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Mars's transit into Libra

So, Mars is entering in Libra sign today where it will remain till 25th Dec. Let's see, what we can expect during this transit of Mars -

1. Mars will be in Libra sign for next 45 days. It is ruled by Venus. As Mars and Venus are neutral towards each other, Mars is in average dignity in Libra. Neither too good nor too bad. Hence, this transit can bring average results to us.

2. Mars represents our actions, efforts, aggression and courage etc. As Mars will be in Libra sign, all these results will be seen in Libra nature of things.

3. Libra is sign of relationship, masses and business. It is also sign of peace and diplomacy. So, we will see Mars energy working on these matters in next 45 days.

4. As Mars represents aggression and dominance, it shows that we can exhibit dominance and aggression towards each other and public in general over coming 45 days. It is interesting that planet of violence is coming into sign of peace and diplomacy. As Mars is in neutral or average dignity, peace and diplomacy should prevail over violence. It can also be interpreted that our energy and actions will go towards maintaining peace and diplomacy in next 45 days.

5. As Libra is also sign of relationship and Mars represents aggression or dominance, it is advised to let go of these Martian traits as they would only spoil human relationship. It is better to utilize Mars’s energy and action to work on relationship matters.

6. At the same time, Libra is sign of business and Mars in Libra can make a person to be very initiative, innovative and active in business matters. They can actively pursue their business plans and would be exhibiting a go-getter attitude towards business.

7. This transit will also relieve little bit of energy from Sagittarius sign which has Saturn-Jupiter at the axis of Rahu-Ketu and Mars was also aspecting it. So, Sagittarius sign and the house where Sagittarius falls in chart can start feeling little bit of relief now after 45 days of immense stress.

This transit of Mars is also creating few combinations with other planets as follows –

a. Mars in Libra and Saturn-Ketu in Sagittarius will create a Paap Kartari Yoga for Scorpio sign. So, the things related with the house where Scorpio falls into chart will get stuck for a while and we will feel that we are not getting any meaningful results out of that. Like for me as Scorpio ascendant, PKY is in 1st house itself which shows that I need to be careful about my overall life, overall health and especially health issues related with head or brain portion of body. I might feel that things are not moving in life for next 45 days. All I need to learn here is patience and perseverance. Likewise, this situation can be seen for things related with house where Scorpio falls in different charts.

b. Mars-Jupiter-Ketu both will aspect on Aries sign. It is Mars 7th house aspect which is about dominance. It is Jupiter-Ketu’s 5th house aspect which is about learning and educating ourselves. It shows that Jupiter-Ketu will make us learn, educate and be aware of the problems related with the house where Aries sign is falling in chart and then Mars’s actions, energy and dominance will help us in controlling or winning over those matters. As Mars is aspecting its own sign, it will protect us from negative results of the house where Aries is falling.

c. Mars-Rahu both will impact Libra sign. Mars-Rahu combination makes us super-active. So, we can be highly active in matters related with the house where Libra falls in chart.

d. Last but not the least, if Mars is transiting in Libra in Dushthana Houses and 4th house in your chart where Mars loses its directional strength, it is better to be careful about health matters and be pro-active against getting into situations like sudden events, accidents and surgeries.

As always, transits give results only after overall chart and dashas also show same result. So, we need to look at chart and dashas too. Still, needless to say that we need to be careful and aware during this transit to avoid aggression, dominance and control towards others which may not finally result in benefits.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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