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Marriage - A Social Institution

As Marriage remains a social institution, I am of the opinion that society, a person living-in, has higher say in person's marriage rather than the astrological guidance. I have been writing about it for last 3 years and trying my best to disconnect Astrology from institution of Marriage. I reiterate some of the main points with links to some of my articles here -

1. Ideally, marriage consultations and horoscope matching consultations should not be part of predictive astrology. Marriage remains a social institution and there can be a society & there are societies without marriage. So, astrological analysis cannot be a mandatory condition before getting married. This fact I have clearly stated in my consultation page - https://www.astrosaxena.com/consultation that if you are asking for these 2 consultations then you may be wasting your time and money as I will never speak what you desire to hear. No doubt that I lost my business but it is better than going against the things which I have realized myself.

2. If at all people feel that by matching horoscopes we can have a good married life then it is also not possible. I have given reasons here as to why two horoscopes will never match - https://www.astrosaxena.com/chartmatchand how astrology can help you in a very limited sphere in matters of relationship - https://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1. So, astrology can still help you in a limited way in "relationship" matters but not in marriage as an institution.

3. It is high time when astrologers must stop taking the decisions on behalf of girl or boy as to whom they should marry? It is their marriage, decision has to be their. I think an astrologer's job should be limited to the point that what are good and bad points of both charts in matters of relationship and then leave the decision on people involved. And if someone is taking responsibility of marriage decision then he should also be ready to take responsibility if marriage fails tomorrow.

4. Also, it is not intelligent to try to guess your prospective spouse nature from his/her chart. Same planetary placements can give totally different results for different individuals and none can be sure about the nature of person just by looking at their chart. Pisces sign represents Spirituality and it also represents someone who lives in a dream world and never comes to the terms with reality. Same Scorpio can be secretive and same Scorpio can be very transparent. So, we can never be sure about the real nature of a person through his/her chart.

5. My only advice here is not to look at chart of person and meet/date him/her for at least 1 year and then take your decision. And if someone is not willing to give 1 year before marriage then just imagine how much time they will give to you after marriage?

6. I know that what I am trying to tell people from last 3 years is totally unconventional, against the current of astrological practices for ages and some may even find it controversial too. But I am willing to stick with my point of views on this topic and willing to have any discussion at any forum. As society has changed in last 50 years, we need to change the approach towards relationship astrology. I am not saying that astrologers before me were wrong. Truth is momentary. They followed the truth of their moment where social setup of their times allowed astrology to help people in relationship matters but truth of my time doesn't show that astrological predictions helped people in anyway in marriage matters. Hence, the time to change approach.

I again say that overall, Astrology & Marriage as an institution has no relevance with each other. You can read my views on this topic here

 - http://astrosaxena.com/rammhttp://astrosaxena.com/irmhttp://astrosaxena.com/d9lifepathhttp://astrosaxena.com/chartmatchhttps://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1 and http://astrosaxena.com/2marriage.

Post open for comments and discussion once you go through these articles. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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