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Fame as per Astrology.

Let’s see what are the important factors if we want to see native’s possibility of being famous as per his/her chart.

1. For worldly fame, most importantly you need to connect with masses. There is no other option. You can't expect fame when you are not dealing with people on daily basis. Whatever may be your work but you need to impact people's lives and let them impact yours then only you can hope to get fame.

2. So, the only way of gaining worldly fame is through working for yourself and providing services to masses. In job setup, you can be famous among your team members or people on floor but unfortunately, it is not the worldly fame we are talking about here.

3. Important Houses of Fame

5th house – As it is the house of your creativity and creative pursuits. Your creative interests can be important in gaining the fame.

7th house – It is house of Other People and Masses. 7th house is also house of business, along with 3rd house and 11th house. So, if someone is in any kind of business then sooner or later masses will know him and he will be gaining the fame.

10th house – It is main house of fame and recognition. As 10th house is opposite of 4th house, it represents people outside your home or home land. 10th house represents person is recognised among people of society.

8th house – Some people even get fame through defamation. So, 8th house becomes important as 8th house is house of controversies and scandals. These can become the ways of gaining fame.

4. Important Signs of Fame

Leo – It is sign of Celebrities, Kings and Queens. It is also the natural 5th sign which has 5th house energy. Hence, it represents being famous.

Libra – Again, it is the natural 7th sign which has 7th house energy. Hence, it represents Other People and Masses. Libra sign can make someone known among masses.

Capricorn – As it is the natural 10th sign which has 10th house energy, it represents Fame but as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, here the fame may be delayed and would come after immense hard work and perseverance.

Aquarius – Aquarius is sign of New-Age Technology and Social Media. As we know that Social Media can be the strongest tool to connect with masses these days and can be super helpful in gaining fame.

5. Important Planets of Fame

Rahu - Rahu is main planet of Fame as Rahu represents Illusion. Fame is nothing but illusion.

Venus - As Venus represents our creative interests, hobbies, passions and as our interests become a way of gaining fame, Venus is an important planet of fame.

Saturn – Saturn’s involvement with Fame related Houses/Signs/Planets can delay the fame and person may have to work really hard for gaining that fame.

Moon – Moon is Mind. So, if Moon is with Fame related Houses/Signs/Planets, then Mind is looking for Fame. Mind wants to connect with masses and other people in such cases and wants to be known by them. it shows that person's mind doesn't find peace unless he can connect with masses or people. In such situation, person will do anything possible to connect with masses which will eventually bring him fame.

Important Nakshatras of Fame

Rohini – As Rohini is nakshatra of creativity and growing, Rohini nakshatra can make a person follow his creative interests and be ambitious.

Magha – It is nakshatra of Kings and Queens again as it is represented by Royal Throne. Hence, it represents Celebrities.

Purva-Phalguni – It is nakshatra of all types of creative interests. It can make person follow his hobbies as career and gain fame through it.

Chitra – Chitra literally means Picture. Hence, it again shows very creative people and can help someone in gaining fame through creative pursuits.

Swati – Swati is nakshatra of people who like to be independent. Hence, they prosper well in business which obviously brings fame to them.

Uttara-Ashadha – It is nakshatra of gaining authority and recognition. Hence, it also represents Fame.

Dhanishtha – It is the nakshatra of super-wealthy people, Palaces and Mansions etc. Obviously, only a celebrity and famous person can afford all this.

Revati – It is again nakshatra of creativity, imagination, spirituality and music. So, it can bring fame through these activities.

Last but most interesting, if 10th house or 10th house lord is somewhere connected with 8th house or 8th house lord or if Ketu is in 10th house, then person can get fame and recognition for his work only after his death.

So, any combination and energy exchange between these Houses/Signs/Planets and Nakshatra can bring Fame to person. Sustainability of Fame over long period depends on Saturn’s position in the chart as it will make person to continue to work hard towards the fame and recognition.

As always, chances of getting fame will get activated as per dasha and transits.

Hope this helps. Thanks,
Swami Premanand Bharti

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