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Transit of Mars in Sagittarius in Jan, 2022

Mars has already entered in Sagittarius for its next transit of about 45 days. This transit will take place from 16th Jan, 2022 to 26th Feb, 2022. So, here are some results we can expect during this transit –

a. Mars is in friendly sign in Sagittarius which is a good dignity for Mars. So, we can expect overall good results from this transit.

b. Mars represents our actions and efforts. So now, our actions and efforts can go towards Sagittarius related things which are higher education, religion, philosophy, literature and sharing knowledge. So, people can be inclined towards putting their efforts in these things and act to get new knowledge.

c. At the same time, Mars is a fiery planet and Sagittarius is a fire sign. So, we can have lots of fire around. Sagittarius is sign of what we believe-in and Mars is our ability to fight. So, the most troublesome result of Mars in Sagittarius or any malefic planet in Sagittarius is that we see a rise in fundamentalism or rigid belief system.

d. So, we need to learn how to be flexible and receptive towards others’ belief system. Then we can utilize this transit in a better way. We all can have parallel existence in this Universe.

e. In individual charts, we can also see the same action, fire and aggression in the things related with the house where Sagittarius falls in chart. Like, for Scorpions like me, action or aggression can be directed at family environment and speech but for Leo ascendants, action or aggression can be related with 5th house related matters like education, children and love/romance matters.

f. If Mars is transiting in Dushthana Houses or 4th house (no directional strength) in your chart then be careful against accidents, sudden events and injuries.

So, this transit can again be utilized by humanity in 2 ways. People can invest their time, action and energy in getting some new knowledge or they can waste the same energy in fighting over what they believe-in.

Aspects-wise, Mars’ aspects will go to –

i. 4th aspect will go on Pisces sign. It means that we can be dominant and controlling in the area of life where Pisces falls in chart. We can also be very active in Spiritual, Creative and Imaginative matters.

ii. 7th aspect will go on Gemini sign. As Gemini is sign of communication and travelling, we need to be careful in both areas and avoid aggressiveness here.

iii. 8th aspect will go on Cancer sign. This can bring emotional instability to people. This can also bring instability in the matters of the house where Cancer falls in chart

Then this transit will also cause following joint-impacts in different houses/signs along-with other planets –

i. Mars will remain with Venus throughout this transit. Mars-Venus together in Sagittarius can make person efforts and actions in higher education or knowledge oriented matters. It can also bring protective or controlling nature in relation. If people are little bit matured, they can handle this transit well in relationship matters as both planets are in good dignity. Please try to avoid aggressiveness or control or dominance in relationship.

ii. Then Mars-Saturn-Ketu all will aspect Pisces sign. As Pisces remains the sign of Spirituality, Mars-Saturn-Ketu joint aspect can create stress over spiritual matters and can make us put efforts in meditation and other spiritual pursuits. Malefic Planets joint-impact always creates stress, frustration and makes us do extra hard work related with the house/sign where this joint impact is taking place. So, things related with the house where Pisces falls in your chart will also see some stress and frustration.

iii. Then Mars-Saturn both will also aspect at Cancer sign. As it is sign of emotions, we can feel emotionally frustrated, repressed, misunderstood or stunted during this time. Mars-Saturn joint-impact will again create stress, frustration and make us do extra hard work related with the house where this joint impact is taking place for Cancer sign. As it is also Mars 8th aspect, it can bring instability or ups/down in the house where Cancer falls in chart.

Last but not the least, Mars-Venus and Jupiter will aspect on Gemini sign. It shows that the house where Gemini falls in chart will have lots of activities. Mars will make us put action in that house, Venus and Jupiter will indicate to get further knowledge and education before putting actions; i.e. to put more aware actions.

So, this is what I see as result of Mars in Sagittarius transit. End result is obviously dependent on overall chart, dasha and other transits.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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