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Mahapataka Yoga - The Great Sinner

There was one request to write about Mahapataka Yoga. So, let’s understand what is it –

Meaning of Mahapataka Yoga – As we know that Yoga means Combination, Maha means Great and Pataka means Sinner. So, Mahapataka Yoga means Combination of two or more planets in chart which indicates that Native can be a Great Sinner.

Formation of Mahapataka Yoga – As per the definition available online, whenever Moon is conjunct with Rahu and aspected by Jupiter (any aspect – 5th/7th/9th) which itself is conjunct with another malefic, it creates a Mahapataka Yoga.

For example – Moon is conjunct with Rahu in 1st house and Jupiter is in 5th house with Mars and aspects back at Moon-Rahu through 9th aspect, is Mahapataka Yoga.

At some places, it is mentioned that if Moon and Jupiter are in good sign based dignity then the impact of this Yoga will be lesser or even nullified. Also, the definition given online doesn’t make any mention as to malefic planets are only Natural Malefic, or Functional Malefic can also be included. In absence of any such clear mention, let’s keep it limited to Natural Malefic Planets only.

Effect of this Yoga – As we can understand from the name of this Yoga itself, this Yoga can indicate, very generically though, that a Native who can be a Great Sinner by committing some great Sins or be involved in Sinful Deeds.

Now, if Astrologer community is making such an insinuation over anyone who is born with such a combination then it is better to deep dive into various meanings of this Yoga because let’s face it, Moon will be with Rahu for 2 days 6 hours every month and if Jupiter is conjunct with Ketu/Mars/Saturn/Sun & aspects back at Rahu-Moon then it is too big an insinuation to say that all children taking birth in those 2 days and 6 hours throughout the world would be Great Sinners. So, let’s understand it in good detail as to who can be considered as The Great Sinner –

What is Sin? – First of all, let’s understand what is Sin?

Many of us would say that it largely depends on the upbringing and conditioning of a child as to what he is told from childhood as a Sin or Virtue.

It is somewhat valid point.

But if we see philosophies worldwide then there are mainly two generic philosophies related with Sin.

Western Philosophies or Abrahamic Religions associate Sin with Actions or Deeds. Virtuous Deeds or Sinful Deeds are clearly mentioned in Western Philosophy. That’s why; the emphasis on Commandments and stress on following them. We can see that as per Western Philosophy, “Action” can be Virtuous or Sinful.

But if we come towards Eastern Philosophy or towards the Religions developed in India, then it is mentioned in all these religions that Ignorance is the only Sin. Now, it is a totally different approach where actions don’t matter but the fact that you were aware or ignorant at the time of action, that would decide whether action was virtuous or sinful respectively. As per this philosophy, it doesn’t matter what we are doing or not doing, what matters is our awareness or ignorance at the time of taking any action.

Logic of Eastern Religions is that even if someone is taking any wrong action or doing any bad deed like Murder etc then he is doing because of his ignorance only. So, Ignorance is sitting at the base of any wrong action. If you are aware and conscious of your actions then you can never do anything wrong or bad.

So, here the focus has completely shifted from actions to consciousness as our actions are results of the level of consciousness we have. Hence, as per Eastern Philosophy, Ignorance is the only Sin and it looks more logical.

Now, what is Ignorance? – There are two biggest ignorance under which we live our life. These are –

Death – Because nothing ever dies in this world. Things only transform. As Osho says that we can’t even add or delete a single drop of water in this existence. Living and Non-living Beings only transform in new shapes. Nothing and None ever dies in this existence.

Ego – The thought that we are doing anything in this Universe or Existence. This is a Happening Universe. Everything is happening around us. Our so-called actions/efforts/hard works are also part and parcel of that happening. This is something we discussed before in https://www.astrosaxena.com/Butterfly & https://www.astrosaxena.com/UniversalConspiracy .

As I said before in a few posts, I can’t even write and post this article on my own. I need support and assistance of whole existence to do this small act in life. Without the whole existential support, I can’t even write a single word here. Just reflect back to time when we have had even a little health issue, we might not even be able to turn or change our posture then. At that time, this thought should came into mind that if I can’t even turn sides of my own body as per my wish then what else I can do in this life? Then what is the value of this Ego which says that we can do whatever we want to do!!!!

I think we need a little amendment here and we should be saying that we can do anything which existence allows us to do.

Now, if we see then the concept of Death is also the concept of Death of Ego. We feel that we, as Ego/I, will die. So, it means that both ignorance are actually one and same. Ego is the only ignorance. The thought that we are doing anything in this Universe. We could take some actions in our life because existential energy supported it otherwise we wanted and tried to do many other things in life and nothing got manifested.

So, Ego is the only ignorance. Hence, only Sin is Ego only.

Now, let’s come back to our original topic.

Mahapataka means A Great Sinner. So, with this definition of Sin as Ego, we can say that Mahapataka actually means A Big Egoist.

I think, now it will be easy to understand –

Moon is Mind. Mind and Ego are synonyms. Although, in Astrology, we say that Sun represents Ego which is true but that ego is reflected in our lives through Mind/Moon. Egoistic desires, criteria and ideas remain in Mind. This thing is good or bad or that thing should happen or not, is all mind’s game. Hence, Mind is equals to Ego.

Moon with Rahu means a person has heighted or exploded sense of Ego. He is only living in his mind. I did this or I didn’t do that, is his basic language.

Jupiter is another expansive planet which is aspecting Rahu-Moon. Hence, Jupiter is further expanding this exploded sense of Ego.

And as Jupiter is with another malefic like Mars/Saturn/Ketu/Sun, it can make person rigid about his belief system. He feels that whatever he believes in is correct; i.e. my way or highway. Hence, the possibility of counselling also goes away.

Here, I would agree that if Moon, Jupiter and other malefic involved are in good dignity then the impact of this Yoga can be reduced or even nullified with time.

So, the final impact of this yoga is that person can have heightened and exploded sense of Self and he feels that he is doing or not doing everything in this world. He is the one who is running the show. This is what makes him a great sinner.

I feel that we should understand these Yogas in spiritual sense rather than taking or giving the mundane meanings.

Now, what is the resolution of this Yoga if someone has it? – Well, good thing about Ego is that it dies its own death. It means that the moment we realize that we are taking an egoistic action, we can’t take it any further. Ego drops there only. So, what is needed is just a simple realization that we are not running the show.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

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