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This section will inform us about the basic as well as deep concepts of Astrology.

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  • Want to learn astrology

  • K - good for entrepreneurship. bad for relationship

  • Sir.rahu in 11th house for gemini ascedant and it is in aswini nakshtra is bad sir

  • @ Sankalp - It is VRY and it shows that person will gain in life through facing changes, obstacles and conflicts. Good for career, problematic for relations.

  • Question : I have had mixed views from people about this.For a Gemini ascendant,what is the meaning of the 6th and 11th house ruler Mars going exhalted in the 8th house (Capricorn obviously), conjunct with Sun (ruler of the 3rd house), being aspected by Rahu from the 4th house(Virgo)? Is this a good combination, I mean is that Mars in a good or a bad position, Is the Mars giving good results due to the exhaltation in such a case or the results will be bad? Is it also true that It forms a vipreet raj yoga? What kind of results can one expect from such a position. Thank you :)

  • @ Yashan - Scorpio.

  • hello sir what happen saturn in 0.41 vishaka nakshastra; it give libra result or scopio result

  • @ SP - please apply for career consultation. Thanks,

  • Sir, My Date of Birth is 10.Sep.1982, time is 04.00AM and Place is Thane West, Maharashtra Currently I am working in Banking BPO but the growth is not good as per expectation and efforts. Will Business will help me to gain wealth, which business I can select. Thank you for your suggestion/inputs. Regards,Sanjay

  • @ RG - please apply for career consultation. Thanks,

  • Hello Vishal, I m Sagittarius Ascendant. Jupiter sun Mercury conjunct in 6th house taurus. Saturn in 1st house Sagittarius. Rahu in 3rd. Venus in 7th. I am blessed with highly educated and respected and lucky parents (especially dad) . I however am been struggling to find my foot in proper job. I do get tons of job offers but for one or another reason constant job losses and or job changes. I am tired of living in shaddow of my parents. Would I ever be as successful as my dad or am I doomed to losing opportunities for whole my life. Looking forward to your response . Regards and Thanks, Rahul

  • @ Ujjwal - Saturn will be YK but wont give benefic results, as it is never benefic.

  • Hello Sir, 1)I have saturn in 11th house alone in LEO ( for libra ascendent). Will saturn still act as yogkarak and give benefits being in enemy sign? 2) also i have rahu in 12th house conjunct with sun and mercury in virgo house. Mercury is exalted. will rahu be benefit or malefic for me .

  • @ Ashish - please apply for career consultation. Thanks,

  • Know about career in doctor or general career or finances Sun ketu Jupiter mars in 6th house ,Saturn in 7th house , ascendant lord in 5th house ,moon in 2nd house, Venus in4th house for Virgo ascendant.

  • @ NK - I have no idea.

  • Sir, what is ashtamamsa planet..is it good or bad? My ashtamamsa planet is Mercury placed in 4house(gemini) in birth chart and 2house in navamsa(Jupiter, Mercury in Capricorn)..I looked for it all over internet but found no information available... please help

  • @ Darshan - please read my views on astrology and marriage from articles under consultation tab.

  • Ascendant saggitarius 7th lord mercury in 12 th house? Whom i will get as an wife?

  • @ Amit - good for career, problem in relations.

  • Cancer assendent 10th house Sun 9+ Venus 14(combust) +Mercury 24 degree What is the result ??

  • @ Ram - please check ascendant videos on YT.

  • Guruji, kindly can you explain about 12 zodiac signs like each sign plays which role, qualities, character, significance, totally all about each zodiac sign.. thank you sir

  • @ Niharika - i can help u if i see the whole chart. this only shows that u r better in your own business.

  • For Capricorn ascendant, Jupiter - Rahu in 10th house and Saturn in 2nd house is it bad for career prospects?

  • @ Sani - I will cover soon. Thanks,

  • tell about conjunction of VENUS Rahu SATURN in 6th house for LEO LAGNA JUPITER KETU 12th house

  • @ A Tandon - almost no relation with mother, better to stay away from home land, foreign settlement possible but may be delayed, higher education will be tough.

  • I like your approach while answering questions regarding lords of houses placed in different houses. I do have a question and will be pleased to have your reply. My question is that if Ketu of 8 deg. is in 4th house along with Sun of 8 deg and the lord of 4th house is Mars .Ascendant is Capricon. How do you interpret this. Further Saturn is in 12th house whose lord is Jupiter . What is your interpretation.3272

  • @ Vinita - yes LK is very different. I have no idea abt nimitta shastra.

  • Hello vishalji, Is lal kitab astrology different from our vedic astrology?Also does nimitta shashtra belong to vedic astrology?Does while predicting from hora do nimitta plays a role? Regards, Vinita

  • @ deep - I will do. Thanks

  • You have not mentioned anywhere about rahu ketu axis and impacts.

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