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Reasons behind Jupiter's Exaltation

Let’ try to understand why Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer sign and in Pushya Nakshatra. Let’s see what these energies represent –


Jupiter - It is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Elderly People and Children etc. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

Pushya - Pushya is nakshatra of nourishing and taking care of people without any selfish interests. It is closely connected with adoption and child care due to mythological story involved. For more information on Pushya Nakshatra, please check this link - https://www.astrosaxena.com/pushnaksh .

Cancer - As Pushya is a part of Cancer, Cancer sign and its representations become important. Cancer is 4th sign of Zodiac Belt, hence it represents the things represented by 4th house like Mother, Mother's Care, Emotions, Taking Care of Others and Nourishment etc. Cancer is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatras namely Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesha. Cancer's lord is Moon, which again represents almost same things which Cancer and 4th house represents.

Please go through the introductory article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/exdeb .

Reasons behind exaltation of Jupiter in Cancer – Basically, Jupiter is a Teacher. Cancer is sign of Emotions, Nourishment and Mother’s Love. If we look back at our life, we would realize that our favourite teachers had always been those people who were nourishing and like Mother for us. This is also why we say that our Mother is our first Teacher or Guru in life.

Another reason is that when Jupiter is in Cancer, this person shares his knowledge just because he has to. He has no other option but to share his knowledge. I mean to say that they don’t have any selfish interest behind sharing their knowledge. It is not that you promise them some R&R or Money then only they will share their knowledge. It is but natural for them to share their knowledge with others. Many a times, they share on their own without even being asked. Reason is very simple that they are so full of knowledge and wisdom that it is overflowing. Hence, they have no other option but to share their knowledge and wisdom with others. As Jupiter gets best environment in Cancer to share knowledge with others and nourish them, Jupiter feels exalted here.


Reasons behind exaltation of Jupiter in Pushya – Again, Pushya has the same nature like Cancer as it is falling in middle of Cancer sign. Not to forget the mythological story of Pushya where Jupiter adopted, took care and nourished Mercury. So, Jupiter took care of Mercury as his own child. This is the spirit of Pushya Nakshatra. As I said earlier, it is easy to take care of your own child as you are anyways supposed to do that but to take care of others without any selfish interests is what matters in Pushya Nakshatra. So, when Jupiter is in Pushya Nakshatra then person would be sharing knowledge without any selfish interests. Person would not think that I will share my knowledge with X person as he is my friend and I won’t share with Y person as he is my enemy. As Jupiter gets complete liberty to share his knowledge with everyone in Pushya Nakshatra, it is exalted there. Needless to say that Jupiter is also the diety of this Nakshatra which is an additional reason behind its exaltation here.


Reasons behind exaltation of Jupiter at 5 degree – Jupiter is exalted at 5 degree of Cancer because it goes in fire signs in D-9 and D-10 charts. Jupiter is in Leo in D-9 and in Aries in D-10. As Fire Signs are related with ambitions and achievements, it shows that although person may be very unselfish with his knowledge sharing work here but Universe honours him for his unselfish acts and bring him recognition and achievement without even asking for it.


Conclusion – As I see, these are the reasons why I feel Jupiter is exalted in Cancer sign and Pushy Nakshatra at 5 degree. 

 Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Swami Premanand Bharti


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