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Karmic Connection Series - Ian Brady & Myra Hindley

This is next article in series of looking at Karmic Connection between two souls towards each other. Please go through the introductory article here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/kcs. Today, we would look at difficult karmic connection between a husband-wife who decided to be serial killers. 

Let’s look at charts of Ian Bradley and Myra Hindley 

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moors_murders).  So, let’s begin –


Birth Details – Following are their birth details available online –

Ian Bradley was born on 2nd Jan, 1938 at 12.40 pm at Glasgow, UK.

Myra Hindley was born on 23rd July, 1942 at 2.45 am at Manchester, UK.

Chart Introduction – Following are their chart details –


Ian was born as an Aries ascendant person, Ketu in 2nd house/Taurus, Rahu in 8th house/Scorpio, Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus in 9th house/Sagittarius, Jupiter in 10th house/Capricorn, Mars in 11th house/Aquarius and Saturn in 12th house/Pisces.


Myra was born as Gemini ascendant person with Mercury-Venus-Jupiter in 1st house/Gemini, Sun in 2nd house/Cancer, Rahu-Mars in 3rd house/Leo, Moon in 6th house/Scorpio, Ketu in 9th house/Sagittarius and Saturn in 12th house/Pisces.



Association – Now, if someone doesn’t know about these two individuals then here is a small introduction. Ian and Myra were couples who first met as co-workers at a workplace in 1961. Those, who knew Myra before meeting Ian, say that she was known as a religious girl who used to visit Church regularly but a lot of things changed after she met Ian. Myra was obsessed for Ian despite knowing Ian had some criminal background and Ian had total control over her Psyche, up to the level that Ian could change her whole mindset, thinking pattern and behaviour. Many people are of the view that Myra won’t have done what she did if she hadn’t met Ian.

When they were together, they decided to become serial killers together where they used to abduct; torture and then kill children. Like this, they killed 5 children of their locality. They could be caught only when they tried to include one of their relative as part of their group and he reported the matter to Police.

Pressing Points - Here are common points in both charts –

As Ian was Aries ascendant and Aries are naturally assertive, it is prima-facie indication that Ian would have been the assertive and guiding force in their Union.

1st major connection which we get here was Myra had Mercury-Jupiter-Venus in Gemini and Ian had Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus in Sagittarius. As Myra’s 3 planets were directly opposite to Ian’s 4 planets, there had to be an immense attraction between the two.

Moreover, Ian’s 4 planets in Sagittarius were falling in Myra’s 7th house. It confirms her obsession towards Ian where she was seeing him as her partner.

At the same time, Sagittarius lord Jupiter was weak in Capricorn for Ian. This shows that Ian couldn’t have brought right morale and values for Myra as partner.

Then Moon was Myra’s darakaraka. It was in Scorpio and very close to its deep debilitation degrees. It shows an unstable and chaotic relationship life for her.

Then what I feel as the biggest reason behind why they did what they did? Ian’s Rahu was over Moon of Myra. This shows a complete impact of Ian over Myra’s mind. He was able to brainwash her, the way he wanted. Not to forget the sign involved was Scorpio. So, he was able to influence her in taking chaotic/secretive actions in matters of life and death.

This super-imposition of Ian’s Rahu over Myra’s Moon was in Myra’s 6th house/Scorpio of legal troubles and eventually it lead to same.

Myra’s Ketu over Ian’s Mars and Ian’s Ketu over Myra’s Saturn also show a karmic relationship from past-lives. It was a horrible relation for them and for others but it was equally difficult to break.


Mahadasha – Now, the important thing is dash and transits -

Most of their crimes took place between 1963 and 1964. They were caught after the 5th murder in Oct, 1965.

Myra was under Saturn-Jupiter dasha in 1963-64. Saturn was 8th house/Capricorn lord, Ketu’s lord in 9th house/Aquarius and Jupiter was ruling over Moon’s nakshatra Vishakha in 6th house/Scorpio. Activation of 8th house, 6th house, debilitated Moon and Ketu simultaneously indicates that she could be involved in something chaotic and illegal.

But again, I guess it was Ian’s dashas which had more impact. His Rahu MD started in Feb, 1961.

When did they first meet?

In Jan, 1961.

Where is Ian’s Rahu placed?

In 8th house/Scorpio.

And where Ian’s Rahu fall in Myra’s chart?

Over her Moon in 6th house/Scorpio.

It is very clear that Ian was the influential one in this association. He had a complete control over Myra’s mind, psyche, behaviour and actions. And as the Rahu MD started, things started working in that direction.

Conclusion – So, can we say that Myra had not done what she did if Ian hadn’t come into her life? Probably yes. Does it absolve her from her responsibility of her actions? Certainly not. We all are liable for our actions. There is none else responsible for what we do in our lives.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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