Mars Transits in Taurus, 2022

We are now entering a phase where we will see some important transits to take place. Jupiter and Saturn are already retrograde in movement till Oct-Nov. Mercury will go through its ritualistic retrograde movement in every 3 months. Besides these transits, Mars’s transit in Taurus looks like to be one of the important transits for next 8-9 months. This transit is going to impact us in remaining part of year and along with other planetary transits, it is going to make us take note of its energy. So, I just thought of covering this transit to bring awareness as per my little understanding of Astrology. Let’s break this article in following points –

Important Energies.

Mars in Taurus.

Mars in Gemini.

Mars Retrograde in Taurus.

Overall Impact.

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Important Energies – There are 3 energies which will become important during this Mars’s transit. These are -

Mars – As it is Mars’s transit from Taurus to Gemini and then back to Taurus, Mars and its representations will remain important throughout the remainder of the year. Mars represents our will power, courage, ability to take actions, aggressive nature, anger, our fighting ability, brother, male friends, a boy friend for a girl, a soldier, an athlete and real estate etc. Basically, Mars represents actions/efforts, and wherever it transits, we start or we should start taking actions in that area of life.

Taurus - Taurus is the 2nd sign of zodiac belt, so it represents many things related with 2nd house of horoscope like, Hoarded Wealth, Assets, Savings, Finances, Luxuries and Liquid Money. All in all a sign related with luxuries and all the conveniences of life. Taurus is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatras, i.e. Krittika, Rohini and Mrigshira. Also, Taurus' lord is Venus.

Gemini - Gemini is the 3rd sign of zodiac belt, so it represents many things related with 3rd house of horoscope like, Communication Skills (either written, oral or even by sign language), Marketing, Business etc. It is a sign basically related with communications and business ideas. Gemini is divided into 2 and half nakshatra of Mrigashira, Ardra and Punarvasu. Gemini's lord is Mercury, which is significator of Communications. 

Needless to say that everything I am going to say now depends upon the whole chart. Chart + Dasha + Transit = Event. This is general rule. So, please don’t make any conclusion just because of one transit.

Duration of Transit – The 1st phase of this transit of Mars will take place in the sign of Taurus from 10th Aug 2022 to 16th Oct 2022. Then Mars will enter in Gemini on 16th Oct but would start its retrograde movement on 31st Oct. Then Mars will come back in Taurus sign on 13th Nov. Then Mars will continue its retrograde movement in Taurus till 13th Jan, 2023 and finally move out of Taurus sign on 13th March, 2023.

We can see it is quite a long durational transit of Mars in Taurus. If we skip one month between mid-Oct to mid-Nov when Mars will be in Gemini then we can say that Mars is in Taurus for about 8 months. This is big enough time window for any prominent event to take place.  

Let’s understand Mars transit in these two signs step-by-step –

Mars in Taurus - Mars is about to shift to Taurus on 10th Aug, 2022 for about 65 days. Following are the main results of this transit -

a. First of all, Mars will be in a neutral dignity here. Mars is neutral planet with Taurus lord Venus. Hence, this is kind of average position for Mars; neither too good nor too bad.  

b. Mars represents our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. So, whichever house/sign Mars transits into, we start putting our actions and efforts in matters related with that house/sign.

c. Taurus is the sign of Wealth and Assets. Hence, this transit will make us put actions towards our finance, wealth, assets and securities. We can see ourselves more active in gaining wealth or securities. People can be much more active in gaining assets and real estate matters. 

d. As Mars remains a malefic planet which also represents aggression, we can see people getting into conflicts due to wealth and assets related matter. Also, the malefic nature of Mars can represent someone’s spendthrift nature too. Hence, we need to be careful about money matters in coming times. It can also make people possessive in money matters. 

e. People can be far more aggressive, if they don’t know how to divert energy in positive pursuits. Aggression can be directed towards things related to the house where Mars is transiting but it depends on person how he utilizes it? Like for me, it is 7th house transit. I can be aggressive/protective towards people/masses or I can be aggressive/active/ambitious towards my business. That’s where we can utilize our free will and divert the energy towards more positive pursuits.

f. People should also be careful while driving and travelling as Mars itself represents accidents, bloodshed or injuries. It is more so if Mars is transiting through Dushthana Houses (6/8/12) or 4th house where Mars loses its directional strength.

g. It is important that we are aware or conscious of our actions and don’t over-react at circumstances. Meditation and being Mindful can help us certainly.

Then Mars has 3 aspects –

i. Mars 4th aspect will be on the house where Leo falls in our chart. Person will try to take control in matters related to that house. 

ii. In coming months, Leo sign will be more and more important. With Mars transiting in Taurus and staying there till March, 2023, Rahu & Mars both are going to aspect Leo. Then from Jan, 2023, Saturn will be in Aquarius and would aspect Leo. Then from April, 2023, Jupiter will join Rahu and theu both will aspect Leo.

iii. So, it is like things related with Leo sign and wherever it falls in your chart, will remain a point of continuous focus for one reason or the other, from now to April, 2024. 

iv. Mars 7th aspect will be on the house where Scorpio falls in our chart. Person will be seen as aggressive or dominant in matters related to that house. Mars aspecting its own sign can energize it and give courage to people to go through Scorpion transformations in matters related with that house.

v. Again, things related with Scorpio and the house where it falls in your chart will also be another area of focus because currently Jupiter-Mars both will aspect Scorpio sign and from Jan, 2023 onwards Saturn will also aspect Scorpio sign from Aquarius. 

vi. So, we can say that our focus can be shifting to houses where Leo and Scorpio falls in our chart, for quite some time.

vii. Mars 8th aspect will be on the house where Sagittarius falls in our chart. We can see some instability or sudden changes in matters related with that house. This can also make people rigid about what they believe-in or bring some major changes in belief system. This is more so as Rahu will also be aspecting Sagittarius sign from Aries sign.

Mars in Gemini – Then Mars will come in Gemini from 16th Oct to 13th Nov, 2022. Mars will be in Gemini sign. It is sign of its great enemy Mercury. So dignity-wise. Mars is weak. Some common results can be seen like -

1. Mars is aggression and Gemini is communication, so people can get argumentative over any matters and can get into verbal fights. As Mars represents violence too, it can lead to physical fights too.

2. Mars is also technology and as Gemini is communication, we can see some technical issues in our communications or interacting with people.

3. Mars represents speed and Gemini is travelling, so avoid driving fast, rash or negligently else people can get into accidents.

4. Even if you don't drive and only travel then use helmets and seat belts without fail. These days we see people using mobiles even while walking or driving or using steps, please avoid it. Just be aware of your actions and your surroundings.

5. This is more prominent as Ketu’s aspect is coming on Mars in Gemini. As Mars-Ketu together create energy of accidents, surgeries and injuries etc, please be more careful about your actions and surroundings.

6. Then this transit can be more challenging for Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn ascendant people as Mars will be transiting in Dushthana Houses for them. Likewise, for any ascendant if Mars is transiting difficult houses (Upachaya, Dushthana or with no Digbala) then it will be a challenging transit.

7. Then Mars coming into Gemini will create the Paap Kartari Yoga for Taurus as Rahu is in Aries. So till then, we may feel minimum results of the house where Taurus sign is falling in our chart.

8. At the same time, Mars represents our actions/efforts and Gemini is sign of business and information. So, same energy and action of Mars can be utilized working extra in business or in collecting more information through educating further.

9. Generic advice - Avoid arguments as long as possible, be careful while driving/travelling/running/walking and please meditate.

Then Mars has 3 aspects - 

A. Mars 4th aspect will be on the house where Virgo falls in our chart. Person will try to take control in matters related to that house. This will be more a case as Jupiter also aspects Virgo from Pisces.

B. Mars 7th aspect will be on the house where Sagittarius falls in our chart. This can also make people rigid about what they believe-in or bring some major changes in belief system. This is more so as Rahu will also be aspecting Sagittarius sign from Aries sign.

C. Then Mars 8th aspect will be on the house where Capricorn falls in chart. We can see some sudden events and changes in that area of life. Not to forget that Saturn is also transiting in Capricorn. So, Mars 8th aspect on Saturn can bring extra stress in the house related things where Capricorn falls in chart.

Mars retrograde in Taurus from Gemini – Then Mars will go back in Taurus sign from Gemini and make us reflect back on all the above things mentioned about Mars in Gemini & Mars in Taurus transit and make us re-engage in same activities again to complete the work. This retrograde transit in Taurus will be from Nov, 2022 to March, 2023. As retrograde planets are closer to Earth, at that time we will feel most intensity of this transit and will be engaged in abovementioned activities more actively. 

Overall Impact – I think to understand the overall impact of this transit, we have to keep in mind the concept of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka ( which says that during any difficult planetary position in birth chart or transits, we can still get the results of non-living significances of the house where such position/transit is taking place but results of living significances will depend on lots of other factors. For example, being a Scorpio ascendant, this Mars transit will be in my 7th house/8th house. I can expect good results in business but I should be careful about health and relationship aspect of life.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti



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