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Contacts for Healing/Counselling.

We can see that we are going through a rough time, both collectively and individually. As I understand, maintaining a balanced mindset, optimistic mind and good mental health can be important tools by which we can negotiate or sail through this difficult time. It is easy to say that person should always be positive and optimistic but it is important that when someone is unable to do so then he should get proper help in time.

Here, I am sharing some contacts who can help anyone going through anxiety, depression or any kind of mental health related issues. I have seen their expertise personally, so I have no doubt that they will be of a great help for anyone going through troublesome times. They are always a call or ping away. Please feel free to call them in time of need -

1. Krishna Kabir Sir (https://www.facebook.com/krishna.kabir.3) - Kabir Sir is Osho Sannyasin and a Reiki Grand Master. He is the best Reiki Healer I came across so far. He can help in both physical as well as mental health issues. I realized his great ability and skill to heal people when he helped one of my relative in matter of depression who was living a life of depression for a few decades. Within 2 months, Kabir Sir was able to heal the person and get him back to live a normal life. He can be approached at +91-9462857309 and can be available at payment of nominal fee per session.

2. My friend Gaurvi Shukla is part of a team which is providing counselling services to people in matters legal, family, mental health, workplace, education and more, through an organization named Madad Free Counselling - https://www.facebook.com/madadlegal/ . Please feel free to approach them through their page.

3. Although I never claim to be a healer or counselor but Health Consultation Services are free of cost - https://www.astrosaxena.in/services/info/32/health-consultation . This includes the counselling in matters of mental health issues too. If you think that I can be of any help then please feel free to contact me.

Please remember that communication is necessary. If you need help then you only need to do one thing, i.e. to communicate it. I am sure that you will find the much needed help.

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