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Mahadasha Activation and its results

There was a request to write about how Dasha of a particular planet brings results of different nature to an individual and how same dasha can bring results of different houses. Let’s cover this topic on following points –

Example Chart.
Dasha Activation.
Sandhi Period.
Results as per –
House to House.
Antardasha/Pratyantar Dasha.
Individual Consciousness.

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Example Chart – Let’s take my chart as an example chart to understand this analysis - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer.

Dasha Activation – I started my Jupiter MD in Feb, 2011. Jupiter is my 2nd house/Sagittarius and 5th house/Pisces lord. It is in 9th house/Cancer. It is in Pushya Nakshatra and aspects 1st house/Scorpio, 3rd house/Capricorn & 5th house/Pisces.

Sandhi Period - Last AD of any MD is known as Sandhi Period between Current MD and Future MD. It starts setting the stage for the next MD. Events happening in last AD of a MD gives an indication about the next MD. It means that last Mars AD of Rahu MD will become Sandhi Period for Jupiter MD. It means that I would have started seeing some of the results of Jupiter MD from Jan, 2010 when I started Mars AD of Rahu MD. So, first of all we need to pay attention and observe the events we go through under last AD of any MD. That will give you an idea about events in upcoming MD. The only difference is that as MD will be a longer period, you will see similar events for a long time and with more intensity.

Results as per – Now, the important part. We will see the results of any MD in following order (as per example of Jupiter MD in my chart) –

a. Karaka – First of all, every planet brings the results of the things it is karaka of or significator of. Karaka means that the planet represents those things on its own. It means that in any house/sign/nakshatra or in chart of any individual that planet represents the same things. It doesn’t depend on house or sign positions to give that result that’s why Karaka results are first and foremost to come. For example – Jupiter represents knowledge, higher education, religion, philosophy, faith, optimism or hope etc. So, if someone is going through Jupiter MD then primary results will be of these matters. The intensity and strength of results will still depend on dignity of planet.

b. House Lords – Then Jupiter will give the results of the houses it rules in chart. Like in my case, Jupiter is my 2nd house/Sagittarius and 5th house/Pisces lord. So, results of 2nd house & 5th house and Sagittarius & Pisces will be seen. 2nd house represents Family, Wealth, Speech and Family Lineage etc. 5th house represents Happiness, Creativity, Love/Romance, Sports, Education etc. Sagittarius represents Higher Education, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Teachers/Gurus etc. Pisces represents Spirituality, Imagination and Creativity etc. So, Jupiter activating these two houses/signs will bring results of these nature. Needless to say that if any planet is sitting in these two houses then that planet will also be active and will give results as per its nature, house rulership and position/dignity.

c. Position/Dignity of MD planet – As I see, this point is most important (it doesn’t mean that other points are not important). The house where Jupiter sits and the sign in which it sits decides the direction in which person’s life can go in a particular dasha. Person will get the result of planet’s karaka results/house lord results from the house where planet sits. So, Jupiter will give me results of its karaka, 2nd house/Sagittarius, 5th house/Pisces from the 9th house/Cancer. The satisfactory/dissatisfactory level of results depend on the dignity of planet.

d. Conjunction and other important concepts – If planet is further conjunct with another planet, is retrograde or is combust then we need to apply those flavours too in overall results of planet.

e. Nakshatra – Then if any planet is sitting in MD planet’s nakshatra then that particular planet also remains active throughout dasha. Like, I have Ascendant Nakshatra Vishakha and Ketu in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, both ruled by Jupiter. So, throughout Jupiter MD, Ascendant and Ketu will remain active and bring its results as per nature. Then whichever Nakshatra MD planet itself is placed in, lord of that Nakshatra will also give its results as per its sign/house placement. Like, I have Jupiter in Pushya Nakshatra ruled by Saturn and Saturn is in my 10th house/Leo. So, Saturn also gives me results as per its position/dignity during Jupiter MD.

f. Aspects – Finally, whichever house MD planet aspects, person gets results as per the nature of aspect. For me, Jupiter aspects 1st house, 3rd house and 5th house. So, I will further get results of these houses. Likewise, Planets (Sun-Mars-Mercury) in my 3rd house/Capricorn aspect Jupiter in 9th house/Cancer and will impact the results of Jupiter.

Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka – In matters of overall results, we have to keep the concept of Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkak in mind.

House to House – Now, another important thing is that every house is certain number of houses away from all other houses. So, the same MD planet sitting in a particular house can bring the results of all other houses based on its position from those houses.

Like, I have Jupiter in 9th house which can bring following results –

It is 9th from 1st house. So, person will get 9th house related results for 1st house, as discussed above.

It is 8th from 2nd house. So, person will get 8th house related results in matters of 2nd house. It means that he can go away from his family, family lineage or there can be a break in his association with his family or family lineage.

It is 7th from 3rd house which means that same dasha can bring other people for his business and communication.

It is 6th from 4th house which means that same dasha can bring some conflicts at home or in real estate matters or illness to mother.

It is 5th from 5th house which can bring higher education and happiness from knowledge & creativity.

It is 4th from 6th house which shows that person’s daily work life can be from home or private offices.

It is 3rd from 7th house which shows need to put an extra effort in matters of relationship and business.

It is 2nd from 8th house which shows gains of other people wealth or business benefits.

It is 1st from 9th house which again shows results of knowledge and higher education or Guru to Self.

It is 12th from 10th house which shows loss to Father and losses from working under others’ authority.

It is 11th from 11th house which shows gains from entrepreneurship and serving humanity.

It is 10th from 12th house which shows duty and responsibility of serving people from foreign lands.

We can see that from 1 placement, same planet is giving the results of all the other houses and if I just reflect back then I may realize that I got all these results in last 10 years.

Antardasha/Pratyantar Dasha – Now, for results of Antardasha/Pratyantar Dasha Planets, we need to follow same rules and steps as we followed for MD Planet. Only thing is that MD Planet will have a higher say over AD planet and AD planet will have an upper hand over PD Planet.

Individual Consciousness – Now, the most important thing is that when there are so many results on offering then how can we know that which results an individual would get? Again, it depends on that person’s consciousness level. As per his conscious or evolution, he will get attracted towards certain category of results and would work towards them and eventually he will get results. Same 12th house represents Spirituality and same 12th house represents Drugs. Individual’s consciousness will decide where he may get attracted to.

Conclusion – Finally, we say that we get results as per dasha activation but actually, all planets are always active and that’s why we are active. Even right now, as I am writing this article, I am getting results of 4th house (home), Venus (Laptop), Sun (Overall Health), Jupiter (Knowledge), Saturn (Long Duration Writing), Moon (Mind), Mercury (Communication) and many other houses. So, all planets and houses are always active and giving results. It is just that results of MD/AD planets are more apparent, clear and right in front of our eyes.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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