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This section will inform us about the basic as well as deep concepts of Astrology.

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  • @ Darshan - please read my views on astrology and marriage from articles under consultation tab.

  • Ascendant saggitarius 7th lord mercury in 12 th house? Whom i will get as an wife?

  • @ Amit - good for career, problem in relations.

  • Cancer assendent 10th house Sun 9+ Venus 14(combust) +Mercury 24 degree What is the result ??

  • @ Ram - please check ascendant videos on YT.

  • Guruji, kindly can you explain about 12 zodiac signs like each sign plays which role, qualities, character, significance, totally all about each zodiac sign.. thank you sir

  • @ Niharika - i can help u if i see the whole chart. this only shows that u r better in your own business.

  • For Capricorn ascendant, Jupiter - Rahu in 10th house and Saturn in 2nd house is it bad for career prospects?

  • @ Sani - I will cover soon. Thanks,

  • tell about conjunction of VENUS Rahu SATURN in 6th house for LEO LAGNA JUPITER KETU 12th house

  • @ A Tandon - almost no relation with mother, better to stay away from home land, foreign settlement possible but may be delayed, higher education will be tough.

  • I like your approach while answering questions regarding lords of houses placed in different houses. I do have a question and will be pleased to have your reply. My question is that if Ketu of 8 deg. is in 4th house along with Sun of 8 deg and the lord of 4th house is Mars .Ascendant is Capricon. How do you interpret this. Further Saturn is in 12th house whose lord is Jupiter . What is your interpretation.3272

  • @ Vinita - yes LK is very different. I have no idea abt nimitta shastra.

  • Hello vishalji, Is lal kitab astrology different from our vedic astrology?Also does nimitta shashtra belong to vedic astrology?Does while predicting from hora do nimitta plays a role? Regards, Vinita

  • @ deep - I will do. Thanks

  • You have not mentioned anywhere about rahu ketu axis and impacts.

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