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Meditation or Yoga

During last Q&A Session, an important question was asked - What is the difference between Meditation and Yoga?

I feel that answer can be helpful for all, hence I am inclined to write about it in detail.

  • There are broadly two types of individuals in this world. Whole of humanity can be divided in two big groups; i.e. Introverts and Extroverts. 
  • Likewise, there are only two types of paths available for us; i.e. Sankhya Yoga and Karma Yoga.
  • Sankhya Yoga is the path for Introverts and Meditation is the way. Meditation helps us go inwards and seek God inside us. So, if someone is an Introvert person then he will be inclined towards Meditation. Even in Meditation, he will be inclined towards Meditation Technique where the least amount of effort is necessary. Like, I consider myself as an introvert and I prefer doing a Meditation in which I just need to lay down like a Dead Body.
  • Karma Yoga is the path for extroverts and Action is the way. Hence, Yoga is attached with Karma Yoga. Yoga is very outward activity and helps an extrovert person to seek God outside. 
  • Again, it will be a futile discussion as to which one is more effective. For an Introvert, Sankhya Yoga – Meditation is effective. For an extrovert, Karma Yoga – Yoga is effective.
  • Another thing is that just like individuals, every age is either extrovert or introvert. Like, we are living in a highly extrovert age. It is almost impossible to find a pure introvert person. Even the purest of introvert person would have to live an extrovert life to survive and sustain himself. 
  • Hence, it is necessary that even meditative practices should be more outgoing and extrovert to be aligned with this extrovert. Hence, Osho developed Dynamic Meditation and many similar meditation techniques, which are very outgoing in nature.
  • Like, in Dynamic Meditation, first 3 stages are for extroverts and final 2 stages are for introverts. So, to balance with the current extrovert age, Osho developed physically active meditation techniques. Also, as it is extrovert age, hence people are more interested in Yoga.
  • Even if we find a pure introvert person and he happened to do something like Dynamic Meditation then he will be more inclined towards the final 2 stages which are meant for him and he will wait for those 2 stages rather than going through first 3 stages.
  • So, it depends on what type of person you are? As per your type, Meditation or Yoga, as the case may be, would be equally helpful.

 Courtesy – Geeta Darshan – Osho

 Hope this helps. Thanks,


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