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Desires Vs Destiny

So, one final topic I wanted to touch upon before we finally start understanding Astrology and that is understanding, why majority of times we end up as disappointed from Astrology or horoscope reading?

Here is something very relevant I recently read in a book named "The Fakir" by Ruzbeh Bharucha.

"So, right now I have this life and after this one I will have another life, if I don't get salvation. There would be a time gap between these two lives. In this time gap, I am supposed to have a meeting with God. God will look at my scorecard, not only of this life but also of earlier lives and will say to me - Ok, fine, so far you lived 3 lives, you have achieved fame in first life, good family life in second life, you served people as a doctor in third life. Now, I give you goal of achieving Spirituality in your next life and if you achieve it, I will make sure you get salvation. (now this is important) So, I will plan your birth at such date, time and place that planets will be in perfect position to help you in achieving your LIFE PURPOSE (and that's how our horoscope was decided even before our birth)." - Read from the book "The Fakir" and modified in my own way to make it understandable.

So, here is the main problem. Our horoscope/astrology is here to guide us to our life purpose and what we look into it is our desires, so we end up in feeling disappointed. So, if someone is given a life purpose of spirituality then it would be interesting to know how much planets are going to help him in accumulating wealth. Planets would surely help him in Letting Go of wealth and other desires. So, look for destiny in horoscope, not desires.

Hope it makes sense. Please leave your comments/opinions. Please share with your friends.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • @ avishek - Ascendant lord position, bhrigu bindu and atma/amatya karaka in d1 can give indication. Thanks,

  • How to look for destiny in horoscope instead of desire ? Do i need to look d9 or d4 chart or any other stuff i need to do ?

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