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Planetary Positions related with Suicide or attempt to Suicide.

So, there was a request to write about the planetary positions which can lead someone to commit Suicide or attempt to commit suicide. I don’t think that we can make a generic rule or formula here which can lead someone to commit Suicide or attempt to commit suicide but we can get some idea as to when a person can be pessimistic or depressed about his whole life and may think of ending his life. As per my understanding, following can be important planetary combinations which can lead to suicide or attempt to suicide - 

  • 1st house lord in 8th house or with 8th house lord/8th house lord in 1st house or with 1st house lord – 1st house represents Person himself and his physical body. 8th house represents chaotic events, accidents, injuries and sudden events. It shows that exchange of energy between these two houses can make someone to inflict an injury upon self.
  • 1st house lord in Scorpio – As Scorpio represents similar things like 8th house, 1st house lord in Scorpio also creates a similar situation like one narrated above.
  • 1st house lord in Maraka houses or with Maraka lords/Maraka lords in 1st house or with 1st house lord – As Maraka houses are primarily responsible for someone’s death, their or their lords’ association with 1st house or 1st house lord also indicates that someone can get inclined towards death in difficult times.
  • Moksha Houses – As 4th house, 8th house and 12th house are houses of Liberation or Moksha, these houses also brings a death-like situation to person. Here, I am not saying that committing suicide will bring Liberation or Moksha. It is just that these houses are named as such. We have already discussed the importance of 8th house. Among two other houses, 12th house is more important for events like suicide or attempt to suicide as it is the house of end of the things and escapism. So, planets in 12th house or its lord position can bring a kind of escapist attitude to person which can make him think about quitting the life.
  • Moon – I always feel that Moon is the most important planet for us as it represents mind. At the end of the day, we are going to do what our mind tells us to do. So, if Moon is strong in chart, person will keep an optimistic and positive mindset even while going through the craziest time in life. But if Moon is weak in chart, person can think pessimistically about his life and it can make him do something wrong.
  • Mercury – I would consider Mercury as almost as important as Moon because Mercury represents our intellect and decision-making skills. So, if someone is deciding about committing suicide then there has to be something wrong with his Mercury’s position in chart.
  • Dignity – As always, the most important thing here is dignity of these planets, planets in these houses and house lords. If they are in good dignity, then person 1st of all may never entertain such a thought of committing suicide or if at all he thinks about it then he won’t give much attention or energy and move to the next thought. But if dignity is weak then person should be counselled and advised regularly in times of depression and anxiety to avoid any idiotic action.
  • Dashas & Transits – Finally, dashas and transits will bring the event where person may feel like, it is better to end the life than to go through it if dasha and transit planets are in weak dignity.
  • Example Chart – We can utilize the chart of Rev Jim Jones here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jonestown for study purpose who committed suicide after Jonestown Massacre.
  • Conclusion – The basic purpose behind this article is again creating awareness and pro-active approach in us rather than creating any fear factor. So, if you happen to see someone having these difficult weak planetary positions then it is not that we or that person needs to be depressed or paranoid but it is just that we need to be more pro-active in getting the right counselling and advice to the person at right time. As Osho said, “Suicide will always be an unnatural act as no other plant or animal is committing suicide. Only human beings have devised this way of escaping life”. At the same time, as I see, attempt to suicide is nothing but a call for help. That person is seeking some help and he is unable to communicate it because human languages are so incomplete or he feels that none is understanding his language, hence this action to attract people’s attention. So, we need to help people around us and make them understand that life is meant to be lived not quit. Good and bad times are part of life and just like good times didn’t stay, bad times won’t stay forever too. “Deeper the darkness, nearer is the dawn”. 
Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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