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Spiritual Musing - 12

Through my articles on Spiritual Musings  

(https://www.astrosaxena.in/astrology/category/49/spiritual-musings) , 

I tried to emphasize that there are only two ways of living life; i.e. either consciously or unconsciously. Either you can be living in your mind in an unaware state or you can be living while being aware of your mind and its cunning ways in a conscious state.

We also hear regularly that if a person is truly on a spiritual path then things like Astrology or Planets don’t impact him. Now, whom we can consider as person on spiritual path as almost everyone may feel that he is on spiritual path, and in a way this is also correct?

From outside, we cannot say that X or Y person is spiritual or not; neither we have any business nor we should be concerned about. If at all we can say about a person as to he is on spiritual path or not, then it is we ourselves. Even a Globally recognized enlightened one looks like a normal person from outside. Only He knows inside himself as to he is enlightened or not. So, if at all anyone can tell for a person whether he is on spiritual path or not then it is that person himself alone.

The fact that we become so focused on judging others about them being spiritual or not actually shows one thing very clearly that at least we are not on spiritual path as we are focused on others rather than ourselves.

Now, when it comes to reflecting on ourselves, only thing we need to see within us is that if we are living in our mind unconsciously or we are taking our actions in perfect conscious/aware state, as discussed in almost all previous posts of spiritual nature. So, an individual can either be living in mind or beyond the mind, at consciousness state.

This is where I feel that it is said that a person who is spiritually evolved or on spiritual path is not impacted by astrological chart or planetary placements. Understand it why - 

1. First of all, a person who is really on spiritual path will not have any criteria towards life; i.e. what should happen or what shouldn’t happen. It means that he can be totally receptive towards life and whatever life brings to him. So, anything which life brings to him, he can be in total acceptance of that.

2. Now, we feel planetary impact on our life because of our criteria for life. This thing should happen or this thing shouldn’t happen in life. This is good and this is bad. These criterions of life show that we live in mind. Now, if anything happens against those criterions then we feel that planets are against us. So, if we have any criterion towards life, that this thing should happen and that thing should not happen, then we are not on spiritual path.

3. But if there is someone who is receptive for whatever life brings to him then obviously, he is not going to feel any pinch in life about planets or planetary energies. It is not that planets are not bringing any result to him but it is just that he is fine with any result which comes in life.

4. If we see this way then we may be able to understand why a person on spiritual path doesn’t get impacts of planetary influence.

5. If we want to understand the same concept through astrological rule then here it is. Moon represents Mind. Every event of our life is felt or experienced through our mind. As I always say that Moon remains the most important planet among all as we follow what our mind suggests us. Even the main dasha system which is followed by majority of people; i.e. Vimshottari Dasha, is based on Moon’s position at the time of our birth.

6. So, when a spiritually evolved person is not even living in his mind and staying beyond the mind, in conscious state, then how he can be impacted by any event as he is beyond the main tool of feeling the impact of any event; i.e. The Mind.

7. Now, it can give confusion that for a Spiritually Evolved person, Mind is not functioning. Well actually, Mind is functioning only for that person as he can decide when to use it and when to stop using it.

8. If we just reflect back, our mind is working 24x7 with one or the other thought. An enlightened one uses the mind whenever there is any need and remaining time, he can leave it in thoughtless mode to take rest.

9. So, these are the main two reasons why I feel that they say that planets don’t impact a person who is spiritually evolved or on spiritual path. 

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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