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Horoscope of Deepak Chopra - Importance of Nodal Axis

There was a request to write about the chart of Dr Deepak Chopra. As I look for a specific topic to look into Celebrity Horoscope, I feel like writing about importance of Nodal Axis. Let’s begin –

Introduction – As many of us must be knowing that Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American author and alternative medicine advocate. A prominent figure in the New Age movement, his books and videos have made him one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in alternative medicine (Courtesy-Wikipedia). For more info, please check this link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deepak_Chopra.

Birth Details and Chart Details – As per information available online, Dr Deepak Chopra was born on October 22, 1946, 15:45 pm at New Delhi. He is an Aquarius Ascendant with Rahu in 4th house/Taurus, Saturn in 6th house/Cancer, Moon in 8th house/Virgo, Jupiter-Mercury-Sun-Mars in 9th house/Libra and Ketu-Venus in 10th house/Scorpio.

Nodal Axis – As we can see that Dr Deepak Chopra has Rahu-Ketu at 4th house/10th house axis where Ketu is with Venus. This also creates Kaal Sarp Yoga for him about which people say that such a person never prospers in life.

4th house/10th house Axis – Now, this is an axis of responsibility and duty. 4th house is house of home and 10th house is house of work. Both these houses are related with duty, responsibility and commitment. 10th house is also house of fame and recognition. As we can see that his main recognition is of being an Author and alternative medicine advocate. Let’s see, how this Nodal Axis is ensuring these two recognitions for him.

An Author – This is simple, more so because of Stellium in 9th house/Libra. This is natural house of publishing things. 4 planets there are certainly pushing him towards publications.

One of them is Mars which rules his 10th house/Scorpio of career, authority and fame & 3rd house/Aries of Communications (either written or oral). As Mars itself represents Hands, this is more indicative towards written communications. Jupiter-Venus are natural knowledge oriented planets and Sun itself represents someone’s career.

Most importantly, Venus rules 9th house/Libra and sits with Ketu in 10th house/Scorpio. This directly connects his career or work with writing. Although Ketu represents what we have already done in past-life but if there is a planet conjunct with Ketu then it represents that some karma related with that planet is still pending, for which person has come back in this world again.

So, these combinations are good enough to take him towards being an Author.

Alternate Medication Advocate – Another recognition or fame Dr Deepak Chopra has is of Alternate Medication Advocate. Let’s see from where this is coming –

Ascendant lord Saturn is in 6th house/Cancer/Pushya. Saturn and 6th house both represent illness and diseases. Cancer and Pushya both represent nourishment and taking care of people. Intially, he was involved with conventional medication.

Then from where Alternate Medication came in? In 1985, he came in touch with Sri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who asked him to establish Ayurvedic Health Centre. Well, he just entered in Jupiter-Jupiter dasha in 1983 and guidance came from a Guru-like figure.

Rahu and Ketu represent unusual and unconventional things. Hence, they represent unconventional medicine too. As Rahu-Ketu were in 4th house/10th house axis, this gives indications towards his fame or recognition through unconventional subject matters.

Again, Stellium in 9th house made him go towards study of ancient knowledge or religious texts which includes Ayurveda and again 9th house lord Venus sitting with Ketu in 10th house/Scorpio became reason behind fame from this area of knowledge.

It proves two things –

Same planet can give you different results as every planet/house/sign represent truckload of things.

Kaal Sarp Dosha or any Dosha work only when person allows it to work upon himself. Person of strong free-will utilizes the same Dosha for his own benefits.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

PS – There were other requests like Genetic Diseases in chart and couple of more celebrity horoscopes. I know nothing about Genetic Diseases astrologically and I didn’t get those celebs complete birth details online. Hence, I prefer not to write those articles.

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