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Karmic Debt - Revisited

A significant question was asked by someone during last facebook live session, answer of which can be useful for all. Hence, I chose to write this article.

The question was – If a person is destined to suffer and is able to avoid that suffering due to an astrologer’s advice then would that astrologer have to suffer instead?

First of all, the article is not addressed to the person who asked this. I am thankful to him to bring this most important question in today’s astrological world. This article is just a response to this query, so that people should be more aware of concept of Karma.

I understand from where this question is coming because this logic is given by many different known and renowned astrologers from last many years. When I started learning astrology some 10 years ago then also I heard this logic from many astrologers. So, I think it is important to clear some air over this matter. Let’s understand this on following points –

Astrologer’s Job.
Ego of Astrologer.
Karmic Debt.

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Destiny – First of all, what is Destiny? Can anyone say what is his own or other person’s destiny? As I said before - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Destiny, Destiny is the root word of the word Destination. We can know about someone’s Destiny only when he reaches the Destination in his life. Then we can say that he was destined to achieve this or that. So, Destiny is always in hindsight. 10 years ago, no astrologer told me that I will become an astrologer and no one can tell me where I will be 10 years after from now on. Today, people can say that you were destined to become an astrologer but at that time none could tell so. So, Destiny is never in our knowledge. Destiny is something we are forever ignorant about.

This introduction was necessary to convey what I am about to say.

“If a person is destined to suffer.......”

How an astrologer can be so sure that a person is destined or bound to suffer?

It can also be the part of same person’s destiny that in time, he will have own wisdom or he would get better guidance from someone and he will be able to negate or avoid that suffering. What I am trying to say that avoiding suffering can also be someone’s destiny and if it is so then that astrologer or guide/counsellor just did his job as contribution towards destiny.

And I am unable to understand how people feel that how only suffering can be someone’s destiny? Why avoiding that suffering through own wisdom, actions or counselling cannot be part of destiny?

Astrologer’s Job – “If a person is destined to suffer and is able to avoid that suffering due to an astrologer’s advice then would that astrologer have to suffer instead?”

Now, what is astrologer’s basic job?

Is it not to diligently read client’s chart and guide him about good/bad events of his life? If I look at someone’s chart and see that there is a possibility of accident in near future then, even as an ordinary human being, should I not be concerned about his life and safety? Should I not caution him about travelling/driving?

And if I don’t caution him then am I doing an honest job?

For what I am getting paid? For keeping him under illusion?

It is like a Doctor has seen diagnosis report of a patient and didn’t inform him about his health issues which are building up? Or it is like a Surgeon refusing to perform a Surgery because the patient was destined to suffer in pain and if Surgeon interferes then same suffering would be transferred to Surgeon by God or Planets.

What a mean God we have!!!!

So, if at all, if I get any suffering due to saving someone from his suffering/pain then I would gladly accept it.

What is the purpose of astrology, occult or any knowledge if it can’t contribute to betterment of human life?

By this absurd logic, why we are trying to make Vaccines for Covid-19 at global level? It might be the destiny of whole humanity to suffer and die due to Covid. Right? Why Doctors and Scientists are putting all the efforts to keep us healthy and prolong our life?

Ego of Astrologer – As I see, this is the most absurd or illogical thing I ever heard in my life and somewhere the base of this absurd logic is in Ego of Astrologer. This logic is actually saying that an Astrologer’s advice is so important that people will change the direction of their life. The person who 1st time thought about this logic would have thought that because of his advice people are planning and deciding their lives.

Who cares? In my experience of last 7 years, people only come to an astrologer when they have already decided to do or not do something. They seek only confirmation. Little bit of delay of 2-3 months can be tolerated but if an astrologer tells them to change their path all over then there are other astrologers also in the market, right?

Suppose a couple who are in love with each other comes to me for their marriage timing and after looking at their chart if I tell them to not getting married and break-up, then do you think that they will break-up? They might break my head!!! They will go to another astrologer who can tell them how many Gunas are matching and how wonderful will be their married life!!!

So, Astrologers need to come out of their ego that anyone decides or changes their life path because of their advice. Dudes, come back on Earth.

Karmic Debt – Another reason why such illogical logics get circulated and accepted among people is that very few people know how a person incurs a karma or karmic debt? It is not due to doing something or not doing something but when a person is doing/not doing something with this conscious thought that “I am the doer”. This is something which I discussed at length here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/karmicdebt.

So, if at all something is happening in this statement where astrologer is not guiding his client then it is only one thing that he is incurring karma because he is not doing his basic karma properly. Going through karmic debt article would help people a lot.

Conclusion – In the end, as I said, if any God wants to punish me for doing my job honestly then I am fine with it. I have no issues.
I always like this story and I posted it many a times because this story tells the significance of occult guidance –

So story is about a King who was visited by a Sage. Sage gave him 2 clay idols and said that your Kingdom would have to face a war within a week of the day any of these idols get broken. King gave those 2 idols to his best servant and told him to take best care.

One day while cleaning the idols, one of them had fallen and got broken. King was informed. King was furious and ordered the servant to be imprisoned. He said that if War takes place within a week then he is going to hang the servant.

As predicted, a neighboring Kingdom attacked this Kingdom within a week. The King ordered the hanging of servant but asked him any last wish he had. Servant said that he wants to break the 2nd idol too because 1 fine day that idol will get broken through someone else and you will hang that person too.

King asked, I didn't understand your point?

Servant replied that basically you didn't understand the Sage himself.
Sage wanted to say that the day idol gets broken, you must start preparing for War. It is not that War is happening because of breaking of idol. Breaking of idol was an indication that someone is preparing to attack you, so you must begin your preparation.

And this is what Astrology is all about. Your upcoming dasha or transit is only indicating you towards start working in a particular area of life before it gets completely screwed. So, this is the whole purpose of Astrology, to make you aware, prepared and pro-active against upcoming times of life, either good or bad.

Prepare for War before War is at your doorsteps. And there is only one way to prepare for the war and that is to first of all become aware that War is coming. Hence, counselling of any nature at right time is necessary.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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