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Transit of Mars in Scorpio in Dec, 2021.


So, Mars is all set to make its next move in annual transits in the sign of Scorpio. Let's check what we can expect during this transit –

1. Mars will be in Scorpio sign from 5th Dec, 2021 to 15th Jan, 2022.

2. Mars will be in its own sign Scorpio, hence dignity-wise, it will be strong. But it doesn't mean that it will be a smooth sailing for Mars in Scorpio.

3. Scorpio is sign of instability, ups & downs and chaos. That's why it is not a good home for any planet because none wants to be in the state of panic and chaos. So, instability will be there but let's see how Mars can help us in Scorpio -

a. As Mars represents actions and efforts, our actions can go into dealing with instabilities and chaos related with things of the house where Scorpio falls in our chart. Like for a Gemini ascendant, they can be dealing with instabilities of their health and daily work life whereas a Sagittarius ascendant can deal with instabilities of their expenses and losses.

b. As Scorpio remains a sign of research and investigation, people can be research oriented and would be eager to know what is hidden from them. As Scorpio also represents past events, some truths can come-up from past and people can be in better position to comprehend things in a right way.

c. As Scorpio remains the sign of occult and mysticism, people can be very active in researching and understanding occult side of life. We can see a rise in people who are interested in occult and mystical knowledge. Basically, it can be said that people can be interested in any kind of research oriented knowledge.

d. As Mars is further getting conjunct with Ketu in Scorpio which also represents occult and mysticism, not only it can further occult interests in people but it can also bring some mystical events for people who are pursuing spiritual/mystical side of life.

e. At the same time, Mars-Ketu in Scorpio can also represent accidents, sudden events, surgeries and explosive events (either outward or inward). So, we need to be on look-out for such events and safeguard ourselves from outward transformations.

f. So, instability and chaos of Scorpio will remain as is, there is no respite from it but as Mars is in own sign, it will provide will-power, courage and strength to deal with this unstable energy of Scorpio. We will show tenacity to go through that instability in life.

4. Now, there are some joint impacts also taking place with this transit. It is important to understand them also –

i. Mars will be at the axis of Rahu-Ketu. Understand that Rahu explodes things and Ketu is headless. So, Mars at Nodal axis can create situations of extreme anger and violence among people. Obviously, more aware and conscious people would be able to deal with this situation in a better way.

ii. Mars 4th aspect will go to Jupiter in Aquarius. Again, this energy exchange between Mars and Jupiter can be utilized in both ways; i.e. positively and negatively. Mars aspecting Jupiter shows that person can put efforts and actions in knowledge oriented matters and learning anything new but Mars-Jupiter combination can also make someone rigid about his belief system and can lead to arguments and fights.

So, this is what I see as result of Mars in Scorpio transit. End result is obviously dependent on overall chart, dasha and other transits.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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