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Transit of Mars in Cancer in June, 2021.

Mars is about to shift in Cancer sign on 2nd June, 2021 in its annual transit. Mars is debilitated here. Every two years’ time, we go through this difficult transit of Mars in Gemini and Cancer where Mars is in enemy sign in Gemini and then Mars is in debilitation in Cancer. We have seen the havoc Mars created in Gemini in last 1 month, especially when it was in Ardra. So, let’s try to understand how we can proactively prepare us for this coming transit of Mars in Cancer –

First of all, to understand why Mars is considered as Debiltated in Cancer/Ashlesha at 28 degrees, please go through this article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/MarsDebilt.

As discussed in this linked article, Mars is energy and Cancer is sign of Emotions. So, when Mars is in Cancer, person may utilize his energy and take his actions on emotional grounds. It means that person may not have sound logical/practical reasons behind taking actions. Someone said something and anger bursts out & person can even get into physical fight, this is Mars in Cancer. Comparing this to someone with Mars in Capricorn where even if person is done wrong by others, he will seek legal remedies rather than taking law in his own hands.

Mars will transit in Cancer from 2nd June, 2021 to 20th July, 2021.

Following results can be expected –

1. Cancer is sign of emotions, taking care of others and nourishing people. Hence, this sign is related with Health Care and Teaching etc.

2. As Mars is actions, it shows that people can be involved in lots of activities related with Health Care and Nourishing others. The kind of environment we are in, this is very much expected.

3. But then, as Mars is debilitated in Cancer which can cause emotional set-backs to people. That’s where I see that Mars in Cancer transit can be most troublesome where people may lose their calm due to their emotional losses. This can create a stressful situation.

4. Not to forget that this is eclipse month and World Govts are under great pressure right now. In that situation, if people start rallying against Govts or protesting against Govt then this transit can be more difficult to handle.

5. So, the biggest task in this transit is to remain calm and peaceful, no matter how difficult in sounds? There are always peaceful and legal ways of registering your protests, objections or oppositions. We need to divert energy from aggression to healing under current circumstances.

6. In other matters, Mars in Cancer can bring dominance and control issues, anger and aggression in personal issues. So, in relationship matters too, people need to keep a high level of patience to sail through this time.

7. Mars in Cancer can also cause accidents, surgeries and blood-shed. Hence, take proper proactive care to avoid such circumstances.

8. Aries and Scorpio ascendant people should be more careful as Mars is their ascendant lord. Aries people should be more careful as Mars will be in their 4th house/Cancer where it loses its directional strength too.

9. Also, if Mars is transit your Dushthana houses (6th, 8th and 12th) or if Mars is Dushthana lord for you then also proper care is needed to sail through this transit.

10. Ashlesha is Nakshatra of emotional insecurities. So, this transit can be most challenging when Mars is in Ashlesha Nakshatra (from 29th June to 20th July). This is where the biggest possibility can be there that people may lose their calm due to their insecurities and emotional loss. Again, Ashlesha also represents Kundalini Energy. So, we can utilise this transit in Meditation and Spiritual Pursuits too.

11. Our anger or aggression can be ill-directed. We can throw our frustration or anger at people who don't deserve it. Anyways, I don't think anyone deserves anyone else's anger or frustration. But as Mars is in weakest dignity, our aggression can be misdirected. Now, every house represents some relations in our life. So, whichever house Mars is transiting in your chart, your aggression can be directed towards people represented by that house. Like, an Aries ascendant person can find relation with Mother or home environment charged up whereas a Gemini ascendant person will feel the pinch in family life and can have aggressive speech. So, we need to be careful while dealing with such people to maintain the cordial relation. Like, from Sagittarius to Pisces ascendant, Mars will be transiting in houses which represent romantic relationship or conflicts in relation. Hence, they need to show more patience to sustain their relationship.

Finally, there will be some joint impacts taking place during this transit –

a. Mars-Saturn will be aspecting each other. This looks difficult and stressful for personal relation. Govts or people in authority can be under fire. It shows lots of frustration in next 50 days.

b. Mars will aspect Jupiter in Aquarius through 8th aspect. This can cause some conflicts due to different belief systems. People can be rigid or adamant on what they believe in.

c. Libra sign will have joint aspect of Saturn-Jupiter-Mars. This shows lots of stress in matters related with house where Libra is falling in chart.

d. There will be a Paap Kartari Yoga for Gemini sign as Mars is in Cancer and Rahu is in Taurus. This shows that results of the house where Gemini falls in your chart can be minimum, at least Jeeva Karakas results.

This is how I see Mars in Cancer transit may impact us. Please Meditate regularly to be in calm and peaceful state to sail through this time. We can also divert the same aggressive energy into sports, gym or any other physical exercise.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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