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Mars Transits in Gemini, 2022

So, Mars is all set to transit in Gemini sign now from 15th Oct, 2022 to 13th Nov, 2022. Normally, transits of Mars are of 45 days but as Mars is about to turn retrograde in Taurus (https://www.astrosaxena.com/MarsRetro2022), this transit is only for about 30 days. Nevertheless, 30 days can also bring some major event especially when Mars is slow due to retrograde movement and it is also in enemy sign. Hence, it is time to get an idea about what results we can expect in our lives due to Mars transit in Gemini and its various combination with other planets. So, let’s begin –

Mars will be in Gemini sign. It is sign of its great enemy Mercury. So dignity-wise. Mars is weak. Some common results can be seen like -

a. Mars is aggression and Gemini is communication, so people can get argumentative over any matters and can get into verbal fights. As Mars represents violence too, it can lead to physical fights too.

b. Mars is also technology and as Gemini is communication, we can see some technical issues in our communications or interacting with people.

c. Mars represents speed and Gemini is travelling, so avoid driving fast, rash or negligently else people can get into accidents.

d. Even if you don't drive and only travel then use helmets and seat belts without fail. These days we see people using mobiles even while walking or driving or using steps, please avoid it. Just be aware of your actions and your surroundings.

e. Then this transit can be more challenging for Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn ascendant people as Mars will be transiting in Dushthana Houses for them. Likewise, for any ascendant if Mars is transiting difficult houses (Upachaya, Dushthana or with no Digbala) then it will be a challenging transit.

f. Then Mars coming into Gemini will create the Paap Kartari Yoga for Taurus as Rahu is in Aries. This will continue till 13th Nov when Mars moves back into Taurus. So till then, we may feel minimum results of the house where Taurus sign is falling in our chart. It can be more an apparent result as Taurus lord Venus is also going through transit of debilitation + combust right now.

g. Biggest impact will be on the house where Capricorn is falling in your chart. Saturn is already there. Now, Mars’ 8th aspect is on Capricorn. So, the house where Capricorn sign is falling, we have 2 strong malefic planets impacting it. So, the results of that house would be very limited and stressful. We shouldn’t expect much benefic results from that house.

h. Another joint impact will be on Sagittarius where Mars-Rahu both will aspect. This can make people rigid about their belief system. We can see a rise in fundamentalism.

i. Finally, Mars-Jupiter-Mercury all will impact Virgo sign. As Mars-Mercury are again enemies, this can lead to some conflicts. Jupiter’s wisdom and knowledge can come to rescue. It means that we need to apply our wisdom to escape from difficulties which may be coming from Mars aspect on Mercury in Virgo sign.

Last but not the least, between 29th Oct to 2nd Nov, 2022, Mars will be stationary at 1.27 degree of Gemini as Mars will be changing direction to turn towards Taurus. This is where its intensity will be highest and we can see majority of these results with higher intensity or bigger possibility.

Generic advice - Avoid arguments as long as possible, be careful while driving/travelling/running/walking and please meditate.

End result or final event is always based on Chart + Dasha + Transit.



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