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The Saturn-Ketu Conjunction.

Along with Rahu-Saturn conjunction, this is another conjunction which can be really troublesome. I think it can be more troublesome then Rahu-Saturn conjunction because Rahu still gravitates you towards achieving things related to the house where Rahu-Saturn are placed but as Saturn represents restriction and Ketu represents separation, in Saturn-Ketu conjunction, person may be totally separated from the idea of achieving things related to the house where it is falling.

Like, if someone has it in 4th house of home, home land or mother then it is good enough reason for him to move to foreign lands or at least faraway from his home town. Person can have almost no relation with mother. So, it is like those things are completely cut-off from life. If this conjunction is falling in relationship oriented houses then it can give really toxic relations. After initial experience, person may not even be interested in dealing with those matters again in life.

In matters of Career, person may not have his right sense of duty and responsibility in life. It is because Ketu is headless and Saturn is duties & responsibilities of life. So, they can be headless about the field of work where they should be working. They can be working really hard without much reward as they may not have senses to know that they are at wrong place of work. Also, whichever house Saturn rules, they can be completely separated from taking up responsibility of that house. Like, if Saturn rules 5th house, they can be totally disinterested towards responsibilities of children because of Ketu's separating impact on Saturn. Even otherwise, they can be seen as rule breaker as Saturn represents Law and Ketu makes them separated from the ideal of following Law.

I am normally asked about any difficult planetary placement as to how to deal with it or handle it in a better way. The person is obviously asking about some remedies or gemstones but my response is always of being aware of situation. If you are going on a path and saw a pothole then would you still jump into pothole or see another way to go through? So, if you are aware that Saturn-Ketu or any other troublesome planetary placement is creating trouble in your life then you can handle that energy a little better. You can avoid or ignore those circumstances which normally cause the troubles for someone who is unaware of these problematic planetary positions.

This is where Moon's position and Meditation again becomes the most important as awareness and receptivity of counselling depends on person's Moon position.



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