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Horoscope of Sanjay Gandhi - The Natural Prince.

So, a little change from our regular series of various professions. Horoscope of Sanjay Gandhi – The Natural Prince who could not become the King.

Sanjay Gandhi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanjay_Gandhi) was seen as an obvious successor of Mrs Indira Gandhi, both in family & politics, but his sudden demise in an air crash left the dream unfulfilled. Although, he fought only one election, i.e. in 1977 and was defeated in his home constituency of Amethi due to after-effects of National Emergency of 1975, but he wielded supreme powers during the erstwhile Indira Gandhi Govt. He became almost a threatening name during emergency along with his youth brigade because of their forceful actions in family planning and forced sterilization of people to control population. We will try to see some main features of his chart and of course the probable astrological reason for his sudden demise.

Birth Details and Birth Chart - This is the chart available online for Sanjay Gandhi born on 14th Dec, 1946, 9.27 am at New Delhi, India. He was a Capricorn Ascendant person with Rahu in 5th house/Taurus, Saturn in 7th house/Cancer, Moon in 8th house/Leo, Venus-Jupiter in 10th house/Libra, Sun-Mercury-Ketu in 11th house/Scorpio and Mars in 12th house/Sagittarius.

Main Features of his chart – Following are the main points we can see from his chart - 

  • He was Capricorn Ascendant with Ascendant Lord Saturn in 7th house/Cancer. So, life path is going towards dealing and interacting with people but with heavy stern approach of Saturn where he was almost seen like a dictator by people. It is fascinating to see that Indira (https://www.astrosaxena.com/indira) was Cancer Ascendant with 7th house/Capricorn lord Saturn in 1st house/Cancer. Saturn was also Sanjay’s Matru Karaka, the planet with 4th highest degree besides Rahu-Ketu. We can say that there was big karmic-bond between these two souls.
  • Moon in 8th house/Leo of instability and lord of 4th house/Aries of home or mother, Mars was in 12th house/Sagittarius of losses. So, we can say that all was not going well within the 4 walls of dynasty. 
  • Then Jupiter-Venus in 10th house/Libra should actually show a teacher or a learned person as both planets are Teachers. Then how come politics? It is because Venus rules 5th house/Taurus of Politics and sits in own sign in 10th house/Libra of Career. As Venus is having higher say in this conjunction because of sitting in own sign, Venus impacted his Career more. 10th house is also house of Father & Fame and Jupiter-Venus there also aspects 4th house/Aries of Mother. It shows good fame due to his parents. 
  • Sun-Mercury-Ketu in 11th house/Scorpio shows a life of continuous ups & downs and controversies. He lived quite a Mercurial life. May it be his behaviour during emergency or mistreatment of Ministers of Indira Govt before, during and after emergency or expressing his anger in public, he lived a Scorpion life. Also, Scorpio lord Mars was in 12th house/Sagittarius of losses. It shows that someone doesn’t know how to deal with anger issues.
  • Also, it makes him a very high degree of mangalik as Mars’s 8th aspect is on 7th house of marriage. Normally, we consider all managalik positions alike but Mars sitting in 8th house, aspecting 8th house or Mars’s 8th aspect coming on to 7th house is high degree of mangalik. As 8th house represents sudden events and death & re-birth conditions, it shows that person’s relationship life can be impacted by sudden events as it happened in his case. He married Maneka Gandhi in 1974 an passed away in 1980 due to a sudden event. Other positions of Mangalik where 8th house is not getting impacted are more of dominance & control when person is below 31 years of age and of protection & safeguard when person is above 31 years of age.

Finally, the date of Air Crash – 23rd June, 1980

  • He was under Moon-Mercury-Saturn dasha. MD Planet Moon rules 7th house/Cancer which is also a maraka/killer house and sits in dushthana 8th house/Leo.
  • AD Planet Mercury rules another dusthana 6th house/Gemini and 9th house/Virgo. Mercury itself represents travelling and it was in 11th house/Scorpio with Sun-Ketu. As Scorpio is sign of accidents, it shows that foundation was there of accident while travelling. Sun-Mercury in Scorpio and at the axis of Rahu-Ketu shows the shadow, confusion or mystery around his death which is still there. As Scorpio lord Mars was in the 12th house of losses or end of things, the loss was very much visible.
  • Mercury was also in Saturn’s Nakshatra Anuradha. As they say, in any dasha time, a planet also gives the results of the house where it is nakshatra lord is placed, things get focused at Saturn.
  • Then PD Planet Saturn rules 2nd house/Aquarius and sits in 7th house/Cancer, both maraka/killer houses. Saturn itself is karaka of death. So, Saturn PD can be seen as fatal for him as 8th house, 6th house, Scorpio and both killer houses are getting activated and none of the planets involved were in good dignity or house positions. Saturn also get 8th aspect of Mars from 12th house.
  • Transit wise, nodes were transiting through 1st house/7th house axis. As Rahu co-rules 2nd house/Aquarius and was transiting in 7th house/Cancer over birth Saturn, it again activates both the killer houses. Rahu was along with Mercury.
  • Last but not the least, Saturn-Mars-Jupiter all were transiting his 8th house/Leo over birth Moon. It certainly indicates some major sudden event taking place. 
  • There are lots of theories regarding the cause of his death. From Technical Faults in Air Plane to Bad Weather to Sanjay’s reckless flying etc. Another much talked about theory was that his death was planned by Govt or Indira only. The reason talked about is that Indira thought that Sanjay’s dictatorial ways are not good for anyone. Again, as 8th house and Scorpio are getting involved, truth may never come out but association of Moon (Mother & lord of 7th house-maraka and sitting in 8th house), Saturn (Death in itself, Matru Karaka & lord of 2nd house and sitting in 7th house-both maraka) and Mars (4th house lord aspecting 8th on Saturn-Matru Karaka) in his death does indicate towards possible truth in this theory. Rest God knows. 

  • PS- No political discussions please. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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