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Call for an action

There can be a few different approaches by which we can try to interpret our chart and try to live our lives accordingly.

The most generic approach of understanding astrological chart, which most of people follow, is that our life is moving as per astrological chart. It means to say that whatever is happening or whatever we are doing is somewhere indicated in chart, that’s why; we are able to take those actions.

With this approach, I have an issue that there is no possibility of evolution here because a criminal will also say that “my chart is showing crime, that’s why I am doing it”. A politician will also throw an atom bomb and will say that “what can I do if my chart is showing this event”. At the level of consciousness we are, this approach can be very dangerous and will take us on downward journey.

Then there is another approach which says that through our free will and actions, we can improve our lives.

I am willing to accept this approach as it throws back the responsibility to the individual to improve his life, he can’t blame planets or chart for his life and there is enough opportunity to evolve.

But even more effective approach will be if we consider that our astrological chart is like a command from Universe or call for an action as per the chart.

In recent times, I have written multiple times that each house/planet/sign/nakshatra represents truckload of things or people in our lives. These representations can be broadly categorized in 3 Gunas; i.e. Tamasic (Body level), Rajasic (Mind level) and Satvic (Soul level). Tamasic representation being the lowest level of representation, Rajasic representation being the middle level of representation and Satvic being the highest level of representation.

For example, Venus’ Tamasic representation is Money and Sex, Venus’ Rajasic representation is Relationship and Venus’ Satvic representation is Service and Devotion. Likewise, for other planets and houses etc.

Now, if we consider that whichever planetary placements we have in our chart, we are supposed to utilize our energy in achieving Satvic representations of that particular planetary placements then we are moving in right direction as not only we are best utilizing our chart energy but we are evolving with every single action.

That’s why; it is better to consider your chart as a command from Universe or Call for an action so that we can get the best possible results from chart.

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