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I didn’t find any other suitable title for this article then name of the Country itself. If this article is all about India, then its title should be India only. These are my random thoughts about India and Indians. As always, I am not here to please anyone. So, many of these thoughts may not be liked but believe me that it is nothing against the land called India. If I am critical, then criticism is all against people of this land and society we have created for ourselves. 

Genesis of this article is a comment made by one of my student/client/friend one year ago that it is sad that India doesn’t get its deserved place in world and my spontaneous reply was that it is because of Indians only that India doesn’t get its deserved place. Then I thought over it at many occasions over the last one year at many instances and I am writing all my scattered random thoughts here at one place –

India – India is a unique land in many ways. There is no other land in this world which has seen so many enlightened beings. This is the very land on which Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira & Nanak etc walked. And the queue never stopped. We had enlightened beings keep coming one after the other like Raman Maharishi, Jiddu Krishnamoorthy, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Avtar Meher Baba, Osho Rajneesh and many more. No other land in world had this level of thirst for Spiritual and Mystical Knowledge. At the time of his enlightenment, Buddha said that I am thankful for all the enlightened beings that came before me and also to those who will be following this path. This shows that there will always be people who are interested in this mystical path. 

Indians – Osho was famous for his criticism of Indians and it was asked that Why doesn’t he leave India then? He replied, “I had left the India in which others are living. My India is totally different as Indians these days have no concern about the real India in which once Krishna & Buddha lived”. And this is what I wanted to say when I spontaneously replied that it is because of Indians only that India doesn’t get its deserved place. We are not even concerned today about the real India and we have developed a fake & hypocrite society which only talks big things about India but “knows” or "acts" nothing. Here, you have to understand that there are always few people as exceptions but this article is for those who are not exceptions and their number is huge.

Proud Indians – But we are proud Indians, almost Egoistic. 

You see, we are very proud of our culture, heritage and specially ancient texts like Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas/Shastras. Right? 

Then how many Vedas and Upanishads we have read so far? 

And the moment this question is asked, spontaneous reply – 

Who has that much time? And all these things are of past now”. 

Are you crazy or what? You are ready to kill others in the name of your religion and when you are asked to study same religion, you don’t have time? How can you be proud of something which you didn’t even read? 

Let’s take Astrology itself for example. As long as Astrology is in favor of desires, people say that it is a great science; our sages were so smart to develop this science. 

But once it is against our tiniest of desires then the reaction comes that “ohh I don’t know if I should believe in this. You see, planets are so far”. 

So, what happened when it was in favor? Did planets come near that day?

So, hypocrisy of Indians is one reason why India is suffering?

Extreme Emotions – And then we have extreme emotions. From this extreme to that extreme. We win a Cricket Match and Cricketers become National Hero. We lose a Cricket Match and same Cricketers are labelled as Match Fixers. Jonty Rhodes names his daughter India & we are all at Himalayas and then Snapchat CEO says that India is a Poor country & whole country is on fire. Either ways, it only shows that Ego is at work. Jonty Rhodes satisfied that Ego and Snapchat CEO hurt that Ego. 

The Real Truth is somewhere in between, Buddha-Field. What is the problem if that person has said that India is poor? Will we become poor only by him saying? If he says, India is Rich, then do we become Rich only by him saying? It just shows the highest of Ego working under all of us which only seeks praising and no criticism. If we can’t face criticism then there goes our chance of improvement. If we keep on saying that we are best country then where is the room for any improvement. And we have to accept that we are a poor country and then only we can improve the situation. I can tell from my own experience of last 2 years that I received maximum requests of Free Consultation from Indians only. This itself proves that people are poor and can’t pay for services, else who will compromise with dignity or super-exploded ego for few hundred Rupees, right guys? 

Other day I was talking to one of my clients in Greece after tragic Gorakhpur incident and I told her that many villages in India still don’t have electricity and roads. She said, I don’t know but Greece is facing an economic crisis now but still every village has electricity and roads, every home has a Computer and Internet Connection. And if Govt doesn’t take actions, people protest

And that’s what is another problem with us. We have lost our voice of protest. We just show our extreme emotions, this way or that way, but we never decide how to get things done? If you didn’t like someone comments or actions or you are against Govt actions then take the legal course. But that no one will do. All our revolts happen in Social Media and in that too, we are selective in protests. We won’t protest against the political party we like. So again, hypocrisy comes in. 

Divide & Rule – Lives have passed reading in History books that Britishers ruled over us through policies of Divide and Rule. Well, then what different treatment your politicians are giving to you? Same divide and Rule. Isn’t it? So, how we are in different situation now? Now, our own politicians divide us. This is even bigger slavery as we are not even realizing it. Now, every political party says that it is “party with difference” but when questioned on Morality and on other grounds, they say other parties have also done the same immoral/illegal action then why question us. But you were claiming as different party, what happened now? Unless we make our politicians and governments accountable, regardless of who they are, we can’t hope for any better time than what we are in. So, take every possible legal course available to question the people in power. If I can get my mother’s whole pension matter done through RTI Application and without even thinking about going to court, then anything can be done. But for that again, we have to take actions rather than just speaking. 

Individual Ambitions & Goals – One big problem is that we look for satisfaction of Individual Ambitions and when they are not fulfilled, we throw the frustration as suffering of collective. Someone sits at a high position in Country for 10 years and when he doesn’t get the next position, he suddenly feels that minorities are insecure. This is funny. Just because you didn’t get the next seat for next 5 years, you think that minorities are insecure. Then what you did for security of minorities in last 10 years? Or is it just a sudden realization as soon as you came to know that you are not the “chosen one”? This is the way we project our unaccomplished individual ambitions and goals as the suffering for the whole community or even nation. 

Similar are those people who would not know “complete” Vande Mataram song themselves but they feel that singing Vande Mataram is test of Patriotism for others. And those who refuse to sing are also not anyway behind as they don’t even want to understand that “Vande Mataram” simply means “Bowing to Mother” which we all do daily. All I want to say here that as long as we are in this mode of satisfying our petty individualistic ego and don’t think about higher national cause, then we cannot dream for any “better days” as a nation. 

Developing CountryBut don’t you know that Country is developing, we are a booming economy and we have the highest number of youth who are technologically educated

Ohh yes. Then why our PM has to do all the world tours to procure more jobs and more companies to come to India and give our youth employment? If we are so good then world leaders should come to India and request that their youth may be considered for working in India, right? If we are Technologically so advanced then why still the most important of Technological Inventions happen in West and we just happen to copy/import them? Think about this, why our youth could not invent Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp like things if they are so advanced technologically? It is because till the age of 40 years, we are not even sure of how many kids we are going to have? Then rest of life will be spent in taking care of family. West never gave much importance to Family or Marriage, hence same time and energy is spent somewhere else creatively. 

Also think that we still want 50% of our population to stay in Kitchen and we dream to compete with those countries where even kids are making apps and contributing to national income. If we are really such booming economy then why we had our pulse go ups/downs when Donald Trump had toughened his stand on Visa and working in US for Asians? If we are really a good economy then we will survive and prosper again. But truth is that if outsourcing is taken away then our 70% working people will be jobless and we have no idea where to cater them? Also, even the poorest country in the world has used population control measures and controlled its population in last 100 years but we have chosen to add another 100 Crores in World Population. We are certainly “developing” country in that area. 

Media Driven – Main problem is that we have forgotten how to use our mind. We are media driven, either Social Media or Electronic/Print Media. Majority of us still feel that whatever is on TV, is correct. These days people take FB or Whatsapp Posts as Gospel Truths. Media has worked as important tool in the hands of rich and powerful. They show or tell us only that much which is necessary for making/changing public opinion. Great thing is that we have 10 news channels giving 10 conclusions for same story. 

Social Media is helpful for everyone, i.e. for People in Power and then People who want to give Gyan but don’t want to act. So, understand like this. If I have an anger against a Govt Policy and if I write about it somewhere at Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp or I started trolling the person against whom I am angry, then chances are very less that I will take any action against Govt Policy now because my anger got a window to move out. That’s why, Social Media serves the purpose of Govt and people in power as people will express their anger & frustration there and there is very little chance of any concrete action. 

The reason why revolutionaries could act is that their anger and frustration against system never gone out and worked like energy & fuel to take action. Social Media is also good for those people who don’t want to act as they don’t want their name to be in any controversy but they want to show how concerned they are for country? Hence, posts like “share this so much that it reaches to that person and he improves”. LOL. This is hilarious way to become revolutionary and cover your actual inaction. If you really love your country and want to do “something” for it then do it on record. Protest, File Complaints, Cases, Applications & Representations whenever you find a reason. People like Subramaniam Swamy and Anna Hazare actually fought against Corruption through all legal means and their success shows that you can also be successful in making changes but for God sake, don’t show it off only on Social Media and think that some change is going to come. 

Best Example – This is best example I can give for our inaction is this. This country has the highest respect for Army and Soldiers, right? Great!!! From Morning to Night, FB is full of posts praising Army and Soldiers. Looks like we will do anything for our Soldiers as they are protecting us. Then what happened to this love when couple of soldiers issued a video complaining about ill-treatment to them by Senior Officers. One got dismissed from Service and other’s dead body was recovered. Why no voice, why no protests, why no action by people? So, is our love & respect only limited up to social media? 

But dude, who has time? 

Ohh yes, we have all the time to troll an actress for her new dress but when it comes to taking action, we don’t have any time. 

Conclusion – So, problem is not with Country but with People. We want everything to change but we don’t want to take any action. We want change but we don’t want to be controversial and we are so naive that we don’t even know that change itself is controversy as it is about going against which is set. Unless we protest and register our complains against the functioning of state, there is no way this great country’s condition is going to improve. Take whichever field of work you like and take action there. If roads are not there in your place, street lights are not working, water problem and Electricity. Take a cause and stand on the head of Govt. Don’t just criticise the Govt but make them work. Things will move, my experience says that. Else we will remain a country where we will search for Candle as soon as it starts raining outside. 

As for Independence Day, I personally feel that there are only 3 countries which are Independent, i.e. USA, Russia and China. They have power to take their own actions. Rest all nations seek support of these countries to do anything. This itself speaks about dependence and independence. 

Ideally, after Gorakhpur Tragedy, we don’t deserve to celebrate "Independence Day". 

Dedicated to Silent Warriors of Gorakhpur. 

Rest in Peace Innocent Souls. 

"India is not a piece of land or some political entity or a part of some historical facts. It is not a mad race for money, power, position and prestige. India is a longing, a thirst to attain truth – the truth that resides in every heartbeat of ours, the truth that is lying asleep under the layer of our consciousness, the truth that is ours but yet forgotten. Its remembrance, its reclamation, is India". - India My Love - Osho


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  • @ Alice - Thanks but only a person with low inferiority complex would like to rule over others. Thanks,

  • Sir, please dont take this the wrong way because I am often misunderstood. I am serious. I think you should become the next ruler of india. You certainly have the education and care about your country.

  • Yes Vinita, you are correct.

  • Hello Vishal ji, Very well put.Time to introspect within ourselves.We have lost patience,but yes its never too late to mend i hope we all contribute to well being of our fellow citizens.India is a land of rich culture and heritage,we should again restore it asap.Its a need of an hour. Hari om Vinita

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