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Eating Disorders

There was a request to write about planetary positions which can lead to Eating Disorders in a person. Let’s try to find it out –

Eating Disorders – First of all, we need to understand what is an Eating Disorder? In the most generic sense, people feel that a person who eats Tamasic Nature of Food more like Non Veg or Heavy Oily Food or one who is habitual of Alcohol etc. that person can be considered a person having a certain Eating Disorder. But as I understand, anyone who is not taking a balanced diet is having a sort of Eating Disorder. So, a person who is crazy about losing their weight anyhow and is starving themselves to get into that physical situation is also an Eating Disorder. Likewise, people who are suffering from Binge Eating are also suffering from a type of Eating Disorder. Eating Disorder is actually any abnormality in our eating habits.

Now, astrological significations to understand Eating Disorder –

2nd house and 2nd house lord – 2nd house represents our Mouth and Throat area of body. Hence, 2nd house also represents things we like to Eat and Drink. Likewise, 2nd house lord position becomes very important for this analysis.

Planets in 2nd house or with 2nd house lord – Likewise, the nature and dignity of planets which are placed in 2nd house or placed with 2nd house lord is highly important. If they are malefic planets involved with 2nd house or 2nd house lord or if 2nd house lord itself is a malefic planet then it is clear indications of someone having some Eating Disorders. Things can become more troublesome if that malefic planet is also losing its dignity.

Then can we say that Benefic Planets are better in these matters in 2nd house or with 2nd house lord? Well, not really. Venus represents luxuries, lavishness and convenience. Hence, it also represents indulgence or over-indulgence. So, Venus’ involvement with 2nd house or with 2nd house lord or if Venus itself is 2nd house lord then person can be over-indulgent.

Likewise, Moon is Mind and Moon in 2nd house can make person’s mind always think about Food and Eating. 2nd house is things we value and among other things, this person can value food a lot.

12th house – 12th house represents Escapism. Now, Escapism can also be through Drugs or any type of intoxications. So, if 12th house and 2nd house are anyways connected with each other then it shows that person can have issues with intoxicants.

Nodes – Nodes represent illusions. Hence, they also represent Drugs or any type of intoxications. Nodes involvement with 2nd house or with 2nd house lord can cause the person to in-take those things which he should not be.

Jupiter-Rahu – Jupiter and Rahu both expand things. So, when either of them is involved with 2nd house or with 2nd house lord then person can be in habit of over-eating. He may not be able to stop himself from excessive eating. Jupiter’s position is also important in cases where your food is also part of your values/beliefs. Like in India, Brahmins are not supposed to eat Non-Veg food. Now, if a person who is Brahmin and has a weak Jupiter in his chart then he may not be inclined to follow the values/beliefs given by his family/society. Needless to say that drinking/smoking habits are also based on social rules. There are many societies in World where it is fine for Guys to smoke but rules change with the change of gender.

Saturn – Quite reversely, Saturn represents limitations. Hence, when Saturn is involved with 2nd house or with 2nd house lord then person can have habit of eating less. They can also have that sort of environment where they are not getting enough food anyways and are mal-nourished. So, they can be the one who are in habit of fasting/dieting/starving themselves. As Sun burns the house it sits in, Sun involvement with 2nd house and 2nd house lord can also bring similar results of lack of eating.

Mars – Mars represents Bloodshed or Violence etc. Mars is involvement with 2nd house or with 2nd house lord can indicate that person is inclined more towards Non-Veg Food.

Mercury – Mercury represents frequent activities. Mercury involvement with 2nd house or with 2nd house lord shows someone having issue of Binge Eating.

Dashas – As always, our lives move as per dashas we go through. So, dasha of malefic planets like Nodes or Mars can still make person inclined towards Tamasic Food. Like, I have Venus in 2nd house/Sagittarius and 2nd lord Jupiter exalted in 9th house/Cancer but when I was in Rahu MD, I was still into Non-Veg and Drinking/Smoking.

Finally, needless to say that overall chart, planetary dignity, dashas and transits etc are important to make a final conclusion in every matter.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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