opposition” of our own mirror image. Can we say that our own mirror image is our enemy or competitor? No, we can’t say that.

Now, in this sense if we look at the world in front of you as a giant mirror then we may understand that person who is standing in front/opposition of us is our own mirror image but because mirror image is always reverse in nature (our right hand becomes our left hand in mirror and so on), it is difficult to expect that the person in front of us is actually our own image. He is exhibiting the traits which we might have kept within ourselves too.

If I just bring great Carl Jung here, one of his most popular quotation is – “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” It is such a deep observation by one of the most brilliant minds of all times.

If we try to understand this then let’s take this example. Suppose I have a friend or acquaintance or even enemy. I don’t like one of the traits or characteristics of that person. Now, rather than projecting this dislike on that person, I can ask few questions to myself –


  • Why I dislike this particular trait of this person?
  • Do I dislike all traits of this person?
  • Would I dislike this identical trait from anyone in this world, even from the person I love most?
  • If other traits of this person are not hurting me then why this particular trait is hurting me?


Now, if I analyze these questions honestly and internally rather than projecting my disliking on another person then I may come to know about some hidden personality trait of myself which is related with this trait which I dislike?

This is why; they say that this world is mirror and what you see in mirror is your own image. Osho says – “life is also like this echo point: you bark at it, it barks at you; you chant a beautiful mantra, life becomes a reflection of that beautiful chanting. A life is a mirror. Millions of mirrors around you -- every face is a mirror; every rock is a mirror; every cloud is a mirror. All relationships are mirrors. In whatsoever way you are related with life, it reflects you. Don't be angry at life if it starts barking at you. You must have started the chain. You must have done something in the beginning to cause it. Don't try to change life; just change yourself, and life changes”

We may feel that how my behavior or reaction will change the person in front of me but it is not a matter of changing him at all. In reality, effort should be to change yourself. Once you change yourself, the other person will automatically go away and another person who reciprocates your behavior will come in front of you and this would again prove that this world is a giant mirror and it shows your own image. Now, it is showing your changed image J .

As outer world is a mirror and we get to see our own image, we can also say that we get back from mirror or mirror image what we serve it. It also means that same mirror image can help us in improving ourselves if we realize that we can better things in return if we serve better behavior from our end to the world at large.


Opposition of Zodiac Signs - Now, if we apply same logic in astrology then we will realize that every zodiac sign has another sign in front of itself. Like, Aries & Libra are in front of each other and Taurus & Scorpio are in front of each other etc. It means that if we apply the same logic of opposition here then Aries and Libra are somewhere connected with each other. Like, other zodiac signs are also connected with the sign which is in opposition respectively.

It means that if we want to improve on Aries related matters then Libra can bring some guidance. Likewise, if we want to improve Leo related issues in our life then Aquarius can become a source of guidance and so on for other signs.

As I said, oppositions are oppositions just for namesake. Actually they are supplementing each other and complementary to each other. In order to improve, every zodiac sign can learn and adopt something from its opposite sign and vice-versa. So, rather than calling them Oppositions, I would call them Counterparts.

Also, when I am referring to these zodiac signs then it doesn’t mean that I am only referring to these signs as ascendants or Sun Sign or Moon Signs but understand that anywhere any zodiac sign falls in our chart, we can take some inspiration or guidance from the opposite sign to improve results, regardless of the fact that if any planet is placed in either of signs or not.


Opposition of Nakshatras – Likewise, Nakshatras can also be well understood through their oppositions/counterparts. Every Nakshatra has another Nakshatra in front of itself and they both are complimenting and supplementing each other if we can see that.

Like, it is no coincidence that Ashwini Nakshatra falls into Aries from 0 to 13 degree 20 mins and exactly opposite to Ashwini is Chitra Nakshatra from 0 to 6 degree 40 mins. Now, why they are important in combination? Mythological story of Ashwini and Chitra is identical; i.e. the story of Sun, Sandhya and Lord Vishwakarma.

So, we can see that Ashwini and Chitra are counterparts and somewhere inter-connected. Like this, we will try to learn the connection between Nakshatras in front of each other. I agree that for this one, I would have to still research further. Hence, we will start the series with Zodiac Sign Counterparts.

Hope this will be helpful.


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