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Holistic Guidance Services


Even if you have been following me for only a brief period of time, you may have noticed that I do not recommend astrological consultations for children. The reason is very simple: career and relationships are typically the main areas of concern for most individuals, and children are too young to be dealing with these topic matters. Given the rapid changes occurring in the world over such a short span of time, a child who is presently 10 years of age may have a completely different perspective in 20 years, with respect to future choices. In other words, we can’t even imagine the kind of career or relationship preferences individuals may have by 2040. Consequently, astrological consultations for children have oftentimes been not that useful, with the exception of health consultations.

That said, I have realized over time that many children lack proper guidance during the most formative and foundational years of their lives. Psychologists and spiritual gurus are of the similar mind frame in that the conditioning a child receives up to 7-8 years of age tends to influence the personality and behavioral attributes throughout life. If we understand this last point, then we logically would agree that children could benefit the most from insight received via consultation and counseling services.

If we view the current global scenario with impartial eyes, we realize that our most vulnerable population is indeed children. They are living at the mercy of their parents, families, and societies and are susceptible to early conditioning, for good or ill. To be clear, they are the most vulnerable, due to their tendency to unquestioningly trust others and look up to those they admire. With that in mind, let us take the following points into consideration:

 I am most disturbed from the incidents related to gun violence - or any violence for that matter - around the world, especially considering that most of these incidents are perpetrated by teenagers. Latest incident reported of Robb Elementary School Shootout on May 24, 2022 by 18 years old Salvador Rolando Ramos .I am not claiming that older individuals don’t get into violence; however, it is often the case that such activities are frequently linked to past childhood trauma.


 Individuals such as Ted Kaczynski and Ed Kemper chose the path of violence, which is disturbing given their brilliant minds. Both had an IQ level equivalent to or perhaps even better than Albert Einstein. Imagine their potential, had their intelligence been directed toward serving humanity. Yet, all they ended up accomplishing was killing other people. If we study the case history of both, we would learn that each had a history of childhood trauma, which obviously impacted their lives in significant ways.


  I don’t think I need to remind people that some of the biggest curses for humanity, since times immemorial, are drugs and intoxication. Who gets targeted by drug peddlers and crime lords the most? Children and Teenagers – again, the most vulnerable population.


  Needless to say, there are hundreds of other types of crimes in which children and teenagers get involved, mainly because they do not receive the right environment early on, or even the right guidance needed at critical times. I don’t think it’s necessary here to present data related to crime statistics to make people more aware of this point, although this information is readily accessible online if needed.


  It would be one of the greatest illusions to assert that certain crimes happen only in a particular area, or only among people of a specific community. There is a huge misconception in the East that serial killings and mass murders happen only in the West. Interestingly, the world’s youngest serial killer ever reported was an 8 year old kid from India, named Amarjeet Sada. Another way of looking at it is that the East is no more ‘East’ now. Very few people still follow Eastern philosophies and ways, as the Western mindset has completely dominated Eastern ideologies. In the West, a great deal of research has been conducted on understanding criminal psychopathology – yet, we still tend to sweep everything under the carpet. What I am trying to convey is the aforementioned issues regarding violence are global. Thus, we need to have resolutions at the global level. Either we choose to suffer together or prosper together. It is our choice.


 Thus far, I have focused on children and teenagers; however, I would like you to keep in mind that elders in society may also become involved in crimes against humanity. The main perpetrator of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting in 2017 was a 64 year old man, named Stephen Craig Paddock. To date, it is one of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States by a single shooter. Adults are additionally facing similar issues, and they need proper guidance and counselling at the right times, especially when coping with major crises throughout life.


Global Results

My main concern is that violent incidents occurring globally cause unbearable pain and suffering for victims, their families, and even the families of perpetrators (as I feel that they are also victims of these unfortunate events). Let’s look at it this way:

  During the Las Vegas Mass Shooting in 2017, 60 people were killed and 800+ were injured. So, we can say that 60 families were completely destroyed and 800+ injured people may never come out of this trauma. These are the repercussions of just one horrific event.


 Mass shootings which occur at schools further leave victims in a traumatic state of disrepair.


  Similarly, those who get hooked on drugs early on (without being aware of the impact on their health, relationships, and lives) may never recover.


In other words, our societies, nations, and governments are losing precious and valuable human resources. These victims could have become scientists, engineers, and doctors serving humanity due to their extreme potential. Let us ask ourselves - is it not too much of a cost we are already paying? The loss of human potential is a gigantic failure of today’s societies, nations, and governments that have failed to ensure vulnerable people receive access to guidance and counseling at the appropriate times. As I write this, I am aware of the various counseling services provided by governments worldwide, but my main concern is the majority of these services are provided post-incident, which is a disservice to everyone. Shouldn’t we develop a more responsive system - one where we are capable of guiding individuals well in advance, to prevent such crimes? While some may feel this is a far-fetched dream, I think it is very much possible - with awareness obtained through the holistic combination of Astrology, Psychology, Spirituality, Meditation, and healing practices.


Future Directions


Now, let me explain the previous statement made: Many readers are well aware of my interest in researching psychopathology and criminality. As part of my research, I posted the following article: https://www.astrosaxena.com/OMC. Now, can it be just a mere coincidence that all 10 people I referred to in this article had a difficult Moon position? Again, can it be just another coincidence that all 10 people had come from dysfunctional families and had rough childhood backgrounds?

Now, if we combine these two things together, (1) a weak mind (e.g., Moon in poor dignity) and (2) a destructive family environment during childhood, then we have a perfect recipe for a person who can veer off the right path. It would be an exceptional case to not choose the wrong path perhaps, as there are more factors that could be pushing an individual in this precarious situation to fall away from a dharmic path.


Imagine if we could develop a system where we have this type of information and assurance, especially regarding the Moon’s position (as it represents the mind) as well as the family portrait. We may garner a lot of information to be able to create a whole pathway to guide individuals through an integrated means of professional services via psychological and astrological counseling, spiritual methodologies, meditation, and other healing practices. Consequently, we could minimize the chances that a person would deviate onto a path of drugs, violence, and crime. If someone still wants to follow that path, it is ultimately free will to choose, but at least we wouldn’t say that he/she didn’t receive the proper support and guidance needed.


As I understand it, the chances of having the Moon weak in a natal chart, potentially with additional afflictions, are always high in cases pertaining to criminality. It is a deadly concoction that may potentially lead to mental aberrations increasing the odds for violence, as the Moon remains the gentlest planet.


The battle between good and evil is eternal . . . and will continue. There will be no time in the future where no evil will take place in this world; however, it is still our job to work toward the greater good while preventing additional evil from happening. The system I have proposed here may be a starting point to serve this very purpose.


With this in mind, it is my pleasure to introduce Holistic Guidance Services, along with Ms. Yvy M., in addition to Astrological Analysis and Psychological Guidance. We will also be including Spiritual Methodologies and recommending meditation techniques and healing practices to facilitate healing and guidance for our clients. In summary, our holistic analysis will be comprised of the following services:

  • Astrological Analysis
  • Psychological Analysis (Yvy M.)
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Recommendations for appropriate meditation techniques
  • Recommendations for appropriate healing practices. 

We believe these services offer a broad scope for healing practices that can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual. Our primary objective is to meet clients where they are at, while providing optimal guidance for choosing the appropriate direction in life as early as possible. That said, each consultation will be unique in its approach, as we fully believe that one’s path should be aligned with the astrological chart along with a psychological understanding of the individual as well as his or her spiritual direction. It is our commitment to guide those both young and old to a more spiritually attuned path, so that each and every one of us are more able to meaningfully contribute to humanity while serving our purpose in this life.

We also would like to guide people towards a more meditative path, by identifying the appropriate meditative practices that may foster greater awareness. We have devoted time toward studying The Book of Secrets by Osho, where Osho discusses 112 different ways of meditation. We will try to provide the best possible meditation technique to clients, per their individual nature. Obviously, these meditative practices will create more awareness. In doing so, the potential for spiritual unfoldment and self-actualization will naturally be enhanced. To conclude, Yvy and I will begin our Holistic Guidance Services with Spiritual Guidance, as mentioned above, with the hope of helping people of all age groups and places to cultivate a more positive world. We hope our services will continue to increase light in the world and serve more people.


Thank you kindly,

Yvy M., Swami Premanand Bharti & Team

PS - If someone is interested in taking Holistic Guidance Services, please check this link - https://www.astrosaxena.in/services/info/49/holistic-guidance-services-

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