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Spiritual Musings 9

There can be two ways of living life. One way is of resistance and other way is of receptivity or surrender. Either we can swim against the current or we can swim along with the current.

This is again the difference between a person living in mind and a person living at soul/consciousness level.

A person living in mind is always run by his mind originated desires and he is always looking to accomplish them. For that, if he needs to go against the current and follow the path of resistance then he won’t think much. Actually, this thought itself doesn’t come into mind that I am trying to go against the current. For him, it is but natural to follow his egoistic desires.

A person living at Soul level or Consciousness level also goes through the same life but in receptive mode. Even if he has to endure some hardships, he will be receptive towards it. Again, this thought itself won’t come to him that I am enduring any hardship. For him, receptivity towards life is the path.

The best example I can think of in this matter is the Bhagwad Gita discourse between Arjun and Lord Krishna.

Arjun is person living in mind and hence trying to go against the current and trying to escape from the war which Universe has brought in front of him. Mind oriented Arjun feels that if he doesn’t fight the war then war won’t happen. As if he is the only warrior in the battlefield. As if other warriors present in the battlefield are just show-pieces and they will also follow Arjun on the same path of escape.

Arjun is unable to realize that this war is result of collective unconscious acts or desires of many people altogether. Arjun is unable to realize that even if he hadn’t been part of this family then also the war would’ve happened as is because he can’t change or control others’ actions or inactions.

But as Arjun is living in mind, he is unable to realize that Pandavs have tried their level best to compromise with Kauravs and even then if both warring sides are standing facing each other in this battlefield then may be this war is also God’s wish. Hence, rather than escaping from this situation, he should accept the divine plan and flow with current to fight the war as a Warrior.

On the other hand, there is Lord Krishna. He is the one who actually went as a peace-maker to Hastinapur Kingdom to make peace between two warring sides but now standing in the battlefield, it is unbelievable that He is the one who is almost motivating or inspiring Arjun for fighting the war. So, the same Lord Krishna pitched peace and later on, same Lord Krishna talked vehemently about fighting the war. This complexity/conflict of Lord Krishna’s character is difficult to understand if we have no idea about living in the moment.  Conscious people like Lord Krishna live in the moment. So, when it was time to make efforts for peace, He tried his level best as peace-maker but later as they have entered the battlefield then He is again living in the moment and inspiring Arjun to fight the War.

So, Lord Krishna and people like him are in 2nd group of people who are living in conscious state and they are receptive towards everything which life brings-in. They don’t try to resist anything, not even a war.

But as I always say, there are a very few people who are living in such high conscious state. Most of us are only living in mind and mind rules over us. We are governed by mind and mind originated desires. During my consultations, I have seen time and again how people react and behave when I make even slightest of prediction which is not as per their desires.

Many a times people email me beforehand that they only want to hear positive things about their chart as who knows if negative things will come true or not?

Well, then how you are so sure that positive things told by me would come true? It is same ME, right? If I can commit mistake in making a negative prediction then I can very well commit mistake in making a positive prediction. And I have never claimed perfection for any of my prediction.

Again, this is the reason why I feel that for most of us astrological predictions matter only when they are as per the desire of native. So, I am not one of those astrologers who keep this illusion that people decide their lives because of my advice. For majority of us, if astrological consultation is against our desires then we can always go to the next astrologer who can speak in His Master’s Voice.

Basically, such people are looking for consolation, not consultation. They should visit places or people who can console them. In occult matters, only that person is most correct who is most rude/harsh in saying things.

But as we were discussing the two ways of living life, this is perfect example of someone living only for mind or mind originated desires. The other way is always the better option where person is receptive towards life and ready to accept whatever life brings.

Try to be in receptive mode rather than resisting mode.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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