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Mars transit in Leo, 2023

Mars is all set for its next transit in the sign of Leo from 1st July, 2023 to 18th Aug, 2023. It is right time to get an idea about what results we can expect in our lives due to Mars transit and its various combination with other planets. So, let’s begin –

1. First of all, it is a welcome change and major relief for all of us as Mars is coming out of its debilitation sign and actually deepest debilitation at 27 degrees Cancer.

2. So, 1st benefit is that Mars would be in a good dignity. Mars in Leo is like energized Mars. Leo is a fiery sign and Mars is a fiery planet. So, there will be lots of fire and aggression in actions in coming 45 days. Especially in the house related things where Leo falls in your chart. Like, for me, it is 10th house transit. So, I can be super-active in my career oriented matters.
3. Likewise, we all can find ourselves very active in the matters related with the house where Leo is falling in chart. We can be very active, aggressive and ambitious but few of us may also be utilizing the energy in dominance and control.

4. Although, it can be a good transit to pursue creativity as Leo is a sign of creativity too but all this fire, action and aggression needs to be diverted in right direction of creativity or ambitions else it can easily take shape of anger, aggression and dominance.

5. Right now also, Mars-Venus will be together in Leo till 7th Aug. It can lead to dominance and control struggle. Relationship can get hurt due to same fire and heat. Again, either you can keep your ego or your relationship. Choice is yours. Venus current transits from Cancer to Virgo also don’t help much in relationship matters

6. So, this transit of Mars in Leo can be utilised better in real estate, creativity, career or business field but not in human relationship matters. The biggest challenge would be to redirect the aggressive energy in creative or productive activities.

7. If Leo is one of Dushthana houses or Mars is losing Digbala in 4th house, then person needs to be very careful against illness, conflicts, accidents and expenses. .

8. Still Mars in good dignity can benefit us if we are able to direct our actions in right direction and it can be much better time than last 90 days, at least in Ajeeva Karakas.

9. Now, this Mars transit is creating quite a few joint impacts with other planets for 45 days, besides the 3-4 planetary conjunction we talked above and these are –

a. Mars-Saturn – Mars aspects Saturn in Aquarius and gets aspected back by Saturn. This combination can lead to lots of frustration as Mars wants to achieve things right now but Saturn is all about delay, hard work and perseverance. So, when Mars tries to achieve things quickly, Saturn brings blocks and barriers. End result is obvious frustration. It means that if we want to get the best results of this Mars transit then we need to work really hard and show perseverance in area of life wherever Leo falls in our chart.

b. Likewise, Mars-Saturn will jointly aspect Scorpio sign and we can feel a similar frustration in area of life where Scorpio falls in our chart. As Scorpio remains sign of accidents and sudden events, this shows that we need to be careful against any such events.

c. Mars-Saturn-Ketu will continue to jointly impact Aquarius sign as Mars 7th aspect & Ketu’s 5th aspect comes there and Saturn is already transiting in Aquarius. Energy of three strong malefic planets coming together is never easy. This looks difficult and stressful for personal relation and for early achievement of desired ambitions in the area of life represented by the house where Aquarius falls in chart. It shows lots of frustrations there. Time to practice patience and just sail through time.

d. This transit of Mars will also be impacted by transits of Sun-Mercury-Venus in Leo at various times and with aspects of Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn which is discussed in detail here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/LeoEA2023.

Its time to put the best of efforts and show patience & perseverance.

Finally as always, the end results would depend on chart + dasha + transit and overall analysis is necessary to make any potential prediction. Please don’t jump to any conclusion.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

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