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Happy Guru Purnima

On the eve of Guru Purnima, these are some of my experiences of being Swami Premanand Bharti -

1. It is almost 1 year of my initiation in Sannyas and I was correct when I said that it is a process - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Sannyas. It is not that I have become a Sannyasin the moment I wore the Mala at Osho Centre. It was a beginning on the path of Sannyas and that Mala is just a continuous remembrance that I am Sannyasin and I am not supposed to behave or react in a mundane way. May be that's why, the whole process is called Initiation as you get initiated in some different process.

2. In last one year, there were many situations when I got anger, hate, jealousy, frustration and other human emotions within me. So, I can't say that I am Sannyasin or Spiritual Person but at least there was beginning of realization about these negative traits. One thing I will accept that there is a definite conscious effort to stay aware in the moment as much as possible.

3. Then there were usual questions as to "If you have renounced the world"? Well, I need to renounce the world only when I am attached with the world. You need to let-go of someone or something only when you feel that you are attached with it. The beauty of Osho's Neo-Sannyas is that you need not to renounce anything. Play every role is your life, as a Son/Daughter, Husband/Wife, Friend, Brother/Sister but always keep this awareness that you are just playing a role. So, if you are not even connected with the role or character you are playing then where is the question of renouncing anything.

4. Renunciation is needed externally when you are attached to something/someone internally. When you are able to disconnect yourself from everything/everyone internally then the thought of renouncing anything/anyone externally never arises.

5. One of my clients asked me recently that "How can you claim to be a Sannyasin when you are living a normal life"? Again, it is the same response that my life may be looking normal externally but internally I can see a change happening as I am aware in my moments of anger, hate, jealousy etc.

6. Try to understand this Sannyas from these two examples -

  • Work as hard as possible and honestly try to earn as much money as possible but if someone takes away that money tomorrow then don't cry over it.

  • Love someone as totally and absolutely as possible but if they want to leave you someday then let them go happily.

So, there is no need to renounce anything externally. Be in the World but not of the World. This is how I understood Sannayas.

Happy Guru Purnima to Osho and all of you. _/\_


Swami Premanand Bharti

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