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Hi All,

As you are aware that I am taking classes on Astrology from Oct, 2021 and right now, we have 4 batches running. Oct, 2021 batch syllabus is coming to close.

I am happy to share that in coming times, many of my students will be writing articles/posts or making videos on YouTube regarding astrology and I will be posting them on sites www.astrosaxena.com and www.astrosaxena.in .

I have also requested them to write guest articles on site and couple of them has already agreed to my request. So, in coming days, you will get to read some of posts/articles or watch videos made by my students. I will obviously mention any such post with title Guest Post with name of creator.

It means that finally, you will read other people’s thoughts on astrology from sites. Please provide constructive feedback, if you feel necessary, to the creators for their growth and development. Actually, as I am their teacher, feedback to them is actually feedback to me for improvement.

Also, if you want to take paid astrological consultation from them then please feel free to contact them through their pages/sites respectively.

A great benefit from this will be that we will come to know about different perspectives people can have while interpreting a chart. As we know that if we want to interpret any planetary placement then sky is the limit. We can have as many interpretations as we like to have. So, it is time now to have some different interpretations from mine.

If this experiment goes successful then I would be willing to have guest posts from regular site visitors and followers on social media pages.

I am thankful to all of you.

Swami Premanand Bharti

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