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D-7 chart/Saptamsha Chart and the way to interpret it

There was a request to write about D-7 chart/Saptamsha Chart and the way to interpret it. Let’s cover this topic on following points –

D-7 Chart.
D-1 Chart.
Purpose of D-7 Chart.
How to read D-7 Chart?

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

D-7 Chart/ Saptamsha Chart – D-7 Chart is another divisional chart which comes out of D-1 chart. D-7 is most popularly seen for Children or Child Birth Timing related questions but as always, everything in astrology is much more deeper than how it looks from outside.

D-1 Chart – As always, as D-7 chart is coming out of D-1 chart and without D-1 chart, we can’t even make any divisional chart including D-7, D-1 has a clear edge over any other chart, at least for me. So, I would first read D-1 chart exhaustively and then I will go for D-7 chart reading. This is the usual process I follow and it works for me.

Purpose of D-7 Chart/ Saptamsha Chart - One of the main reason why I don't get into divisional charts and like to do whole consultation through D-1 chart is the difference between the nature of Divisional Charts and the nature of questions we all have for Divisional Charts.

For ex -D-9 is made out of 9th house of D-1 chart. Now my little understanding says that if we are making D-9 out of the highest of dharma house (9th house) then ideally, D-9 should be looked for seeing your right/dharmic life path but 99.99% questions are regarding wealth and relationship. Hence, I am reluctant to use D-9 for these questions. I am not saying that these questions are not important but D-9 is not the right chart to ask these questions. D-1 is enough to guide us on these questions.

Likewise, other D-charts should also be seen for some higher purposes rather than generic stuff. Like, D-10 should be seen for your right karma or duty in this life. But we try to get job/promotion timing from D-10.

Similarly, D-7 has got reduced to the chart of Children or Child Birth Timing. Understand that D-7 is extension of 5th house of our D-1 chart or it is coming out of the 5th house.

What is 5th house?

Basically, it is house of Happiness because all other things which are representation of 5th house bring us Happiness in one way or the other. Like, your education, creativity, interests, hobbies, love-romance matters and children etc bring happiness to you in one or the other form. Hence, 5th house is basically house of our happiness. Normally, it is seen for Child Birth as we can say that we create Children but we can create many other things in life besides Children. If I create a business or even a small drawing then it is my creativity and eventually your creativity also brings happiness to you. So, 5th house is basically the house of Happiness and hence, I would consider D-7 as the chart which can indicate where is your higher happiness in life?

Again, we can utilize D-7 for Child Birth Timing “Also” but D-7 is not the chart of Child Birth Timing “Only”.

How to read D-7 Chart/ Saptamsha Chart? – Now, how would I read D-7 chart? Following are the steps –

First of all, I will exhaustively read D-1 chart and especially the 5th house related matters as the same 5th house is giving birth to D-7 chart. I will see the 5th house, 5th house lord, planets in 5th house and aspects on 5th house. This will give me enough indications about the happiness factor in life of native as to where his happiness resides. For example, in my chart - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer, 5th house/Pisces is empty and has no malefic/benefic aspect and its lord Jupiter is in 9th house/Cancer. As Jupiter and 9th house both represent sharing knowledge, my happiness is in sharing knowledge.

Some well-wishers have told me at times that I share so much in my posts or videos that why anyone would feel any need to take consultation from me?

Well, I can’t do anything about it. I can’t stop myself from sharing as it brings me happiness. Fortunately, nothing has stopped so far, neither my sharing knowledge nor people seeking consultation even after sharing all.

So, we can assess that my happiness factor is in sharing knowledge, guiding and counselling people.

Then after looking at D-1, we go to D-7 chart. Now, look at the following things –

Ascendant of D-7 chart and Ascendant Lord Position – This shows the things which can bring happiness to person and in which direction he will get that happiness. For me, it is Taurus ascendant and its lord Venus is in 9th house/Capricorn of sharing knowledge, guiding and counselling people again. Taurus is an Earth Sign which represents stability in life. Venus represents service and devotion. It shows that being stable and secure in life can bring happiness in life and that stability would come when I serve people through knowledge, guidance and counselling.

5th house of D-7 chart – Now, as D-7 is coming out of 5th house of D-1 chart, we need to see the 5th house of D-7 chart too. I have Virgo sign there and its lord Mercury again represents business, communication, counselling and teaching etc. Mercury is in 7th house/Scorpio with Mars. This is very much I am doing now as Mercury & 7th house both represent Business, Mars rules 12th house/Aries of hidden matters and Scorpio is sign of occult. So, happiness is again in matters of occult teaching and dealing with hidden matters.

Bhavat Bhavam – Additionally, if someone wants to see Bhavat Bhavam of 5th house; i.e. 9th house and 9th house lord, then he can see to confirm the things seen from 1st house and 5th house.
Jupiter – As D-7 is normally seen for Child Birth, Jupiter is considered as karaka of D-7 chart. So, we should also check Jupiter position but more so when we are looking for child birth related questions.

Venus – As I consider D-7 as chart of Happiness and Creativity, I would consider Venus as karaka of D-7 chart as Venus represents Happiness and Creativity both. As discussed, Venus is in 9th house/Capricorn in my D-7 chart. so happiness is coming through knowledge oriented creative pursuits.

Conclusion – This is how I would look at and read D-7 chart. For me, D-7 is much more than Child Birth and Children. Children are beautiful as there are many other things in world which can be equally considered under D-7 chart.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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