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Karmic Connection Series - John Wayne Gacy & Joseph R Kozenczak

This is next article in series of looking at Karmic Connection between two souls towards each other. Please go through the introductory article here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/kcs. Today, we would look at karmic connection between a Criminal and a Cop. Let’s look at charts of John Wayne Gacy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wayne_Gacy) and Joseph R Kozenczak (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_R._Kozenczak).  So, let’s begin –


Birth Details – Following are their birth details available online –

John Wayne Gacy was born on 17th March, 1942. 00.29 am at Chicago, Illinois.

Joseph R Kozenczak was born on 20th March, 1940 at Fort Worth, Texas, USA. I didn’t get his time of birth.

First thing which strikes me is that they were born exactly two years apar; i.e. March, 1942 and March, 1940 in the same city. After few years, they both took diametrically opposite roles where one decided to become a criminal and other decided to become police officer. And they performed their actions in same city.


Chart Introduction – Following are their chart details –


John Wayne Gacy was Scorpio ascendant with Venus in 3rd house/Capricorn, Ketu-Mercury in 4th house/Aquarius, Sun-Moon in 5th house/Pisces, Saturn-Jupiter-Mars in 7th house/Taurus and Rahu in 10th house/Leo.

 Joseph R Kozenczak had Saturn-Mars-Venus in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Rahu in Virgo, Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter-Ketu-Sun in Pisces.

Association – Now, if someone doesn’t know about these two individuals then here is a small introduction. John Wayne Gacy is known as one of the most prolific serial killer of 20th Century. He was convicted for murder of at least 30 young boys and men. His terror reign started in 1968 with his first offence of assault and killings began in 1972 which lasted till 1978. Most astonishing is that while killing all his victims, he could manage to keep a known and famous image in community. He was a successful businessman, a known politician to the extent that once he was standing next to then US President Jimmy Carter’s wife Rosalynn Carter and that too during his cruising years of killing.

Joseph R Kozenczak was, on the other hand, a Lieutenant at Chicago, Illinois at that time and he got the charge to investigate last of Gacy’s murder; i.e. of Robert Piest.

This investigation had many interesting accounts. Till then, the complaints of missing youngsters were normally not taken seriously. Police used to act after 48 hours if youngster doesn’t return. It was because they were considered to be runaways from their family. Things changed after this case and Police was supposed to act most diligently in 1st 48 hours of missing report because it became a rule that if you can’t find the missing person within 48 hours, it is very difficult to find him/her alive after that.

Joseph R Kozenczak applied new tricks and methods in investigating this case for which he was criticized by his peers and superiors but after resolving this case, the same methods were accepted by future investigators as the methods to follow in similar cases.

Just to give an idea about different approaches Joseph R Kozenczak followed is that once he even went to meet a Mystic to find out where the body of Robert Piest is buried. :)

During investigation of Robert Piest case, Joseph realized that Gacy may be involved in something big because many of the reported missing kids of the city were last seen with Gacy.


Pressing Points - Here are common points in both charts –

As we have time of birth and ascendant of Gacy, we can try to super-impose Joseph’s planet over Gacy’s chart which will give us some idea about what they were supposed to get involved with together.

Both had Mercury in Aquarius. Gacy’s Ketu is also in Aquarius with Mercury.

Both had Sun in Pisces. Gacy also had Moon in Pisces hence he was born on no-moon day. Joseph also had Ketu-Jupiter in Pisces. So, it was a huge energy exchange of 5 planets of two charts. Joseph’s Ketu brought eclipse to Gacy’s Sun-Moon. Gacy’s terror reign was over within 10 days of Joseph getting charge of investigating Robert Piest case. Both having same Sun position also shows that they both took it on their ego when Joseph started investigating in the matter. Gacy thought that it was challenge to his terror reign of almost 10 years where no-one could touch him & this new guy is trying to scare him and Joseph thought that it was his duty to find the truth.

But as I see, biggest problematic placement for Gacy came when Joseph’s Saturn-Mars-Venus fell in Gacy’s 6th house/Aries of obstacles/conflicts and legal issues. With the entry of Joseph R Kozenczak, for the 1st time Gacy got challenge from legal side because before that none actually doubted him due to his public image and political recognition. Although, Saturn was debilitated in Aries but Mars presence there created neech bhang raaj yoga. This created a powerful conjunction for Joseph when Saturn-Mars both are strong. Saturn is Law and Mars is Police too. Saturn also represents long term issues. At the same time, Saturn requires hard work and perseverance. So, although Joseph R Kozenczak resolved the case within 10 days but he worked tirelessly in those 10 days so that Gacy should not get any further chance to escape. Hard work was up to the limit where Joseph R Kozenczak’s own health started showing concerning signs.

So, we can see from Joseph’s Saturn-Mars conjunction falling in Gacy’s 6th house that Joseph R Kozenczak was supposed to bring long term legal issues in life of Gacy, which actually continued till the execution of Gacy.

Mahadasha and Annual Transits – Now, the important thing is dash and transits -

Gacy was going through his Ketu MD and Jupiter AD. Ketu represents separation, isolation which includes incarceration. Most importantly, Ketu even transited in Aquarius sign in the same month when Gacy’s crimes 1st came into light. It was his nodal return and his quota of horrendous karma was full by that time and he was supposed to payback for his karma after that.

Conclusion – So, we can see that there was some big karmic connection between these two individuals. As I always feel, it is same energy which is exhibited in different ways. We choose our roles. Gacy chose the role of a serial killer. So, just to create a balance, Joseph R Kozenczak had to take up the role of Lieutenant. It is same energy getting exhibited differently.

Then there is another side of every story. It was also found out later that Gacy had a very difficult childhood where his Father used to beat him now and then. He also had a head-injury while playing and people who knew him say that Gacy had become more aggressive and violent after that head-injury. This fact also made authorities to request Gacy’s family to donate his brain after his execution for further research to find if that injury contributed in making Gacy a criminal and if yes, then what medical science can do to prevent such things to recur in future.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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