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Ceres in Astrology


As I am getting more and more interested in Asteroids of Western Astrology, Ceres is the next Asteroid I studied recently and would like to share information about it. As I am no expert in Western Astrology, or even in any other stream of Astrology, please don’t consider this article as authoritative view on Ceres and please research further for common benefit. If anyone has any better information on Ceres then please feel free to add the same through comments.

Now, let’s understand Ceres on the basis of following points –

1. Ceres in Mythology.
2. Mythological Story of Ceres.
3. Representations from the Mythological Story.
4. Interpretation of Ceres.
5. How to find Ceres?

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

1. Ceres in Mythology and Astrology –– As per Greek Mythology, Ceres is sister of Jupiter. She is also mother of Persephone. She is considered as representation of Mother Earth and she is also Goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. In Astrology, Ceres is considered as Asteroid or even Dwarf Planet.

2. Mythological Story of Ceres – Mythological Story goes like this that Persephone is the daughter of Ceres. She was kidnapped by Pluto (Hades) and taken to the underworld. As Ceres lost her daughter, she grieved for her like any Mother would. As Ceres is goddess of agriculture, grain crops and fertility etc., in her frustration and pain of losing daughter, she decided that there will be no crop, growth or fertility in the world as long as her daughter doesn’t return home. This is where Ceres and Hades broke an agreement between them and Hades agreed Persephone to return home for 8 months of the year. Eventually, Ceres remained without her daughter for 4 months in a year. In the end, world had seen good harvest and prosperity for 8 months and difficult times for 4 months every year since then.

3. Representations from the Mythological Story – From this story, we can understand that Ceres works very much like Cancer and Moon. Ceres is about nourishment and Mother’s love. It is also about harvesting and prosperity. At the same time, mythological story also represents loss or frustration as important part of Ceres energy.

4. Interpretation of Ceres – Now, as per my little understanding of this mythological story, Ceres’ position in your chart shows –

• It certainly represents your relationship with your Mother.
• It can also represent loss or any negative events to child or fear-of any such event.
• Where you desired the love and nourishment in your life.
• At the same time, it also shows where we feel that there is some lack of result or frustration in results. Like, person desired the love and nourishment from people related to that house or person desired to love and nourish people related to that house but results didn’t manifest as desired.
• Now, as I see, this frustration can be diverted in two ways. Either you can do what Ceres did in mythological story where because of her suffering/frustration, she decided to make whole world suffer without any harvest or prosperity. So, in the house where Ceres falls in your chart and if you feel frustrated in that area of life, you can choose to shut down and destroy everything related to that house due to your frustration.
• Or you can divert the same energy in another direction and choose to nourish/love others in same matters where you feel a lack of results. As I see, here energy can be better utilized.
• Ceres position in a house or sign can also show the activities or places where you can get prosperity in life.

5. How to find Ceres? - Just like Chiron & Lilith, Vedic Astrology Softwares rarely give information of Ceres, except Kala Software. We need to make chart at any Western Astrology Site or Software. There you will find Ceres’ position. Now, take that Ceres’ position in Western Astrology chart and subtract it by 23 degree. This will give you position of Ceres in your Vedic Astrology chart. For example, Western Astrology chart shows my Ceres at 24 degree Aquarius. So, I just need to subtract 23 degrees from 24 degree Aquarius and I will get my Ceres at 1 degree 4th house/Aquarius as per Vedic Astrology Chart.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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