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Concept of Dwij Dasha

This is one new concept I am recently thinking about in Astrology. As per my little information on Astrology, I never heard about this concept but please let me know if you have heard or read about it before. As this concept is related with Dashas, I would like to call it Dwij Dasha. Let’s understand what is this Dwij Dasha all about; how I came to find out this concept and how to know Dwij Dasha and its impacts? Also, as it is a new concept for me also, please feel free to share your experiences if you have gone through Dwij Dasha or share in future whenever you go through in future, so that we can validate our findings here.


Let’s cover this concept on following points –



Dwij Dasha.

Identical Energy Activation.

Possibilities of Dwij Dasha.

Result of Re-birth.




Let’s cover all points one after the other –


Mahadasha/Antardasha – As we know that in astrology, we have many different types of dasha systems. Most popularly used is Vimshottari Dasha (VD). It is not to say that only VD is the best and most accurate dasha. As I always say, different systems always align with each other. Hence, in dasha matters too, all different dashas align with each other. Still, Vimshottari Dasha is most popular among people and most preferred option too.


Dwij Dasha – First of all, let’s understand what is Dwij? Dwij means re-born or twice born. So, this concept came into my mind as I am about to begin my Jupiter-Moon dasha from 16th June, 2022. As I looked back in my dasha sequence, I realized that I was born in Moon-Jupiter dasha. So, I was born in Moon-Jupiter dasha in Feb, 1979 and now I am about to start Jupiter-Moon dasha which is dasha of identical planets in reverse order which are activating identical energy of houses/planets etc. This is where I thought that it can be a dasha of re-birth of person. Understand it like this that if Moon-Jupiter dasha gave me the birth and Jupiter-Moon dasha can very well give me the re-birth or twice born type of experience. Hence, I called it Dwij Dasha.


Identical Energy Activation – So, the thing which is happening with Dwij Dasha concept is that there was a particular energy of planets/houses which was active at the time of your birth through activation of a specific Mahadasha/Antardasha and now same planets/houses are again getting active through reverse Dasha which can bring a re-birth type of events for person. Such time periods can also make person re-invent himself or his path in life. Of course, annual transits will be different during Dwij Dasha from birth time dasha but still dasha based events can bring situations of re-birth or re-inventing to the person.


For understanding purpose, a few scenarios of Dwij Dasha can be following –

  • Person born in Sun-Saturn dasha and later in life, he goes through Saturn-Sun dasha.
  • Person born in Mars-Rahu dasha and later in life, he goes through Rahu-Mars dasha.
  • Person born in Jupiter-Saturn dasha and later in life, he goes through Saturn-Jupiter dasha.


Possibilities of Dwij Dasha – Now, when I went for research into this concept and tried to find example charts then I realized that it is one of the rare phenomenon that a person should go through a Dwij Dasha type of scenario. Following are the situations when a person can have a Dwij Dasha type of scenario -

  • One possibility is that if a person lives a really long life, for example till his 80s and 90s, then it is more probable to see Dwij Dasha coming into person’s life.
  • The quickest possibility of going through a Dwij Dasha is when a person is born in Sun-Moon dasha and then he goes through Moon-Sun dasha. In this matter, Dwij Dasha will come up at about 15 years of age. Similarly, a person is born in Moon-Mars dasha and then he goes through Mars-Moon dasha. In this matter, Dwij Dasha will come up at about 16 years of age
  • As we know that our Vimshottari Dasha sequence is based on Moon’s Nakshatra position at the time of birth. Now, every Nakshatra is divided into 4 Padas. If a person is born with Moon in 1st or 2nd pada of any Nakshatra then there are possibilities of person going through Dwij Dasha till 50 years of age but if it goes into 3rd or 4th pada then possibilities of going through Dwij Dasha gets lesser and lesser unless the person lives a really long life till his 80s or 90s.
  • It is because with Moon going into 3rd pada or 4th pada, the difference between Mahadasha Planet and Antardasha Planet increases and then it becomes difficult that same 2 planets are getting re-activated together in Dashas anytime sooner in life. Please understand it through this example –
  • A person born in Ketu-Venus dasha can be expected to go through Venus-Ketu dasha in about 25 years’ time period. But a person born in Ketu-Mercury dasha would need to wait for at least 105 years for Mercury-Ketu dasha to come and give him the result of Dwij Dasha.
  • So, there are more chances of people born with Moon in 1st or 2nd pada of any nakshatra to go through the Dwij Dasha. Even there, in some cases, person needs to wait till age of 50s or 60s.

Exception – As every rule has an exception, there has to be an exception here too. A person born in the beginning of any Mahadasha where Mahadasha/Antardasha are of same planet, cannot go through Dwij Dasha. Like, someone born in Mercury-Mercury dasha or Jupiter-Jupiter dasha.


Result of Re-birth – In my research so far among the charts I found where people have gone through Dwij Dasha, one thing was common that they have gone through a major change in life. This change and nature of change depends on planets involved, their benefic/malefic nature, their mutual relation and the houses they activated. Of course, a big factor would be the kind of activities these people got themselves involved into. Those activities became the reason of the major changes in life. Once this Dwij Dasha was over, these people might have felt like taking a re-birth or going through a process of birth all over again.


Examples – As per my research, I can share two examples where Dwij Dashas have given life transforming events to the native. Please find these examples as follows - 

  • Shri Amitabh Bachchan ji – As per available online information, Bachchan ji was born on 11th Oct, 1942 at 4 pm at Allahabad (UP). He started his life in Rahu-Saturn dasha. Then he went through Saturn-Rahu dasha between Sep, 1984 to July, 1987. I am sure that fans or followers of Bachchan ji would know very well that this was the only time in his career where he tried to make his career away from Showbiz and in Politics. It is unbelievable that his stint in Politics started in Dec, 1984 and ended exactly on July, 1987. He tried to become a politician and when his name was dragged into Bofors Scam then after clearing his name from Scam through a court order, he resigned from Parliament and came back into Movies. 
  • Now, let’s try to understand these results. Rahu-Saturn both are strong malefic planets. Hence, painful results and suffering came into results. They both are his co-lords of 1st house/Aquarius of life path and Rahu represents illusion. So, he got into this illusion that he can be a good politician too and he lost his life path. At the same time, as they both are in good dignity and strong Kendra Houses, he could come out of controversies and find his path all over again.
  • So, we can easily see that Dwij Dasha came and Bachchan ji re-invented/re-born himself after going through a major change and his path and never tried to change his path again.
  • Shri Narendra Modi ji - As per available online information, Narendra Modi ji was born on 17th Sep, 1950 at 11 am at Mehsana, India. He was born in Saturn-Venus dasha. Now, fast forward 2001 when he was going through Venus-Saturn dasha which is his Dwij Dasha and all of a sudden he was made Gujarat CM. It was his 1st major political appointment and after that he continued to remain in authority positions. So, we can see that Dwij Dasha has brought major life transforming events in this example too.

Conclusion – As I said, this concept has just taken birth in recent times and only 2 examples can’t be enough to prove this theory in practical manner. So, I would request you all that if you or any of your known people have gone through such Dwij Dasha and if they like to share their experience with all of us then please do so. More information or examples are going to be better for us. Of course, as I finish my Jupiter-Moon dasha, you would know my experiences in this Dwij Dasha.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • Thanks Mishika

  • I was born in Ketu-shukra antar dasha in 1985 and during Shukra-ketu period in 2010 I was forced to marry the guy against my wish, a marriage which lasted for few days only and ultimately resulted in divorce. As they say marriage is rebirth.. so yes.. that incident changed my views about myself and family. I groomed myself from an introverted person to ambiverted lady. 😊

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