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Transit of Mars in Taurus in Feb, 2021.

Mars is about to shift to Taurus on 22nd Feb, 2021 for next 45 days. Following are the main results of this transit -

1. First of all, Mars will be in a neutral dignity here. Mars is neutral planet with Taurus lord Venus. Hence, this is kind of average position for Mars; neither too good nor too bad.  

2. Mars represents our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. in So, whichever house/sign Mars transits into, we start putting our actions and efforts in matters related with that house/sign.

3. Taurus is the sign of Wealth and Assets. Hence, this transit will make us put actions towards our finance, wealth, assets and securities. We can see ourselves more active in gaining wealth or securities. People can be much more active in gaining assets and real estate matters.

4. As Mars remains a malefic planet which also represents aggression, we can see people getting into conflicts due to wealth and assets related matter. Also, the malefic nature of Mars can represent someone’s spendthrift nature too. Hence, we need to be careful about money matters in coming 45 days’ time. It can also make people committing fraud or cheating in money matters.

5. It is more so because Mars is further joined by transiting Rahu in Taurus. This creates a destructive Angarak Yoga. Understand that Mars represents aggression and Rahu represents blowing things out of proportions. So, both coming together can represent highly aggressive activities taking place.

6. We can see that violence, aggression or terrorist activities can be on a high in coming times. Protests against Govts worldwide can turn more violent. People can be far more aggressive than normally, if they don’t know how to divert energy in positive pursuits. Aggression can be directed towards things related to the house where Rahu-Mars are transiting but it depends on person how he utilizes it? Like for me, it is 7th house transit. I can be aggressive towards people/masses or I can be aggressive towards my business. That’s where we can utilize our free will and divert the energy towards more positive pursuits.

7. People should also be careful while driving and travelling as this conjunction can easily lead to accidents, bloodshed or injuries.

8.  So, Mars transiting in Taurus is not that troublesome but Mars is meeting Rahu in mid-way of this transit can get troublesome. It is important that we are aware or conscious of our actions and don’t over-react at circumstances. Meditation and being Mindful can help us certainly.

9. Then Mars has 3 aspects –

a. Mars 4th aspect will be on the house where Leo falls in our chart. Person will try to take control in matters related to that house.

b. Mars 7th aspect will be on the house where Scorpio falls in our chart. Person will be seen as aggressive or dominant in matters related to that house. Mars aspecting its own sign can energize it and give courage to people to go through Scorpion transformations in matters related with that house. Transiting Ketu's presence in Scorpio showcases the need to take care against accidents, angers etc.

c. Mars 8th will be on the house where Sagittarius falls in our chart. We can see some instability or sudden changes in matters related with that house. This can also make people rigid about what they believe-in.

Now, some joint impacts created through this transit of Mars in Taurus –

a. As discussed, biggest joint impact would be Rahu-Mars coming together in Taurus and we need to be careful about our anger, aggression, resentments etc.

b. Jupiter’s 5th aspect on Mars throughout this transit in Taurus shows the need of awareness, knowledge and wisdom before we act or react.

Overall, this can be time period where we may be highly active in matters related to the house where Mars-Rahu are transiting and in matters of finance/wealth/assets/securities etc.

Needless to say that final result depends on overall birth chart, dasha and transits. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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