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Leo Ascendant

The Leo Ascendant - The Lions. 

So, just a quick tip to keep a Leo ascendant happy - "just praise them".  Praise them even if they are doing nothing and they will be fine.  

Leo is the sign of Lion, The Kings, Authority Figures, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Celebrities. Actually, it is the sign of everyone at top of any field. Now, the problem with them is that even if they are not at top of their work, they want everyone to treat them like a Celebrity. They want spotlight on to them all the time and people treat them like a King. As Leo is ruled by Sun and Sun represents Ego, Ego satisfaction is a big factor for them. They need to reach into a high authoritative position in their lives to feel ego satisfaction. Here, they have the biggest lesson of life to learn that a real King is someone who empowers his people and gives authority to people. A real King is never unsecured to hoard all authority to himself.

Actually, Pakistan PM Imran Khan is best example of true Leo energy from his playing days. He knew that he was champion and hence he was never unsecured about his place and position in team. That's why, he could make so many other champion players in his time from Pakistan. But if he had been unsecured about his own place then he won't be able to give chance to others. In a way, majority number of politicians are unsecured Leo energy. They don't want others to take their place. So, they don't let others grow plus they throw unnecessary authority on people so that people should remain scared of them.

So, a Leo ascendant person 1st of all needs to get rid of their own insecurity and then only they can utilize the positive Leo energy.

2nd house has Virgo sign which shows that in matters of wealth and assets they are very realistic and practical. They can be analytical to know if they are earning better than others or not. They can have a very perfectionist environment at family like they were not supposed to commit any mistake in their early life.

3rd house has Libra sign which connects house of Business and sign of Business together. Also, it shows that they can be a sweet talker. They can have good relation with younger siblings and their business can be in the nature of wealth/finance or creative pursuits.

4th house has Scorpio sign which shows major ups & downs and instabilities in home life and with Mother. Their relation with Mother can be troublesome. At the same time, they will find peace of mind in occult or mystical activities. Their can be lots of trans-formative events in their home life, at least in early life.

5th house has Sagittarius sign which connects the house of education and sign of higher education. End result is that they end up in getting good education overall. Higher Education, Ancient Texts, Teaching and Counselling brings them happiness.

Then again trouble comes with Saturn and Relationships. Saturn rules their 6th house/Capricorn of disputes/conflicts and 7th house/Aquarius of relationship/partner. Just like Cancer ascendant, Saturn is ruling their house of relationship and 1 dushthana house. Saturn itself is most malefic planet. So, it links their relation with conflicts/disputes. Again, it is advisable to delay the marriage till 30 at least. Even after that it won't be smooth if partners are not showing maturity. In comparison with Cancer, they are still in better position as Leo is sign of Ego Vs Cancer being sign of Emotions. So, it is easier for them to move on after a break-up and live based on their Ego. A Cancer ascendant person remains emotionally attached in relation, so it remains tough for them to move on so easily. Positively, their partner bring down their ego.

8th house has Pisces sign which shows that they will become spiritual after going through ups and downs in life. When they face lots of instability in life then they realize that nothing is in their hands and someone else is running the show. They also gain spirituality through occult and mystical education/practices/experiences.

9th house has Aries sign and they can be headstrong about their religious views or beliefs. They can even take physical fights for the same. They realize their individuality through higher education and learning more things.

10th house has Taurus sign and they can be in works related with finance, wealth, beauty or any Venus related work. They can have better relations with Father than Mother.

11th house has Gemini sign and they can have a good communicative relation with their elder sibling. They can gain from communication based business. They can serve people through entrepreneurship.

12th house has Cancer sign and they can be emotionally attached with their spiritual views or teachers. They can be finding peace of mind in spirituality or foreign lands. It is a good idea for them to settle in foreign lands.

Now, house lord wise (Sun, Moon and Saturn already covered) -

Mercury rules their 2nd house and 11th house which makes it their wealth giving planet. It shows that their best wealth will come through their own business & communication. Siblings can also become a help in gaining wealth.

Venus rules their 3rd house and 10th house together which links their career with business and business should be of Venus nature, like wealth, creativity etc. As Leo remains sign of celebrities, it is always a better idea for them to follow their creative interests whatever it is.

Mars rules 4th house and 9th house which makes it their yoga karaka planet. It links their home with far distant lands. It again shows that they can settle away from their home land. It also shows that higher education or religious pursuits can bring peace of mind to them.

Jupiter rules 5th house and 8th house which makes them take education in research oriented fields. It also links their love life with instability and also the life of their 1st child. They can be very much interested about education of occult or about serving people through their creativity.

Within all this, main lesson remains to empower others rather than hoarding power within themselves.

Again, planetary positions, dignity and dashas will change results from this basic foundation of Leo Ascendant lives.



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