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Random thoughts during isolation.

Some random thoughts as we are going through this fight for survival.

1. As I see, people's reaction is in extremes, as it always happens in any case. I feel that somewhere we need to strike balance. There are one set of people who still feel that Covid-19 is more a media hype & they are busy in posting jokes on Covid-19. Then there are others who feel that world is going to end soon.

2. As always, I feel that both extremes are incorrect and real truth is in middle of both. We need to be aware that these are difficult times and we need to take every proper care in order to limit the virus spread. At the same time, we need to realize that humanity has gone through similar times before also and together we can overpower this situation too. We need to be careful but need not to panic.

3. 1st step towards solving any problem is not to panic about the problem. Govts, medical professionals and law enforcement agencies are doing their job and we need to do our job by staying home and maintaining social distance. In comparison, I feel that we have the easiest job to do.

4. I understand that some people can be outgoing & extrovert by nature and are not used to stay home. I feel if they take one day at a time then they can go through it. Like, in India, we have 21 days lockdown. Please don't plan or think about 21 days in total. Take one day as it comes and plan for that particular day. We can make plans for next day when it comes.

5. This is something I learnt recently when I did some research about people who were kept hostage by others or people who are in jails. One such person, Mark David Chapman, who is going through life imprisonment, was asked how he plans his time in jail? Mark said that we have to take one day at a time. This is how we are trained. We have no other option. If we think about whole life in prison then we might go crazy. Similar views were of those people who were kept hostage by criminals for months to even decades. They also live their life on daily basis. So, we can learn from them.

6. Also, as it is a universal problem, we have to work together. We can't isolate any nation or even city/village for any reason like they are far away and how their situation is going to disturb us? Because sooner or later, we have to start international travel and trading again and again virus can get entry in our region. Hence, we can't isolate any country, city or village here. Either humanity will suffer together or humanity will survive together. There is no third option.

7. So, we just need to be aware of our situation/responsibilities, follow the middle path and avoid extremes. Also, I think the worst hit during these times are daily wage workers. I am sure that everyone is trying their level best to help them.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • @ Raman - I will try.

  • Is it possible for you to do a post on 1918 Spanich flu pandemic astrological profile with the current astrological inclination for Covid 19 Pandemic? Are there any similarities?

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