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Mars Transit Aries, June, 2022

Mars will enter in Aries sign on 27th June, 2022. In many ways, this transit of Mars is different from normal 45 days of transits. Let's see the complexities involved during this transit of Mars -

1. As I said, Mars will enter in own sign Aries on 27th June, 2022. Mars represents our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. Aries represents almost same things. As Mars is in own sign, it should be considered as a very good transit to be assertive and active in life, especially in the area of life which is represented by the house where Aries falls in our chart.

2. As I said, Mars & Aries represent almost similar things like, our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. So, when Mars is in Aries, we can be very active & action-driven in our overall life. We can be very active in matters related with houses ruled by Mars in our chart through its signs Aries & Scorpio and the house where it transits in our chart in Aries sign.


3. As Mars is in good dignity, it will give people idea of right action to be taken during this transit but eventual action depends on the free will of person. Person can be active, ambitious and go-getter too or he can be aggressive, violent and destructive too. This is where the maturity of person will become relevant in final results.


4. But I think that biggest concern is that Mars will be joined by Rahu. This creates Angarak Yoga during this transit. This Yoga bring extreme anger, aggressive and violent behavior if person is not mature enough to handle the energy. As they come closer to each other during July month, this aggressiveness will increase further and further.


5. Moreover, they are going to cross each other in Bharani Nakshatra around July-end. This looks like to be a very dangerous situation as Bharani anyways represents destruction, death and re-birth and major instability. As majority of population is functioning at lower consciousness level where they are not even aware of these astral situations and are behaving impulsively, this looks like a difficult transit.


6. But as always, it depends on the individual involved as to where he wants to utilize his energy. Bharani represents destruction too and Bharani represents creation too. It also represents spiritual and mystical things. So, it is person’s free will whether he wants to create something new or destroy something. Accordingly, he will involve himself into action.

7. If Mars is ruling or transiting in Dushthana houses or 3rd house/4th house, then we need to be careful against health issues and accidents.

Now, some joint impacts created through this transit of Mars in Aries –

  • As discussed, Mars-Rahu will remain together in Aries which can make people hyper-active or hyper-aggressive. We need to avoid impulsive behavior. Again, meditation is the path to follow.
  • Then till mid-July, Saturn’s aspect from Aquarius will be on Rahu-Mars in Aries. This creates a heavy malefic impact on Aries which will be impacted by all 4 strong malefics (Nodal Axis, Mars and Saturn). This means that we can feel extra stress in matters of the house where Aries falls in the chart. If that house is Dushthana House or 3rd house/4th house then extra care is needed. 
  • Ketu-Mars mutual aspect at Aries-Libra axis also shows the need to be careful against accidents, injuries or bloodshed. It can also be the time when person can be headless about his actions & aggression.
  • Mars-Saturn-Jupiter will aspect Scorpio sign till mid-July and then Mars-Jupiter joint impact will remain on Scorpio for about 3 months. 
  • Also, when Saturn goes back into Capricorn after mid-July, Jupiter-Saturn will impact Pisces and Cancer sign and Mars will also aspect Cancer sign.
  • It means that in coming times, Water signs trine will become very prominent for us. Wherever Cancer/Scorpio/Jupiter fall in your chart, you can expect major events in matters related to those houses or signs involved.

Overall, this can be time period where we may need to be very careful about our actions and be aware before taking any action. Final event is always based on Chart + Dasha + Transit.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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