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Transit of Mars in Capricorn 2020

So, Mars is all set for its next transit of 45 days in the sign of Capricorn. This transit will take place from 22nd March, 2020 to 4th May, 2020 . So, here are some results we can expect during this transit –

a. First of all, Mars is going to be exalted in Capricorn. This will make us action oriented but most importantly, actions will be directed in right direction and will bring fruits to us. People can find themselves very courageous, high on will-power and active.

b. The difference between exalted and debilitated Mars is only in the quality and dignity of actions. A person with exalted Mars will take dignified or right actions but another person with debilitated Mars may not hesitate in taking wrong or illegal actions.

c. Interesting thing here is Mars will be travelling alongside Saturn in own sign and Jupiter in its debilitated sign. So, Mars’s actions and efforts would get restriction or limitations or repetition factor of Saturn. Saturn-Mars together always makes us put our best efforts repetitively to get some good results. So, results or fruits of actions will be received, but after immense hard work and perseverance.

d. So, we can be very active in the things related to the house where Mars is transiting in chart. Like, for Scorpions like me, it is travelling in 3rd house. So, we can be putting best efforts in business, communication and travelling etc. But for Leo people, this transit is happening in 6th house. So, they can be putting best efforts in dealing with stress related with work life or health issues.

e. Another important thing here is that as 2 strong malefic are coming together in Capricorn, we can’t expect much results in living significances of the house where Capricorn is falling in chart. Our efforts can bring better results in non-living significances. Like, for Cancer ascendant people, this transit is taking place in 7th house/Capricorn. So, in matters of business, they can be super-active but there can be lots of stress in matters of relationship and they need to practice lot of patience to deal with relationship matters.

f. Another common theme around Mars-Saturn-Jupiter in Capricorn in Law. So, we can see Govt or Courts taking pro-active roles during this transit.

g. So, it can be a mixed-bag transit of Mars in Capricorn due to presence of Saturn in same sign where Mars can make us super-active but Saturn can bring stress, limit results and we can be required to practice lots of patience to go through transit.

h. Mars-Saturn coming together can also cause accidents, especially if this transit is happening in travelling or sudden events related houses for anyone.

Then there are a few joint impacts created by Mars’s transit in Capricorn which are as follows –

1. Finally, after a long time, the collection of planetary energy will move from Gemini/Sagittarius axis to Cancer/Capricorn axis. Mars-Saturn-Jupiter all will be transiting Capricorn and will aspect Cancer sign. So, wherever this axis falls in your chart, those two houses will take centre-stage for next 45 days.

2. Jupiter is debilitated but getting neech bhang raaj yoga through Saturn-Mars in Capricorn which is again going to help in professional life but in personal life, we may have to face issues and deal with people with patience and perseverance.

3. Mars-Ketu both will aspect Aries sign and Leo sign from their respective positions. Mars 4th aspect on the house where Aries is falling in chart, is about capturing and controlling things related with that house. Mars 8th aspect on the house where Leo is falling in chart is about managing the instabilities related with that house. Ketu’s aspect on houses where Aries and Leo fall in chart, will be related with getting some knowledge, education and awareness through its research skills.

Overall, this transit can be beneficial as it can make us put best efforts and get the results thereof. Also, the focus will shift to Cancer-Capricorn axis in chart. So, watch out for these 2 houses.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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